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Hip Hip, Hooray!

        No no no, not tawjihi ! To hell with tawjihi! It’s impossible how people in Jordan make the biggest fuss over tawjihi. I hear enough honking, whistling and shouting everyday, it’s not like I need more of it. Yet we see idiots who barely passed with a 50% out drifting in their honda civics, trying to tell the whole world that he/she passed an exam which is barely going to get him/her a business seat at Al-Yarmouk University. I honestly don’t like the public display of happiness, go do it within your own walls I don’t care, just don’t let it jam my cell signal for 3 hours and my internet ! But seriously, for all those who did pass, MABROOK :).

       The more exciting news though, although none of you people took my poll >_> is that I shaved my fur-laden head 😀 ! Check it out :

Untitled Arggh! Fact : I do not look good smiling, so 85% of my pictures include a stupid, funny or constipated face!

So tell me what you guys think. Should I keep the beard ? Trim ? Goatee ? You know what, here’s a poll so you guys have no excuse for not voting on this one :@ :
[poll id=”7″]


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New found man

As a new found man, I reflect upon the last 3 years of college life and wonder who I was, who I’ve become and who I aspire to be. Once upon a time, I was the nerdy little Choueifat student, who was thrown into the wilderness (Jordan University of Science and Technology), literally :P. I was shoved into a world were I knew no one, and it was tough. Over the past 3 years I’ve gained a lot, lost a lot, but what really matters is still here, myself. My heart, my passion, my goal, my love and my mind are the things that have not changed.

I don’t mean that everything else has changed, but my character has been altered to a certain extent. Let’s call it adaptation. Living in Jordan is far more difficult than living in Dubai. College life is tougher than high school. Living alone is by far the hardest shift. All three changes to my life that have sculptured a rather better man than I used to be. My basic characteristics of being an ass are still there, but I’ve learnt more in the past 3 years than my whole 17 years in Dubai. Come to think of it, I’ve learnt more in the past month than I’ve ever learnt before. I am no longer the hot-headed ass I used to be and I’ve learnt to become more responsible. The reason is largely attributed to a personal experience that I’d rather not share here, but most of you who read my blog have an idea what I am referring to. Other than that, I have been coordinating a diabetes campaign run by my university’s hospital, so I’m busy almost 23 hours a day. I’ve been working my ass off trying to show my superiors that I am a dependable leader, and it’s been going great. I’ve gotten compliments off the wazo, and I feel more mature than ever before! I’m also doing a lot of volunteer work, especially with children. Operation Smile being one of them and the Dubai Autism Center hopefully after my summer course. Working and helping the less fortunate has really had an effect on my character, and I feel like a new man already. I’m also still playing the guitar in my spare time.

The idea of this post is just self-motivation. I’ve been so down lately, some days I just sit on the floor and stare at my wall for hours. Hopefully every other post after this one will be optimistic and more motivating. I’ll post the brochure I’ve been working on for the diabetes campaign, cause that’s one of my short-term goals and it’ll be a huge boost to post up a finished copy. I’ll also keep you guys updated on Operation Smile and maybe everyone who reads this can come over to Jara this weekend and help out by buying something at our booth :).

Till further accomplishments, ta da.


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Random ideas of sanity


The thin line between sanity and insanity is somewhere I’ve been stuck at for more than a month now.

Choices I have to make. Choices I have to accept. Choices I regret.

At the end of the day, I have to close my eyes, wake up and make more choices.

I pick up the phone, I hang up.

Do I say anything ? Do I shut up ?

You love something, you let it go. If it comes back..

I’m too scared to do the former. Too scared the latter won’t occur.

The thin line between love and insanity doesn’t exist.

They’re one and the same.

I ask God for forgiveness.

I kneel down, watch the stars exist.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

Repent. Remorse. Enough ?














Always & Forever.

She knows.


