Avowed : The Concert


The much awaited performance by Emad Alaeddin and his band Avowed, made up of Nick LeRoux, Jesse DeSanto and Erik Kreft finally came around last friday at the Jara Theatre. In short, it was a great show. But this isn’t one of those short posts, it’s going to be a detailed one.

As usual, Jordanian music organization, whether at Souk JARA or anywhere else, is a complete mess (no offense to sound-men all over Jordan), but it’s true. I don’t want to get into any details but if you’ve been telling people for the past 9 weeks that the shows start at 7:00 p.m., then by God please start at least one show at 7:00 p.m.

Moving on, let’s talk about the attendance. It’s always nice to have a huge bunch of people that attend a show, but this time around it was the WRONG audience. Okay, let’s get one thing straight, it’s usually the wrong audience, but la itdagego. Anyway, so here I was, standing with one of my friends, waiting for two (fellow bloggers who I’m going to murder!) and everyone was there dressed in their favorite Iron Maiden tee, flashing piercings and tramp stamps. A bunch of head bangers who had no idea what Avowed were going to offer them that night, definitely not Megadeth covers, idiots >_> !

The opening band, Reef, who are supposed to be a good band, didn’t put on what I would call an entertaining show. They’re used to covering Radiohead songs, but what they put on was far from that. I was disappointed because I honestly have heard good stuff about them, but that’s not what they showed me. After a constant struggle to get the bass adjusted, the vocals raised and the keyboard to sound at all, they were soon off the stage. Tab3an all through the Reef performance, I could hear head bangers boo-ing, swearing, flipping off the band and what not, which was totally unprofessional. Most people don’t know how hard our local bands get it. Each and everyone of us should support them to the max, and that’s what I do! I can’t wait for Reef to give us an amazing show very soon :D.

Then it was time for the big bang, AVOWED ! The show started off with insane flares that lit up the whole stage, and they were finally about to start. The crowd went WILD ! It was one of the best shows I’ve been to in Jordan, honestly. Avowed started off strong, with Emad introducing us to his band members (who are awesome guys btw).  They sang most of the songs off of their debut album “Avowed” sponsored by Kulacom (I made sure I’d include that Emad :P). The whole night through, the music was loud, passionate and just got the crowd hyped up. What I really liked about the band, as opposed to others, was the fact that the whole time I was watching, I felt the chemistry between the band members. It was an awesome thing to see, and it really made their performance a hell lot more electric!

Tab3an Emad rocked out on his 12-string with Arabic Girl, which was fantastic. Jesse, the guitarist, also gave us a taste of his own stuff as he rocked out and sang on his own. What you guys missed was his blue electric belt buckle that he rocked post-performance, haha! The band also rocked out amazing covers for Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie, Alice in Chains and George Michael! The amazing thing was that they sang my 2 favorite songs. Black for Pearl Jam & Soul meets body for Death Cab. I’m telling you guys, Avowed’s performance was amazing !

A real nice twist, thank to Kulacom I guess :P, was the Avowed t-shirts that the band tossed into the crowd. It added a real nice touch and made it feel all the more concert than performance. Being a Palestinian and loving my country very much, I was dazzled by Emad’s performance of his song Never Fall. The intro was fascinating, as Emad started with this : 

I frickin’ love you Emad !

Now to the good part :D. I got a t-shirt, a signed album from the whole band, I got to meet 4 amazing guys and snap a photo with them. Meeting them was seriously an amazing experience, they really rocked my world that Friday. It was a Friday I will never forget.






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16 responses to “Avowed : The Concert

  1. Man I agree with you, it really was full of metalheads who just wanted to headbang and mosh rather than listen to music.

    It’s quite a shame.

    Avowed wasn’t really my style, sorry man, didn’t hit a spot for me.

    (Ps don’t kill me)

  2. Oh no not this guy again, can we outlaw Saed from this site? His opinions (altho more tame here) are ridiculous. Go back to facelessshamelessbaseless.com where it hits a spot. (Altho I’m sure you meant hits ‘the’ spot)

    Avowed rocked, hands down! Great article Shadi, thanks for giving them the credit they deserve. Saed, seriously, get a life.

  3. REEF is one of the best bands around, The sound system failed them, They weren’t able to give out there best and with such short time this was expected, Don’t forget that the main focus was on Avowed, And believe me if you have been to one of there past concerts you wouldn’t have been saying that.

    I don’t know if you know, But we have a lack of metal concerts in this country, So we MetalHeads need anything, I agree that the music wasn’t suitable for headbanging and any metal related activity but you people gotta feel with us, We have a lot of energy to waste.

