Of love


I speak of love with my mind today, not with my heart. I speak of love with the ability to say I’ve been through it. Love is an awesome entity, and I say entity because love is much more than a feeling. It’s the outburst of all things good, bad and in between. It’s the sudden warmth that sits deep within you, relaxing your body. It’s the smile that shows even when your frowning. As much as love is great, it is also dangerous. Imagine disappointing the person you love. Imagine losing the person you love. I say love ambiguously, for I don’t want to specify it to be towards a family member, a spouse or a girl/boy-friend. Love is for all people and all things.

Think of the person dearest to your heart, a person you love.Hold on to that thought for a few seconds. Now smile.

On family members :ย 

The love of a family member is much more sacred than your love for anything else in the world. The bond that is created from caring, loving and being there for the first 18 years of your life (more or less) next to your mother, father and siblings is much more complicated than can be explained through words. Forgiving, forgetting, unconditionally loving is not expressed, it’s just there; no matter how tough things get.

That hug your mother gets when you haven’t seen her for even the slightest time period. That manly hand-shake with your dad telling him you miss him and things are good. That slap across the face you get from your older brother telling you how hard it is not having you around. That kiss on the cheek from your sister showing you she can’t bear the thought of you being away.

On family members, love is sacred. Love is the glue that makes all things right. Love is the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Love is the cherry on the sundae. Love is your graduation picture hanging in the living room. Love is the dinner where all family problems seem to arise and then one of you storms off upset. Love is the family drive to get Shawerma. Love is the group hug when tragedy occurs. Love is the heart and soul of families all around the world.

[ I’m going to leave the spouse part out and maybe write it when I’m married ๐Ÿ˜› ]

On relationships :ย 

Love in a relationship, especially a young one, is not candles and dinners and making-out and going out. Being in a relationship is a fantastic experience that has is pros and cons, just like anything else in this world. Love in a relationship is all things cliche’, and all things not. It’s the flowers at the doorstep and the half-eaten melted candy bar you share. It’s the dinner at the courtyard and the falafel sandwich at Hashem. It’s the cruise in daddy’s porsche and the bus ride home sleeping on his/her shoulder and drooling all over it. Love is forgiveness. Love is understanding. Love is compromising. Love is honesty. Love is chocolate. Love is teddy bears. Love is skittles and rainbows made of them. Love is what you need, want and can’t stand. Love is the fight over why you called her girlfriend pretty and why she liked the guys shirt. Love is the smiling and the crying. Love is wasting time outside a lecture to see each other. Love is telling him/her to piss off because you have to study. Love is ignoring a phone call to seem “thgeel”. Love is answering right away to not make her/him wait. Love is the questions of the future. Love is the bracelet you cherish. Love is the promise you make and sometimes break. Love is the eternal wish to be together, and sometimes the sad parting of your loved one. Love is a walk in the park and tons of paperwork stacked up for months.

Love is from the heart, soul, body and mind. Love is the words that come out and the words that are too hard to. Love is the actions you do, sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Love is left and right, up and down. Love is a riddle. Love is a joke. Love is life.

If you’re in a relationship and you’re sure it counts, be honest, faithful, fulfilling and understanding. Speak of the future, the present and leave the past behind. Tell tales of old nights out with the guys/girls; leave out the tales of the ex’s :P. If you’re in love, you’re probably thinking of that person right now. If you’re in love, you’re probably going to call that person after you’re done with this. If you’re in love, keep it true..

I speak of love, but I am but a child. Twenty years old, carrying a small bag of mistakes and lessons learnt. Twenty and still the years to come. Twenty years and madly in love.

I’ll leave you with a passage from Gibran Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet” :ย 

When love beckons to you, follow him,
Though his ways are hard and steep.
And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
And when he speaks to you believe in him,
Though his voice may shatter your dreams
as the north wind lays waste the garden.ย 

For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.
Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun,
So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.ย 

Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.
He threshes you to make you naked.
He sifts you to free you from your husks.
He grinds you to whiteness.
He kneads you until you are pliant;
And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God’s sacred feast.ย 

All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s heart.ย 

But if in your fear you would seek only love’s peace and love’s pleasure,
Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love’s threshing-floor,
Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears.
Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
For love is sufficient unto love.ย 

When you love you should not say, “God is in my heart,” but rather, “I am in the heart of God.”
And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.ย 

Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.
But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:
To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.
To know the pain of too much tenderness.
To be wounded by your own understanding of love;
And to bleed willingly and joyfully.
To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving;
To rest at the noon hour and meditate love’s ecstasy;
To return home at eventide with gratitude;
And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.


P.S. : When I write something like this I don’t double-check it. I don’t even think. If you find a mistake just ignore it.


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11 responses to “Of love

  1. Adib

    Love is over rated.

  2. It is so beautiful. Thank you.

  3. methgal

    mosh 6abee3e ,,,, you moved me

  4. Adib : Love is also optimistic.
    Yasmin : Glad you enjoyed it :).
    Methgal : Was that sarcasm ?

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  6. KJ

    Ma 3reftak ya zalameh!

    My girl and I split up some months ago, and I love her MORE every day! We talk again a bit now and then, but all I want is just ef3asha and enfe3es ma3ha!

  7. Exactly the same here dude ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel ya, minus the fa3es part ๐Ÿ˜›
    I just wish things were different, but you can’t control life can you ?

  8. Zeina

    Thank you Shadi for this overwhelming post! You were totally able to send me sleeping 3 wejhi tabb the night I read it *sigh*.
    *a very long deep sigh*

  9. yara

    the part where u described the family love was awesome!! bas i would have to agree with adib! relationship love is shway over rated! the package that comes with “love” i would say isnt quite fulfilling! the beautiful part is temporary, and then u will end up with the bitter bit, which has a much greater, and long lasting effect!
    being hurt, disappointed, insulted by your lover is a thousand times more hurtful and damaging than being hurt by any other person! and this could cover up or all the beautiul part u have described above!
    love is a package… yes its beautiul! but it does come along with a greater share of bitterness!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Yara : The “package” that ends with bitterness isn’t what I would call a fulfilling relationship. Love doesn’t always end up with rainbows and butterflies because it’s just not the love that you’re supposed to end up with. Yes it’s true, being hurt will cover up all the beautiful parts at first, but then once you let go of all the anger, hostility and hate towards the person who hurt you, all you’re going to be left with is the good times (I’m going through this right now and you of all people know what I mean). At the end it’s not worth dragging that box of hurt around, just drop it and think of it as love that didn’t last. A lesson learnt. An experience that showed you that love isn’t over-rated, but being in love at such an early age is.

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