My faith in God has withheld the test of time, and day by day it grows stronger. It grows stronger because I allow myself to give in to the incomprehensible, and say mashallah. Most people always ask for a sign, and fail to believe or hold on to something unless they see a sign. Signs are reassuring, and yes, they do give you a certain feeling of happiness, for the Lord was seen through something tangible, a sign. I don’t see signs a lot, maybe it’s because I don’t look for them , or maybe it’s because I believe in something that I hold in my heart and I don’t need to be expressed physically. I believe, I cry, I feel and I have faith in the person that created me and my peers, and the He is always there.

I write of faith today, because that’s all I’ve had to keep me going in the past month or so. I live my days now, day to day, enjoying them to the maximum and all the while my sub-conscience still holds on to that part of me that never seems to leave. I don’t want it to leave. I believe.



And ask of the stars your desires

And stare them in the face

Ask of the stars your desires

Stare them in the face

And millions of miles

And galaxies away

Resides, your wish awaits.

And of the stars I asked one

I picked it out of the sky

I asked it of my wish

And with brutal truth it replied

Your wish is too far away

Don’t you see how far we are

You mere mortals must but learn

Shoot for the stars

You hit but sky

So I stared it in the face

And with anger I replied

I shot for Him not you

I shot for His sky

His sky that is my sky

In which you plain reside

He tosses you but about

A shooting star, then I see

That with which I know

My God, is true to me

He threw you about

Now my wish comes true

My God, is true to me.


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7 responses to “Faith

  1. the bff

    ok.. well firstly this has to do with what we spoke about earlier.. so you’re using me as an example, i hope. never the less, very good. love the lines. the context. love you.

  2. I believe the same way. I don’t look for signs to prove nor contraindicate what I believe. Why kill my spirits while I search for insignificant detail to something much larger? I’m content, al7amdulilah.

  3. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Yet, as faith increases, so do eyes to see His handiwork. You bless me, little brother, may your faith increase as perseverence is worked in your character. You are His workmanship, created for good works in Christ. Can’t wait to see what He has in store for you!:)

  4. KJ

    What pisses me off are the people who would just NOT LET YOU BE. Those who insist that whatever you believe in is uncalled for and that you should follow whatever they believe (be it atheism or anything else).

    Faith is personal and it is YOUR relationship between YOU and God. If you’re looking for something tangible… what do you call all these feelings then?

  5. Faith; let it be in God, in yourself, in your relations, in the other.. You should have faith in the other!

    That harmony with God, when you see God in beauty.. When you see the greatness of God in the simple details… Your faith is true and unquestionable. But people got irritated when others have peace of mind! They try to lessen your faith in God, make you doubt yourself, make you doubt your loved ones… When you doubt, then you’ll need anything to prove you wrong or right!

    People with no faith, those who asks for proof, who waits signs, will be jealous of that faith of yours. They say, God please help me and I’ll pray! It’s like when 2 people are in a relation and they react only, equally to the other’s action (like physics)… now that is not love.. love me a bit I’ll love you a bit ella shway!! Total non-sense!

    If you have faith you don’t have to explain it to any, neither you have to prove it! Deep in you, you know it’s true… That is enough!

  6. The Bff: My posts are mostly inspired by my late night conversations with friends, so thank you and I love you too.
    Batoul: I’m glad that you are, what’s inside of you is what counts, not that around you.
    Kinzi: He will hopefully have great things in store, and I can give back to those who need it more than myself. Inshalla.
    KJ: Those who have no faith, have no character and have no bond with themselves. Let them be KJ, and focus on yourself.
    Zeina: Well said Zeina, zay ma golt la KJ, faith and belief are both in yourself, so I am focusing on that and leaving all the negative energy behind.

  7. Yeah…

    Just leave the negative energy behind and fuck life in the ass and fight with your all…
    Somethings are just felt, and I dare say I have my own god now, and I believe in Him. 🙂

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