I talk no more

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I’ve tried to say it a thousand different ways. I’ve tried twisting the words inside out and doubling them back over onto themselves. I’ve tried coming up with words in different languages, because maybe they have words for this thing (I couldn’t say what it is) that we’re missing in this one. I’ve tried saying the same words over and over again in hopes that this time they’ll mean what I want them to mean. I’ve tried writing it down and spelling it out and stressing each syllable across intercontinental static. I’ve filled up pages and pages of paper with what I’m trying to say, but never with what I mean to say.

Maybe it annoyed you in the end. Maybe I should just stop.

– Loren Barnes



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6 responses to “I talk no more

  1. :\

    Tough. You take care, man.

  2. KJ

    Because saying what we mean to say not only often hurts, but often is never really as enough as when we try to say it

  3. Saed: I will man.
    KJ: You be sure to tell her otherwise, ok?

  4. She sounds like a very special person – I hope you manage to get the message across to her. Never give up.

  5. Wesam

    I hope you get back what you lost Shadi =]
    Sometimes people just don’t get what we try to say .

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