*Shakes head*

Although I’m super-supportive of breast cancer patients and their struggle and I even joined the KHCC (King Hussein Cancer Center) in a survey to educate women aged 40+ about breast cancer, I couldn’t help but laugh at the perverted minds over at C&H. Click on the picture to be directed to their webpage where you can see many more insane ideas of the Explosm team.



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15 responses to “*Shakes head*

    Pure scientific curiosity!
    I guess he wants to be a doctor 😛

  2. That’s funny.. :)) is that you o enta zgheer? lol

    I went to KHCC to do the test.. and they all were like ur still young why did you come are you insane??!!

    doing their tests, found out another problem i had for so long.. so i encourage all to go there and do the tests, no matter what age..

    ya3teekom el 3afyeh!

  3. Lol C&H is epic 😀

  4. Wa3d

    hilarious hehe

    dude ! u’re every whereeee !! project heal & JMSA =P

  5. Zeina: Haha! Curiosity at its finest.
    Jano: Yeah that could well have been me :P! Girls as young as 20 can get tested every one to three years, but there’s a self-test that can most of the time rule out any doubts, especially if you have no family history of BC. Salamtek Jano and I hope your problem isn’t a serious one. Allah iy3afeeki :D!
    Saed: Gives me a laugh every day.
    Wa3d: Yes, I’m an extremely active person! Mish goltelik us JUST med students rule the world! 7awle 3anna a7sanlek!

  6. M

    Enu SUPER supportive. SUPER.
    It’s still funny though :p

  7. Lets see how funny would that be if you had a breast cancer diagnosed loved one !

  8. Jesus Christ dude take a chill pill! It’s just a joke!

  9. Yeah Naser, there are lots of horrible sick jokes (lol shadi you know what I mean).

    About everything.
    Try not to take offense, they’re jokes.

    Sooo calm down.

  10. I know it is,its not like I don’t enjoy mean jokes,but when its about something that could be fatal I don’t know,I don’t find myself laughing .

  11. What’s written above the comic suggest the exact same. It was just a funny kids curiosity joke :D. No harm done.

  12. mohammad

    that’s what i call a sick joke, honestly; i laughed at it but suddenly stopped when i imagined the scenario in real!

  13. Hahaha! But you gotta admit it was hilarious 😛

  14. Abortion jokes anyone? >.>

    I kid I kid >.<

  15. Hmm even though this is hilarious, but my genetics instructor back in uni was diagnosed with breast caner. She didn’t say a thing about the issue. We -a class of 120 student- didn’t know until later when she started wearing wigs :/. I still remember the moment when I realized why she might be wearing a wig! That was a real shock!
    But I got to admit she is one tough person! Through the whole academic year she missed only one class with all her chemo-therapy sessions and her physical modification.
    Thanks God the next year her cancer was pronounced to be in remission, and she is in great health now.. 🙂

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