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Hip Hip, Hooray!

        No no no, not tawjihi ! To hell with tawjihi! It’s impossible how people in Jordan make the biggest fuss over tawjihi. I hear enough honking, whistling and shouting everyday, it’s not like I need more of it. Yet we see idiots who barely passed with a 50% out drifting in their honda civics, trying to tell the whole world that he/she passed an exam which is barely going to get him/her a business seat at Al-Yarmouk University. I honestly don’t like the public display of happiness, go do it within your own walls I don’t care, just don’t let it jam my cell signal for 3 hours and my internet ! But seriously, for all those who did pass, MABROOK :).

       The more exciting news though, although none of you people took my poll >_> is that I shaved my fur-laden head 😀 ! Check it out :

Untitled Arggh! Fact : I do not look good smiling, so 85% of my pictures include a stupid, funny or constipated face!

So tell me what you guys think. Should I keep the beard ? Trim ? Goatee ? You know what, here’s a poll so you guys have no excuse for not voting on this one :@ :
[poll id=”7″]


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