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Ramblings of an insomniac: Número tres

Her smile I saw first, pearly whites aligned. A purple hoodie she had on, her arms wrapped around herself trying to keep some of that warmth she got from hugging the heater back home. Black army boots, stomping her foot showing her assertive side. As much as she hid herself from the world, she shone in mine. A tiny filament, with electricity running through her; she lit up my empty dark box. The girl in purple I called her then. The girl in purple, now my memories return.

She walked, head up, hair tied in a pony tail; “I’m not a girl, I’m a woman” it entailed. Milk white skin, a freckle here, a freckle there; just like memories in every star I told you, spread across the sky I stared as I went home. The rain would come, she’d hide out in the open space. Yes, she’d hide out in the open space, under the purple hoodie, arms tighter now, eyes up to God as she praises his blessing. Talks to the cloud, watches them cry. I look up and praise the Lord now, but now it does not rain so I cry.

Her notebook she clutches, tight to her bosom. Never late for class, her enthusiam alluring. Watches, learns and smiles. Those pearly whites, flash again so bright, I couldn’t take it; in a frame I hold it now. My box now filled, with purple, but my electric bills I have not payed yet. I fumble in the dark.

The corner,right under the trees. The reastaurant, at the end of the street. The lamp post at the end of that scary road. The pool table, a soda can on the side. The stationary shop, at the top of the stairs; I visited too much. I walk, I walk past.

Words, words are never enough. Actions, also never enough. Emotions, feelings, heart, mind, body and soul. Always and forever, enough.

I light 2 matches, the third I keep unlit. A sweater I put on, that sweet scent underneath.


It’s 6:09 a.m. and I sit restless in this internet cafe typing away at a two dinar keyboard and listening to cheesy latin music. I couldn’t sleep, got up and walked. I couldn’t write, I was too angry to write. What was I mad about, I now forget. I count to 10, 20, 100 now. I count to a million and I see it all in purple. No red, no black, no pink, no white and no shades. Pure purple now I see. The weather outside is amazing. Watching the sun rise turning the sky an array of colors. Blue, pink, orange and yes, purple. I smile.


I close my eyes now. [I actually did close my eyes for a second]. I see the freckles. I see the stars. I see.

The sun’s still shy.



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