Hip Hip, Hooray!

        No no no, not tawjihi ! To hell with tawjihi! It’s impossible how people in Jordan make the biggest fuss over tawjihi. I hear enough honking, whistling and shouting everyday, it’s not like I need more of it. Yet we see idiots who barely passed with a 50% out drifting in their honda civics, trying to tell the whole world that he/she passed an exam which is barely going to get him/her a business seat at Al-Yarmouk University. I honestly don’t like the public display of happiness, go do it within your own walls I don’t care, just don’t let it jam my cell signal for 3 hours and my internet ! But seriously, for all those who did pass, MABROOK :).

       The more exciting news though, although none of you people took my poll >_> is that I shaved my fur-laden head 😀 ! Check it out :

Untitled Arggh! Fact : I do not look good smiling, so 85% of my pictures include a stupid, funny or constipated face!

So tell me what you guys think. Should I keep the beard ? Trim ? Goatee ? You know what, here’s a poll so you guys have no excuse for not voting on this one :@ :
[poll id=”7″]


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19 responses to “Hip Hip, Hooray!

  1. Zeina

    Mabrrooookkk!!! na3eeman- finally:D! Why the hell didnt the choices include “clean cut/No facial hair”???!!!
    Wu fursa tudros la midterm bokra bala ma 3am ta3mili polls wu articles:P!

  2. Zeina

    tab awwal shi this is too much for me in one day :/
    I could die “shmal” overdose lol 😀

    In Lebanon we have official exams in 9th grade “brevet” as well, so you’ll really enjoy the 14 years old toddlers partying, cracking fireworks, waking you up from the best nap ever!!!

    As for the new look! Well, it gives you a more serious appearance, somehow a bit older (or maybe u are older :S) but it suits u well 😉 😉
    As for the beard! hmm i guess the goatee will give u a promiscuous look 😀
    Elvis side-burns would guarantee u a job in entertainment 😛
    keeping it up will be great 😉 trimming it down would be fine as well (I’m not familiar with the saudi-style mustache :S can’t help u with that :P)

    As for smiling! try to have braces when you’re 21 😡 then tell me about smiling in pics!!

    Oh! I almost forgot, Na3eeman 🙂

  3. Zeina M: So Zeina Masri is officially Yameen-Shmal’s top viewer 😀 !
    My dear, the Saudi style mustache consists of having a really thick mustache with a little of it hanging off both sides of my mouth, with a totally clean shaven beard everywhere else.
    Braces at 21, hmm…I’ll keep my weird poses 😀
    Yen3am 3aleeki

    Zeina Y :
    Yes, finally! You can stop your nagging about cutting my hair 😛 ! The choices don’t include clean-shaven because I’m not 12. I look like a little boy without facial hair, live with it! You’re not going to marry me so what’s in it for you if I clean shave! Ma bidi adros madde tafha zay psychiatry :P!

  4. None of the above.

  5. Are you suggesting I should, like, die ?

  6. Please refer to the comment I made to Zeina earlier.


    Yeah I agree though those people are kinda annoying but hey let them have some fun before the real world ^ ^

  8. Zeina

    Then maybe u should go with the mustache.. shaving ur beard using gillette mach 3.. smiling at yourself in the mirror 😀 then ride ur red Ferrari smiling to the cam.. rapping the scene up with:
    وأنت! هل إستعملت جيليت ماك ثلاثة، اليوم؟

    btw i just experienced how the gold fish feels :S eno i saw the 1st comment thinking i don’t remember posting 2 comments 😎 or did I?!!
    having a 3 sec memory is so cool 😀

  9. Shadi will be honest, he’s having a comment overdose from Zeina 😛
    I salute the gold fish then 🙂

  10. HAHA 😀

    I like, keep it this way, and btw, I have the same problem with smiling, so I either over do it or not do it at all 😛

  11. how about you wear a paper bag with wholes for eyes! I think that you’ll be doing us all a favor!

  12. Zeina

    Then it’s a tie 😉

  13. Goatee.

    As a paranoid foreigner, I get a little weird when the facial hair is longer than the head-hair.

  14. monkey

    What a fuc*king monkey looking
    get a fuc*king life ,,,poofta

  15. Nizar – You should see the pictures I used to take with my girl. She’d be smiling and my tongue would be out in her face, haha!
    MaF3oos – Go die!
    Zeina – We’re all tied out 😛 till the next post 😀
    Kinzi – Hahaha, everytime I get in a taxi the guy looks at me and says “Salam ‘aleekom ya sheikh” and then he notices the shiny golden cross and stops speaking to me the entire way. Hahaha!
    Monkey – Thank you 🙂

  16. ali

    You look weird!, I say stay like your in the picure, Better.

  17. Ali : Too late 🙂
    KJ : You want fries with that ?

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