The hangover banned from Jordanian cinemas


I got really pissed off today as I parked outside Zara Center after an amazing lunch at Chilis (it’s actually not bad seeming it’s still new),  when the girl at the front desk at the movies told us that “The Hangover” was banned from Jordanian cinemas ! I’ve been holding out on buying the DVD (the ripped version of course) for a whole month now, even after hearing amazing reviews on it as being the most hilarious thing since Jim Carrey. The even bigger disappointment was the fact that she told us that barely 2 minutes were taken out of the movie ! Just 2 minutes of X-rated scenes and they ban the movie ! Give me a facking break :@ !

What I really don’t understand about Jordan is the fact that these movies (The Unborn, The Hangover etc.), are all previously marketed like crazy and then suddenly get chopped off the schedule ! You want to ban the movie don’t get us so overly excited about seeing it in the first place, then wait until one of your lazy ass administrators decides to chuck it out the window. Bastards ! If anyone knows the policy behind the nonsense that occurs here, please tell me.

My latest movie suggestion : I Love You, Man. I literally laughed for the entire length of the movie ! If you want an amazing laugh, go for this one.


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9 responses to “The hangover banned from Jordanian cinemas

  1. mustafa

    I love I love you man ! great comedy.

  2. I seriosuly don’t understand why they ban movies in the first place, It’s not like people don’t know the shit that goes on, The internet is wide open for porn and everthing, What’s the use of banning, I was also planing to go watch the movie but good that i read this post before going.

  3. KJ

    I’m seein the movie tonight cough

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  5. someone should be monitoring those ppl!! they cant just ban a movie! i mean unless its really hurtful!!

    I was goin to the cinema to see I love you, man or 17 again. then picked 17 again n was good. will check out I love you, man. based on your suggestion n we’ll see.. i dont feel like there are really good movies this week.

  6. Mustafa : Yes it is !
    Ali : Mnee7 ma ro7et! We ended up watching GI-Joe which was complete BULLSHIT ! FYI Ali, watching porn at home is not like seeing it on a cinema screen in public :P.
    KJ : *Removes off Twitter and Facebook friends*
    Jano : Tell me about it *rolls eyes*. 17 again was a blast ! Although I dislike Efron, it was actually a good movie. I love you man is just HILARIOUS ! Go see it as soon as you can :D.

  7. wtf, why is this movie banned? i have seen it and there is nothing offensive about it. I love yo man was a great movie too.

  8. fatma

    hi yameen,
    it is my first visit to ur blog and i like it w eshallah mish a5er marah .
    wallahi I’m not movies watcher , mt2ked eno [I Love You, Man]
    7elo eza ma kan 7elo b3awd allah ,ra7 asawi ban n for the movies w b3deha bdi lunch fee Chilis 🙂

    Accept my visit .

  9. I recently heard that “My Bloody Valentine” (the new version) was allowed in the theaters in Jordan, and it had worse things in it than there was in Hangover that some would consider “offensive”. And yes, there are things in Hangover that would be considered offensive to some people in Jordan, but its not enough to ban a movie over.

    Also, I too enjoyed I Love You, Man.

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