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The funniest thing just happened

My brother and I go out at almost 3 a.m. [that’s like 40 minutes ago] to grab some delicious Big King burgers at Burger King. We order and everything is a-ok when these 4 foreigners walk into the place and order and sit down at the table right in front of us. One of them comes up to our table and bends down to eye-level and starts mumbling “Ramad..” to wish us a “Ramadan Kareem” when my brother immediately notices that the guy is drunk off his ass and [my brother is a REAL hot-head] he tells the guy to “Fuck off”. This guy was so drunk he went all “Drama Queen” on us and stood there with his hand on his chest and his mouth wide open saying: “Ohh my God” in the gayest fashion possible. His friend then came over and sat him down. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the guy sitting down still awe-struck at what happened.

Drunkard: “Oh my God I can’t believe it, he told me to like, fuck off. Oh my God”

Me (trying to control my chuckles): “Ya zalameh 7aram el shab ahbal ow jay yi7ki ramdan kareem shafne melta7e gal had sheikh.”

Abe(my brother): “7il 3ani ya zalameh”

Me: “5aleeni aroo7 a7ki ma3a.”

Me to Drunkard: “Dude I apologize for what just happened, but my brothers a hot-head and we’re christians and..”

Drunkard’s friend: “We’re christians too man :D”

Me: “That’s nice. My brother just saw some weird guy come over to the table and he thought you were somebody else so he reacted too soon. No harm done?”

Drunkard and drunkard’s friend: “No no man, we’re sorry for what happened”

So I walk back to the table after smiling to all of them and my brother’s sitting there enjoying his meal like nothing happened.

Me: “Walak el shab habeele ma kan gasdo eeshi leesh bit3aseb bsor3a inta?”

Abe: “Walak hada shareb ow sakran melta3en asaso. Jay yet5awath 3alay, mish nagesni hoon kaman”

Me: “Ahh sara7a shakelhom kolhom ma6boleen ow re7ethom betgaref”

Suddenly drunkard gets up and walks up to our table. He goes :

Drunkard: “Guys I’m so sorry but I’m a little drunk..”

Me and Abe: “Yeah we know you’re drunk man, it’s okay..”

Drunkard: “It’s just that I’ve been going around to everyone and wishing them a Ramdan Kareem, I’m so drunk I don’t know..”

Me: “It’s okay man, go get some food and have some coffee so you can stop freaking people out.”

Abe: “Haha”

Drunkard: “Sorry guys, again. Have a good meal and a good night.”

Then the dude gives us a “karate bow” with the hands motion and everything and walks away.

Me: “Walak ta7sheesh. Hahahaha. Mish gader awagef de7ek! *bangs the table*”

Abe: “Hahaha. Mish tabee3i. Isma3 5aleena nesla5ha soora ma3a ow 7ot-ha 3al blog ta3ak.”

Me: “Yalla hat 5aleena inroo7 3ando”

We walk up to their table and ask the girl [because she was the one across from us] with them to take a picture of us. She’s so damn drunk she pointed the camera at the wall for a good few seconds before she realized we weren’t in the frame. Hahaha! Such a hilarious way to end the night :D! Here’s the picture :


Wesam 7azek I was wearing the “Chagfeh” t-shirt. Haha! 😀


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Shun the non-believers


My friend Majd shared this video with me the other day that literally left me laughing for days! It’s so good I still watch it whenever I need cheering up 😀 I’ve seen it 17 times already [Okay I’m not that depressed but it’s “obsessive-material” as M puts it]. Great stuff I tell you, great! For everyone who wants/needs a good laugh, don’t enter the “Candy Mountain Candy Cave” just watch the video :P. [I’m actually watching it as I type]. Enjoy : 


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I just had the most annoying argument with the most annoying female in the blogosphere! She banned me from her blog after losing a battle she clearly wasn’t ready to start in the first place. If you’re REALLY bored and are ready to read a REALLY long argument, click here.


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Lam ya7sol fi methel hatha alyowm

The 29th of August 2009 marks, or would have marked, the 51st birthday of pop king Michael Jackson. His death received both positive and negative feedback from people worldwide, labeling him as either the king of pop or a child molester. Did people forget what this man did? It doesn’t matter if he was the king of pop, if he black or white [a pun, oui], if he slept with children or not; what matters is that his music still lives in millions of homes worldwide.

Michael started his solo career in 1971! 1971 ya 7abaybe, it’s 2009 and his albums STILL sell till this very day! Michael Jackson is a music legend and that’s all he should be remembered as, the man who changed the face of music, music video clips and dancing. From the moonwalk to Billie Jean to Thriller : MJ your soul will live forever.


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First day back home

Yesterday was my first day back in Dubai. I didn’t get to talk to the one person that usually always wishes me a safe flight home so I was kinda bummed when my plane took off, but I soon had a sweet old man sit next to me and sleep on my shoulder so that kinda made up for it :P. This time I didn’t fly with Royal Jordanian as I usually do, I chose Emirates flight instead. The service was better, the plane was better, the food was better (yes, you get served food even if it’s Ramadan) and best of all the in-flight entertainment was a LOT better. I watched “The Soloist” for Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. and trust me it was one hell of a good movie, go see it!

I arrived at 3 pm at the lovely Dubai airport and apparently the guys re-decorated the whole place. It was stunningly amazing! I don’t have pictures because I couldn’t be bothered to take any, [google it maybe you’ll find something] but it’s a hundred times better than how it used to be.

The best thing about going back to Dubai is seeing my family. Nothing beats a good vacation with your family. Of course the arguing and the fighting starts the second we get in the car when mom asks me why I’m dressed like crap with a yellow t-shirt that says “Chagfeh”, or why my beard is too long or why my hair isn’t fixed. I just give her “the stare >_>” and continue fighting in the back seat with my 2 brothers. I get home, have lunch and me and my brother immediately battle it out on PS3 with “Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe”. He kicks my ass 12 times in a row then we go out for foosball, our prime ritual.

Then my mom drags me to the mall to buy clothes for next semester [I’m going to be starting clinical practice at the hospital so I have to dress up in formal clothes]. “If you don’t buy clothes now bi a5er el ijaze ma bidal fi sizes ya bagara!” says mom as she notices my ever-expanding waist-line [waa3]. Here’s the cool thing about having two brothers: you can go out shopping with mom and still manage to have fun and laugh your ass off. Yeah, she annoyed the hell out of me by making me try on 15 pairs of pants, but we made enough fun of people around us to balance it out, haha! [If anyone has seen the movie Superbad, the part at the end when Jonah Hill is buying pants for college and he’s doing “College Poses” with really tight pants. I played out that same role in front of the saleswoman and a young boy trying on pants and they both were like 😐 as my brothers and mom laughed their asses off, hahah!] We ended the night with some billiards and then some mouth-watering Haggen-Dazs ice-cream [Orgasms].

It’s good to be back! I don’t miss Amman yet but I’m sure in a few days I will. I’m trying to get the most out of my vacation and when that starts happening I’ll blog about it, but till then it’s just going to be boring posts of how my day went. Toodles.


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Check this out!

I don’t know how many of you out there know who José Feliciano is, but here’s a small reason I know most of you are going to click on this to know more about him. Go on youtube and check out clips for this amazing, amazing man.

I started playing “Billie Jean” on my guitar yesterday, lovely to play on a guitar btw, and I found this : 

I love a good musician.


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Already picking up the pieces…

One person will understand this post. That person will smile. That person will believe. That person will dream. That person will wait…


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