I just had the most annoying argument with the most annoying female in the blogosphere! She banned me from her blog after losing a battle she clearly wasn’t ready to start in the first place. If you’re REALLY bored and are ready to read a REALLY long argument, click here.


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34 responses to “Women!

  1. Hahahaha..

    Most annoying? Thank you! 😀

  2. Hahaha! That was like RIGHT before we started emailing 😛 I’m not changing it :P! You’re a typical arab woman and I actually love that! Glad I finally had a fight. It’s been exactly 3 months since my last fight with a female :D.

  3. Oohhh cat fight?


    (I just indirectly called you a girl)

    But aww all is well BFFs!! 😀

  4. Dakheelak.. dakheelak.. next time argue with me late at night after iftar.. lol

  5. Walek time zones I’m in Dubai! Ya3ni while you were fasting I was trying to stay up, it was 4:30 a.m. when we started arguing :P. Yalla get some good suggestions bil emails ow post something bas email me ow tell me when you’re ready to start the fight, haha :p.

  6. Mommy, Daddy, please stop fighting… sorry, this argument was giving me a weird flashback.

  7. You didn’t know ‘haemorrhage’ was spelt differently in Britain. OMGFOOL.

  8. I studied in a SABIS school, I grew up on the british system of spelling. The stupid internet screwed my American vs. British spelling. I study medicine too, I study both British and American books, I know how the British spell their shit. I just took you for a fool and went with it, so touche.

  9. You took me for a fool and realised I wasn’t one? Good fo’ yu. I’m yet to be convinced that you’re not. 😀

  10. So now the Brits spell “you” without the O?
    I’m dying to convince you that I’m not.

  11. ’tis, ‘parently, teh chavvy style o’ speakin’. Actually, I can only mock-do their accent. The real one sounds moar hilarious [‘moar; is an otaku way of spelling, not the British way].

    Hmm? I look forward to your attempts. I shall be blogrollin’ you.

  12. I remember my brothers bringing that load of shite back from England last year.
    I shall be blogrollin’ you as well, you seem like an interesting fellow…

  13. Ouch. I hope they’ve recovered?

  14. Yeah it was a mock as well.

  15. What are you two here arguing about? Who cares about spelling. My stupid Firefox keeps giving me American spelling, and I am trying to keep it Canadian, because I have been living in this country for years and years! lol

  16. Canada is not a country, hence your spelling doesn’t exist. Out = Oot, seriously?
    😀 Numerator think I’ve pressed her buttons?

  17. RAG’s buttons? No, not quite.

  18. But you do agree that Canada’s not really a country, oui?

  19. No, I do see Canada as a country. I just don’t believe there to be a Canadian way of spelling. There’s the British… The American… And that’s it. 😐 Unless you want to include the Arabian way of sbelling, the Asian way of spellingu and the Japanese way of sperringu.

  20. Please don’t use the acronyms to my site’s name. R A G. Thank you.

  21. I smell rat.. and they are coming from this post my Shmal friend. I am outie! 🙂

  22. Canada is not a country.

  23. Haha, you’ll be back later :D!

  24. An object. You obviously have not heard American jokes on Canada.

  25. I don’t live in America (not obvious enough with the spellings?), and American jokes are a taboo in Britain. Or so they tell me.

  26. You don’t have to “live” in America to “hear” an American joke.
    They are awesome! Go watch “How I met your mother”, plenty Canada jokes in there.

  27. If you “live” in the UKays, you “hear” no American jokes.
    I actually watched the first few episodes of that show until I found out that Sarah Chalke was just a potential mother, and may not be the real one. I wanted her to be the real one.

  28. Right…You should keep on going it gets better in season 3 and 4.

  29. … When I’m done with anime and 24 and Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy and manga.

    Ok, I’m done spammin’ this post. Will be back when there’s a new one. G’bye.

  30. I was enjoying the hits :P. Lates.

  31. This reaks of fail 😛

  32. You need to learn how to spell.

  33. I do don’t I? :\ I felt there was something wrong but I thought, “nahhh too lazy”

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