Look alike celebrities

Here’s a funny couple of pictures I pulled off the internet  of celebrity look-alikes : 


No one go all ethical on me and tell me it’s wrong to make fun of the weight-challenged, because I’m not making fun of his weight. The guy’s at a club for God’s sake :P!


Here’s your girlfriend Sa3ed, notice he looks like a “Cocker Spaniel”, pun intended :P.


Jack Black rocks !


Hahahahaha ! I despise Lindsay LOWhan >_> …


Sweet as lollipops ! Hahaha!


I wonder who came first, hmm…


Billy Mays, the guy from all those late night infomercial like Oxi-Clean. Billy Mays also recently passed away. He was exactly as old as Michael Jackson. R.I.P Billy and Michael [1958-2009]. My mom was also a big fan of Farrah Fawcett. So here’s a tribute to all of them : 






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2 responses to “Look alike celebrities

  1. Looooool Lindsy Lohan (btw behhhhh Lowhan til7as -.-)

    Dave Mustaine woo!

    There’s a funny look alike thing involving Britney Spears bald, that one’s epic.

  2. Dean

    Well the brutal legend guy was voiced by jack black and jack black was modeled after during the design phase so it makes perfect sense

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