Shun the non-believers


My friend Majd shared this video with me the other day that literally left me laughing for days! It’s so good I still watch it whenever I need cheering up 😀 I’ve seen it 17 times already [Okay I’m not that depressed but it’s “obsessive-material” as M puts it]. Great stuff I tell you, great! For everyone who wants/needs a good laugh, don’t enter the “Candy Mountain Candy Cave” just watch the video :P. [I’m actually watching it as I type]. Enjoy : 


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10 responses to “Shun the non-believers


    caandy moountain

  2. So let me get this straight! If you have too much candy you’ll loose a kidney!! Is that your advice as a doctor?!
    And BTW it didn’t cheer me up :/. It freaked the hell out of me :S.

  3. I liked it. Nothing like Dan Green, but good stuff. I’d like Charlie’s other kidney though.

  4. Numerator : I haven’t seen Dan Green, care to post a link?
    Zeina : The moral of the story is not to listen to junky unicorns! Don’t walk into the candy mountain cave Zeina 😛 even if you get tempted.

  5. The one I was talking about isn’t the real one, the fake one that dubs Yu-Gi-Oh the abridged series. More commonly known as LittleKuriboh. The dubs have very little bits of the story… So not watching the series may not be a factor. But watching it allows you to understand in-series referrences. Whatever, try watching it and see. 😀

    Here’s the link to episode 1:

  6. Wesam

    Haha you just found out about him 😛
    Youtube can be really entertaining sometimes especially when you live here -.-

    Try these people out , they make some funny shit too .
    shanedawson , sxephill , shaytards , thestation , fred .

    Watch this one :

  7. M



  8. The took my freakin’ kidney!

  9. We’re going on an adventuuuuure… lol
    Thanks for the laugh man.. haha

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