Not just another music post


I love discovering new music. What grabs my attention is definitely not the mainstream crap that millions of people out there listen to. Rap is now explicitly based on alcohol,cars and women, when it used to be out life [back in the good ol’ days, 3a ayam Eminem ow Tupac]. [Speaking of Eminem, I encourage everyone to listen to Beautiful for Eminem, a very good song]. Rock has no meaning anymore. HipHop is well, Kanye West apparently so, yeah, good luck with that *thumbs up*.

After my obsession with Mashour3 Leila, I have now gone back to some good ol’ classic rock. A little bit of Beatles and Stones,a little bit of Queen and Zeppelin. Now, the music discovery lies in this [short] conversation with my friend while driving on Sheikh Zayed Road.

[Stairway to heaven was playing in the background]

KJ: “Walak have you heard Gregorian before?”

5hadz: “Nope. Same3ni”.

KJ: *Fumbles the iPhone and nearly drops it while driving*, *click*, *play*.

My friends, this is a little taste of who Gregorian are:


Click here to see all other music that Gregorian [Masters of Chant] cover.

Gregorian is a German band, headed by Frank Peterson, which performs Gregorian chant-inspired versions of modern pop and rock songs. Because it features both vocal harmony and instrumental accompaniment, the music cannot be considered true Gregorian chant.

Gregorian is a German band, headed by Frank Peterson, which performs Gregorian chant-inspired [watch the word inspired ahh (see red note below)] versions of modern pop and rock songs. Because it features both vocal harmony and instrumental accompaniment [giggles to Achmed’s musical accompaniment], the music cannot be considered true Gregorian chant. I don’t think it’s supposed to anyway, but yeah yalla itfalsafo.

What is Gregorian chant you may ask? Well God bless Wikipedia, here you go : Gregorian Chant.

My new obsession is Gregorian:Masters of chant. I have 7 albums for them ow sahreen lal inhar basma3 feehom :D. Queen fans, coldplay fans, Zeppelin fans, Amy Lee fans, rejoice. It’s all in their albums. If anyone wants specific songs tell me so I can give you them via email.

[Oksim billah if anyone comments on this post and tells me ino hada kofor iyroo7 izet 7alo bil zbale. Allah iy5aleelna Rotana eli bet7oteli a3’ani 3an the prophet when THAT is clearly kofor, fa ma 7ada yetfalsaf. You don’t like the music just leave.]


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14 responses to “Not just another music post

  1. I am deeply offended. Shame on you.

  2. A very good friend of mine is fond of Gregorian, and as we (him and I) are passionate about exploring new music- as you are- we shared our music libraries…

    He fell in love with my music (well not mine, but the music I love) which you are getting hints from :)! But I (the lousy friend) haven’t heard anything of his music :/ :D. A large folder called “Gregorian” sits in my music library, not one song ever played.
    (And yes, my friend did samma3ni kam kelmeh 😦 )

    Now, that I trust your taste 🙂 I’m listening to that forgotten folder 🙂

    I’ll let you know about the feedback 😉

    Oh I almost forget, lol@ the red note 😀 … the worst type of hypocrites are those who don’t know that they are!

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  5. Rock isn’t the same, but I love my rock/metal. Everything mainstream involves money and poop, but not everything completely.


    asta5farallaa!!! OMGOMGOMG11ONEONEOEN1!11!1!!1OENELEVEN!!O


    I’ll listen to the gregorian thing later I’m not in the mood right now 🙂

  6. Hmm I like this…

    But the original is better… But that sounds great 🙂

  7. Now I’m waiting to see what happens in the solo, I expect more chanting. I just had a little funny image in my head about how it would be 😛



  8. Hmm outro epic win 🙂 …

    And no solo.

  9. My report is done now.

  10. … and how is it kofor btw?

    They’re just singing, i thought they had kofor lyrics or whatever.

  11. Farah: Nezel 3aleeki el deen hasa, ahh?
    Zeina: Tell me when you listen to their songs so I can recommend the best ones for you!
    1. It took you 4 minutes to change your mind/mood and listen to the song.
    2. Of course the original is better! It’s the idea of chanting a LEGENDARY song.
    3. Hahahaha! Chanting out the solo 😛 I can totally imagine it too!
    4. They have other songs where the solo is there. Fi some songs kaman where Sarah Brightman sings along with no chanting. It’s awesome, when I’m back basam3ak iyahom, I got 7 albums for them.
    5. Mnee7 ino your report is done.

  12. La2 ya 7mar. The idea is that this sort of chanting(Gregorian) was intended for religious purposes ow hala2 it’s concept is being used to chant rock songs. The choir that chants the songs btw are chosen through a kind of contest. Battle of the choirs 😛 hahaha, hala2 sar fi kofor bil mawdoo3! hahaha!

  13. KJ

    Your taste in music is awful! Shu hal takhallof. Epic Fail

  14. 7mar yirkabak ya ahbal.

    No body should care how you use chanting, people use god for wars!

    And BEHH at battle of the choirs. Epic fail -.-

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