The Dubai Metro

If you know me well, you know that I’m not such a big fan of Dubai’s spending habits. The only reason I come back here every vacation is because of my family. I have expressed my opinion one too many times on the millions spent aimlessly to satisfy rich business men’s hotels of choice, simply because they believe they “require” that level of luxury. That “stupidity” is what I believe brought Dubai to the level it is at right now. One thing I definitely don’t think is a waste of millions, BILLIONS of Dirhams is the Dubai Metro.

After two failed attempts to ride the metro the first week it started running, due to overcrowding where apparently a whopping 76,000 people rode the metro the first day it ran, we finally got to ride the metro. The reason I fell in love with the metro was because it’s affordable [much cheaper than taxis or buses] and once all the stations open up it will save lots of people the hassle of the notorious Dubai traffic. It also means less cars on the roads, less accidents and less pollution [Green Peace, rejoice]. It’s fantastically designed, where the metro cars are driverless and really safe to ride. To find out more about the Dubai Metro, click here. 

Me and my brother got a hands-on experience with the metro [more like goofing around :P] and we captured it on video. Viewer beware, the videos you are about to see are NOT professional and only show a tiny amount of the metro, but they were really fun to tape and edit on my laptop 😛 so check them out if you’re bored and want to see what the Dubai Metro looks like up close:

Step 1: Getting to the Metro Station.

Step 2: Getting underground to the Metro Carts.

Step 3: Taking a ride on the Metro.

Step 4: Getting back home.


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14 responses to “The Dubai Metro

  1. “metro is here!” you stupid homo? Metro is the system. Like the Subway o or the Tube. The actual train is still train.

    ما بلبقلكم التطور

  2. KJ

    Your brother is VERY Jordanian 😛

  3. lol I liked the videos

  4. Lol 0:50 first vid (or was it the second vid? :\).

    Shoo azdak architecture people 2a wala? 2A?!

  5. Mab3oos: You’re just jealous our “trains” are cooler than the shitty ones you have back “home”. Die of jealousy.
    KJ: He IS, but you already know 😛 and so does Maisa, hahaha!
    Farah: Thanks Foof!
    Saed: Nothing! I know a LOT more architecture students than your ass *sticks out tongue*, haha!

  6. LOL @ hada el jeha el tanyeh ya 7mar!

    not bad for an arab-metro :p are those machines next to tickets selling windows for tickets/metro cards also?

  7. Yeah Jano, they’re for 1 trip tickets.

  8. Ali

    Damn!, Seeing this makes me jealous, I have always wanted to ride the metro, I don’t know it just looks awesome and looks like a real time saver!

    Plus i freaking loved the videos, Even though for some reason they’re running slow but i waited and i watched them all.

    Your bro looks really pissed off, LOL!

  9. Hahahaha!
    Man, your bro really tolerates you, galbo kbeer! If I ever post a video for one of my sisters, I will be sentenced to death :D.. well, if mom interferes I will be exiled only.. lol

    I loved the people painted on the walls, I liked the “co-existence” of all nationalities in Dubai… really lame :/! I actually paused the videos to read what is written xD
    Couldn’t they find someone with better handwriting!! :/

    But yeah, the idea of a metro is amazing.. Maybe someday there will be one between Jordan and Lebanon, now that would be amazing! 🙂

  10. Hahaha, yeah but sometimes ana badrob 3ala 3asabo kteeeeer 😀 [Love you AB!]
    I loved the idea of it too, heek leesh sawartha :D. Dubai has awesome ideas sometimes!
    Yeah you’d love that 3ashan itdalek it-tole la 3andi ow itjeebi ma3ake el goat. Hahah!

  11. Ali, the metro is fucking cool!
    Orange apparently still sucks that’s why they took time to load 😛
    Haha, yeah I think my dorkiness got to him 😛

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  13. Abe

    That day i was pissed of at something which i can’t remember wat it was or if i did (i wouldnt share it :P) haha

    Shadi Fuck you simply haha 😛

    Yous guys enjoyed the 3 clips and mab3oos im not JORDANIAN … I HATE JORDANIANS NO OFFENSE TO ANY1 =D

  14. Abe

    shadi LMFAO … the 3rd clip .. mall aimerates AHAHAHAHA

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