Shadi sings on YouTube!

At the request of my many fans that have bombarded me with emails begging me to sing and play my lovely guitar, I have finally given in to temptation and posted a 1 minute teaser of me playing the song Wonderwall by Oasis.

I swear I’m not drunk but I’m just really bored and I’m trying to make myself look so popular 😀 is it working? Here you go Allouh, enjoy the video:

[Please don’t stop following my blog because of this video, hahaha!]


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14 responses to “Shadi sings on YouTube!

  1. RT: Jansait @5hadz boooooo! lol jk.. its nice 😀

  2. Wa3d

    I LOVE this song and this band ! too bad they broke up =S

  3. I gotta be honest with you man, it’s a mediocre performance. But it’s good. 😀

    Post vids of Margaret screaming and stuff!

  4. Surprisingly I enjoyed that! :O

  5. Wa3d: Oasis are legends! I still listen to their songs till today!
    Saed: Mediocre golteli >_> it was 3:30 in the fucking morning mnee7 kont sa7i aslan! Hahaha!
    Zeina: Haha, glad you did hun :D!

  6. mohammad

    thanks for your response, it was amazing play dude 🙂 keep it up!

  7. Abe

    Shadi … good try bro, please dnt try this again !! haha 😛

  8. Mohammad: Thanks for the encouragement dude 🙂 wait for more stuff.
    Abe: Tel7as 6eezi :P.

  9. The Bff

    I tip my hat to you good sir..

    Btw.. please.. never again.

  10. u stick to playing guitar buddy 😀
    but singing is fun anyway ,good at it or not ,keep doin it

  11. I don’t have a good voice I admit, but I enjoy singing, so thanks for the motivation :).

  12. KJ

    See guys what I had to deal with when he was in Dubai

  13. methgal

    i loved the song man ,,, and nice playing btw u have really got better i remember u showing off to me zamaaaaaaaaaaan hehehe

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