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Back to JO

It’s so annoying coming back after a good vacation of soaking up the massive amount of sunshine in Dubai and finding out that Orange disconnected your internet for no reason whatsoever >_> . I’ve been staying over at my friend’s apartment for the past week that I’ve been back with no internet and no TV and I’ve got to say it’s quite liberating. Not knowing anything about the world and just spending a few days sitting with my friends having good ol’ man talk. Other than that I’ve been preparing for my USMLE exam and it’s taking up most of my time. That and learning some new tunes on my guitar.

So I was going to university in the morning after attending an awful event at the “Royal Culture Center”  where Jadal got screwed by the band “Awtar Amman” playing before them after being 40 minutes late to start the show. Seriously the venue blows! So I got to uni and while studying I got in this gloomy mood and wrote this on a piece of paper :


There’s a certain sadness to her smile

Much like mine

There’s a certain sorrow in her eyes

That tears can ony temporarily wash away

Love hard to rekindle

A friendship hard to regain

There’s a certain sadness to her smile

I wish, She wish

Thoughts still intertwined

Stare at her, See myself

Sadness behind a smile

I forgot how beautiful

Words I do not have

Tongue-twisted, Awe-struck

Mind dry as a rag

I lost, We lost

Time yet stood still

Strong as a mighty, sharp sword

Hold your head up, she’d say

Get up, Fight another day

I don’t see her hand stretched out

I saw the shadow where it once lay

An echo I hear, feel and see

An echo, She say

An echo, She say.

Anyway so tomorrow I’ll be at Souk Jara from 2-6 pm trying to raise funds for Operation Smile. If any of you guys are going to be there tomorrow please pass by and buy something, even if it’s a 1 JD pin. Throw me a compliment as a good salesman so I can get points from the management :P. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend :).


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Emad Alaeddin



I don’t know how many of you out there know Emad Alaeddin or his band Avowed, if you don’t then you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff. I first found out about Avowed through Pulp magazine back at the start of ’08, and I really liked the band. I checked out their myspace page and listened to a couple of tracks and I was amazed to find out that he was actually Jordanian. I haven’t been to any one of his shows yet but on the 31st of this month, Emad is bringing his band Avowed down to Jordan to play at Souq Jara ! Miss it and you’ve missed out on one of the best performances at Jara this year !

I have to be honest and say that his solo album is more to my liking, but his band’s album is also pretty great. Emad’s vocals are one of a kind. No seriously, really one of a kind! If you remember how you felt like when you heard Wonho Chung talk in Arabic, that’s nothing compared to hearing Emad, our Jordanian pride and joy, sing in English :D. Simply, he amazes me! 

Click here to RSVP to his upcoming show.

Click here to follow him on Facebook.

Click here to listen to his songs including the new hit “Arabic Girl” – [It’s one hell of a song btw!]

I’ll leave it up to the big shots to say more about Emad :

“Of Emad :” in Amman, the packs of pre-teen kids who are now staring at the curly-haired, goatee-bearded 30-year-old as we try to find somewhere for a cliché-free-but-still-locally-relevant portrait, have no idea he is even from this planet, never mind from these very streets.””

-Eddie Taylor, NOX Magazine

“The vocals of Emad Alaeddin are well done, and it must be said that he can sing, and he commands the lead vocal mic. Alaeddin is able to bring out the musicianship in his band members.”

-Franco Wissa, Rock Haven


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This is the amazing gift I got



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Shmal is 20 :)


Twenty years ago an awesome, awesome man was born. He was born petit and handsome, his mom thought he was a girl ! Apparently, after giving birth to 2 hairy gorillas she wanted the last of her kids to be a girl. Well, don’t always get what you want, mom, do you 😛 ? That said I think she got a good bargain though, instead of a girl she got a really adorable son, hahaha! I kid, I kid :P, I’m not THAT self-absorbed.

Twenty years later, he stands tall, [dark and handsome :P] proud and loving life. He’s made a lot of mistakes along the way, some he miserably regrets till this day, some which have made him only wiser, stronger and more mature [hopefully]. My beard contains a white hair, which either means I spray too much perfume on it or I’m getting old !

Enough about myself, now comment with birthday wishes 😛 make them nice and juicy so I can smile and love you all !

P.S. I got the most amazing birthday gift ever !


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