  4. Saed : Exactly, it wasn’t your style. Don’t thrash a band who’s genre you didn’t appreciate >_>. I AM going to kill you. Drinks this saturday ?

    Anonymous : lmao @ facelessshamelessbaseless.com! Saed that’s a WIN ! Thanks for liking the article and supporting Avowed :).

    Ali : I know dude, I really need to check something out for Reef. Keep me posted if anything comes up.
    Ali there was this one guy next to me head banging to Never Fall >_>. I know you guys are metal-deprived but it was seriously annoying ! You guys can go rent a warehouse somewhere, set up a big ass sound system, and bang your heads to Slayer all day long 😛 I wouldn’t mind. Just not at an Avowed concert :).

  5. Eeeeheeee what’s with this anon… I didn’t bash him, I stated my opinion, I didn’t enjoy it shoo a3malilkom lol o.0

    Anon, looks like you’re the one with sour grapes you sound pretty offensive, man, chill out, the world doesn’t always agree with you, he has a good voice, didn’t do anything for me.

    A LOT of people don’t like the Beatles, are they a case of sour grapes? *shakes head*

    Lol get a life? Coz I didn’t like a band? Really?

    chill out -.-


    Where to this saturday?

  6. Let’s go to the irish pub I wanna try that place out they supposedly have a beer night or something :> 😀

  7. @Anonymous why is it so bloody impossible for you to accept an opinion? geeez.

  8. Saed : Irish it is then, but first we pass by Virgin to get the new Jadal CD, have it autographed and take bictare :D.

  9. Farah : I’m guessing you’ve encountered “anonymous” before ?

  10. Ali

    Shmal, It’s not that easy to do such a thing dude, So you know i got questioned by MO5ABARAT like 3 times until now because of the music I’m listening to and they told me that they have there eyes on me and every person who listen to this music in this country, So it’s almost impossible to do such a thing.

  11. when it comes to rock/metal music in Jordan, its always the wrong audience ! this is why i havent been to metal concert since years!

    missed this concert but enjoyed the review, thanks.

  12. Cool, I wish you had some videos to show us.

    I don’t know man, there is something about me and metal fanboys, I never liked their looks, except for the tough fresh looking ones like the guy to your right in the photo, and no i am not hitting on him 😀

  13. Dude I actually do have 1 video but I took it on my iPhone so the quality pretty much sucks ass. I’ll try to post it up and see what it looks like.
    Yesh, he’s extremely handsome but he’s not into guys like you, haha!

  14. Yanal Abul Failat

    Dear blogger, it is one of the first time that I reply to an uknown blogger. As a start thank you for discussing us in your blog, from what I read above your negative comment was basically flowing around two points! The doublebassist and the entertainment factor. As to the former! any problem with the sound is definetly not in any way caused by the band. for the second point i will say the following, as a critic you did not mention anything the music itself you didnt even mention the genre we were playing which i will keep as a mystery:) , For a band, musician or tune to be good it doesn’t always have to be entertaining, especially because we are not entertainers. our objective is to deliver a sound and feed the people that flow with it, if you have noticed we did not even introduce the name of the songs for many reasons including that its all about the sound, the melodies, the vibe etc.. I do not anybody to like the band because we are charismatic on stage nor because we look good nor because we bang, it is about the tune. I dont consider myself a musician and many around should not either, but we did put up a good show, in terms of timing , tightness, synchronization we were flawless, in terms of performance and presence we were just ourselves and most of all i dont see why alot of people is hung up on covers we have our own material.

    Dear blogger do not take this in offence but you should always have some knowledge in what you are blogging about and form for and against reports. anyways thanks for you time

  15. Dear Yanal,
    First of all I never blamed the bass problem on you guys, I have constantly bashed Jara for that problem that has occurred time and time again, so please read carefully before you say I said it was your fault.
    Secondly, when I criticize I do it from my point of view. I’m not criticizing you for a magazine, it’s my personal blog with my personal ideas flowing through it. Whatever your “mystery” genre was, it was not to my liking, and that’s why I said so. I was honest, simply.
    You guys are a band, if you don’t entertain then you’ll never get your music/message across. You can’t say I want to give out a message, but not be entertaining. If you don’t deliver your message in an entertaining way, then we won’t get the message and you guys will just get booed off the stage, like what happened the night of the concert. I don’t believe that night you guys were flawless or tight, that’s my personal opinion, take it or leave it.
    I’m not a musician but I know what sounds good and what doesn’t, and sorry but that night you guys didn’t sound good. You should have at least said thank you that I asked people to support you as a local band, and if you guys have any upcoming shows I’ll be more than glad to be there and support you guys.
    Thank you.

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