Lam ya7sol fi methel hatha alyowm

The 29th of August 2009 marks, or would have marked, the 51st birthday of pop king Michael Jackson. His death received both positive and negative feedback from people worldwide, labeling him as either the king of pop or a child molester. Did people forget what this man did? It doesn’t matter if he was the king of pop, if he black or white [a pun, oui], if he slept with children or not; what matters is that his music still lives in millions of homes worldwide.

Michael started his solo career in 1971! 1971 ya 7abaybe, it’s 2009 and his albums STILL sell till this very day! Michael Jackson is a music legend and that’s all he should be remembered as, the man who changed the face of music, music video clips and dancing. From the moonwalk to Billie Jean to Thriller : MJ your soul will live forever.


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4 responses to “Lam ya7sol fi methel hatha alyowm

  1. Every person has his own interpretation of soul, you’re supposed to place your own there.

  2. Wesam

    R.I.P Michael Jackson .
    He is a legend , no doubt 🙂

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