Stairway to heaven

So there’s the way I play stairway to heaven on my guitar

There’s the way Jimmy Page plays it on his guitar

Then there’s this guy : Stanley Jordan 

All I can say is I had my mouth wide open the entire time.


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10 responses to “Stairway to heaven

  1. Shiklo byegrabna had! Min wen min Jordan?!

  2. Beh! Azna5 min heek ow ibta5de ja2eze!
    Walek imbare7 ana ow Sa3ed wallah bas kan nagesna el goat, bahahaha!

  3. Oh oh can I choose the prize?
    And the least he can do is to play like this :/.. Man those are the longest fingers I have ever seen! :/

  4. This guy is the one who ija to jordan and had a concert i think, hes a jazz player!

    the clip is loading 😛

    3anjad kaan na2isna zena :\

  5. Oh i saw this guy in some movie once!!

    Yeah that’s a fucking awesome version of the song…. 🙂

  6. Zeina: Walek bikafe itkebi zana5te 3ala my page! Roo7e min hoon! Hahaha!
    Saed: Yeah I think he was here on the 7th, missed him 😦 damn stupid medicine. Soon we’ll have Zeina :D!
    It is awesome!

  7. mohammad

    this song is amazing, i love it it’s just like fine wine, you should add it to your to-play list at least the famous solo part 🙂

  8. Ow iza goltelak ino I already play the first part of the solo :D?

  9. mohammad

    well, i’m not surprised that much 🙂 waiting for the next video

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