Dark chocolate

I don’t know if this is racist, funny, or a little bit of both; I’ll let you guys decide. Here’s something I picked up at the “jam3eye” at my university – Dark chocolate biscuits called “Negro” :



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12 responses to “Dark chocolate

  1. Was it from a company that’s based in another country? That could explain it. Negro in spanish means black, so it could just be talking about the dark cookie. Nobody really thinks about how certain phrases might mistranslate in other countries.

  2. Isam

    just so u know … Negro actually means black in Spanish (and Portuguese maybe) … and is not considered racist as much as nigger or colored … there are some organisations that include Negro in their name the the Negro student fund …

    check your facts next time … and FYI u cant be racist to biscuits 😛

  3. You know how someone can take something as simple as a biscuit joke and screw it all up…CONGRATULATIONS you two !

  4. Lol they failed you Shmal, you got failed.

  5. Isam

    didnt know racism is becoming a joke around Jordan … but every thing is possible in country where Tamer Husni is a fashion icon …

  6. Whatever Tamer Husni is, it’s totally irrelevant to racism, that’s one.
    Second, who died and made you burn-a-joke king, chill dude.

  7. methgal

    i think its funny 😛

  8. KJ

    It’s just chocolate! sa7tein

  9. Ola

    ras el 3abed is racist

  10. Ola

    I don’t think this one is racist because after all negro is Spanish means black, it’s not like the biscuit is called nigger

  11. Ola, why is ras el 3abed racist ? [ Click here for a post on ras el 3abed ]

  12. Zeina

    This post brings to my mind 3 incidents about chocolate and biscuits.

    The first: back in middle school we had no cafeteria, only a small shop “dokkan” and the guy working there was a very old man. Once my friend asked him for a snickers, the man got irritated and replied in an angry tone: “Esmo SANKRIS ya abhal*”
    *abhal=ahbal 😀

    The second: during the American invasion to Iraq, mostly all people here boycotted the American and Israeli products. 1 week after the war started, new chocolates invaded the local markets such as Marreekh and bonty ( مريخ، بونتي ) and many more which I forgot, unfortunately :P!!

    The third being the quick highschool-wide spread of “Katakeet” the biscuits bags! You would have found them in every backbag, every desk, every class closet and in the lab drawers :S w ya reto tayyeb aslan :S. Weirdly I can’t find any katakeet these days (in markets *man3an lil eltibas*)!!

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