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The funniest thing just happened

My brother and I go out at almost 3 a.m. [that’s like 40 minutes ago] to grab some delicious Big King burgers at Burger King. We order and everything is a-ok when these 4 foreigners walk into the place and order and sit down at the table right in front of us. One of them comes up to our table and bends down to eye-level and starts mumbling “Ramad..” to wish us a “Ramadan Kareem” when my brother immediately notices that the guy is drunk off his ass and [my brother is a REAL hot-head] he tells the guy to “Fuck off”. This guy was so drunk he went all “Drama Queen” on us and stood there with his hand on his chest and his mouth wide open saying: “Ohh my God” in the gayest fashion possible. His friend then came over and sat him down. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the guy sitting down still awe-struck at what happened.

Drunkard: “Oh my God I can’t believe it, he told me to like, fuck off. Oh my God”

Me (trying to control my chuckles): “Ya zalameh 7aram el shab ahbal ow jay yi7ki ramdan kareem shafne melta7e gal had sheikh.”

Abe(my brother): “7il 3ani ya zalameh”

Me: “5aleeni aroo7 a7ki ma3a.”

Me to Drunkard: “Dude I apologize for what just happened, but my brothers a hot-head and we’re christians and..”

Drunkard’s friend: “We’re christians too man :D”

Me: “That’s nice. My brother just saw some weird guy come over to the table and he thought you were somebody else so he reacted too soon. No harm done?”

Drunkard and drunkard’s friend: “No no man, we’re sorry for what happened”

So I walk back to the table after smiling to all of them and my brother’s sitting there enjoying his meal like nothing happened.

Me: “Walak el shab habeele ma kan gasdo eeshi leesh bit3aseb bsor3a inta?”

Abe: “Walak hada shareb ow sakran melta3en asaso. Jay yet5awath 3alay, mish nagesni hoon kaman”

Me: “Ahh sara7a shakelhom kolhom ma6boleen ow re7ethom betgaref”

Suddenly drunkard gets up and walks up to our table. He goes :

Drunkard: “Guys I’m so sorry but I’m a little drunk..”

Me and Abe: “Yeah we know you’re drunk man, it’s okay..”

Drunkard: “It’s just that I’ve been going around to everyone and wishing them a Ramdan Kareem, I’m so drunk I don’t know..”

Me: “It’s okay man, go get some food and have some coffee so you can stop freaking people out.”

Abe: “Haha”

Drunkard: “Sorry guys, again. Have a good meal and a good night.”

Then the dude gives us a “karate bow” with the hands motion and everything and walks away.

Me: “Walak ta7sheesh. Hahahaha. Mish gader awagef de7ek! *bangs the table*”

Abe: “Hahaha. Mish tabee3i. Isma3 5aleena nesla5ha soora ma3a ow 7ot-ha 3al blog ta3ak.”

Me: “Yalla hat 5aleena inroo7 3ando”

We walk up to their table and ask the girl [because she was the one across from us] with them to take a picture of us. She’s so damn drunk she pointed the camera at the wall for a good few seconds before she realized we weren’t in the frame. Hahaha! Such a hilarious way to end the night :D! Here’s the picture :


Wesam 7azek I was wearing the “Chagfeh” t-shirt. Haha! 😀



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