Jadal !


This Saturday I went down to Virgin Megastore, City Mall, to finally get the new Jadal album. I was late and apparently the guys performed a small gig that I missed out on :(. I got to see the new “Salma” video clip which was pretty great. “Arabic Rocks” is the name of the album and it’s full of amazing music. I just adore how these guys have evolved Rock music and integrated an Eastern/Arabic genre into it; a truly remarkable step for our emerging local talent.

For those who don’t know who Jadal are, they’re a Jordanian rock band that completely caught us off guard a few years back when they first turned a “Abd El Haleem Hafiz” cover (Al Tobah) into rock n’ roll. The band is made up of :


Lead guitarist : Mahmoud Radiadeh

– Vocalist : Rami Delshad

– Drums : Laith Nimri

Altogether, one hell of a band! Their hit single : “Salma” is an extremely popular hit, but their album has much more potential. One of my favorite songs : “Ya Bani Adam” (Maybe slightly biased because it features my all-time favorite arabic hip hoppers DAM) is a great track, I’ve been listening to it over and over ever since I got the album.

If I do have to be brutally honest (yes I have to be brutally honest), I would criticize the lyrics. Not all the songs, but I’ve noticed some weakness in some songs (Opinion of a music lover, not an expert, don’t shoot me). On the contrary, their music is lovely. Jadal’s riffs are clean, catchy and really nice to listen to. Their solos are electric, vibrant and really get to me (Thank you Mahmoud).

If you still haven’t bought the album, please support this lovely local band and get your copy NOW ! Go down to Virgin and don’t even think twice before your purchase, honestly one you won’t regret. On the day of the album signing I got a free poster with the album which looks rockin’ next to my desk : 


Support Jadal by buying their album, now available at Virgin Megastore and also by joining their Facebook page.


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6 responses to “Jadal !

  1. GREAT band and their music is awesome, but I gotta say I agree about the lyrics part.

    Niyalak has some nice lyrics though, I like it.

    Rah Bakkeer, too (which I figured is about a person who died young).

  2. KJ

    Oh you hang posters of bands on your wall.

    I used to do that when I was a teenager

  3. Is that a drawing of a penis on your wall? xD

  4. Ali

    Damn, Too bad i missed the album launch, The song SALMA is my favorite ever.

  5. Saed : Niyalak is an awesome song. Rah Bakeer is about Laith’s cousin who died in a car accident. Allah yer7amo.
    No asshole, it’s a cross with wings.
    KJ : Moshkeltak kbeer !
    Ali : Go get the album dude !!

  6. That’s sad :\

    It doesn’t look like a cross with wings, I thought that you would want a penis on your wall SINCE YOU DONT HAVE ONE!!!



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