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Underwear is a fascinating item of clothing, and literally, the closest thing to you. Think about it, what else cuddles your privates almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? [For those who enjoy going commando, I salute you].  Nothing can be more loyal, taking your crap and dirt on a regular basis with merely the privilege of rotating in a washing machine with your fabric softener.


Let’s start with the male underwear. Be it briefs or boxers, we tend to scratch our testicles on a regular basis. Your underwear receives the dead skin, falling pubic hair and sweat on a regular basis. [Yes, I realize this is a bit too graphic so I’ll stop here :P]. Same thing goes for the rear, with the addition of fecal material that we’ve all gotten surprised at one point to find stained on our underwear. Yes, our underwear is the most item that literally “takes our shit”, and for that we should honor it.


As usual, females are always more trouble. With the addition of the filth mentioned above, every month your panties have to get ready for your period. That’s a tough job, and it’s not fair for your panties. The one that suffers the most is the one you’re wearing on the onset of your menstrual attack. Poor thing doesn’t even get a chance, directly ambushed by gushing blood, only to be taken off and laid to rest on the bathroom floor, like a wounded solider.


We move on now to the G-string. Ohh yes, the most unhygienic of underwears. These exist for both genders [the male g-string I still don’t get, but whatever]. So, to put it simply, this is a straight line-shaped piece of clothing covering your anus. Coming in direct contact with your sphincter! Eww much? So yes, g-string wearers, you must all bow down to the G.

In conclusion, I suggest we all honor the underwear by celebrating, on this day, the 28th of November, the “كلسون داي” or the “underwear day”.



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5hadz & Sa3ed Jamming…


Friday was a busy day for me. First, I went with my girl to this mind-blowing play for “Ghanam Ghanam” called “3aed el 7ayfa” based on the ’69 book. If you’re in love with Palestine like me and my girl are, and you didn’t go see the play then ra7 3aleek nos 3omrak, it was truly a play worth seeing and experiencing, it brought us to tears (well almost for me :P). Ghanam’s fan page here if you’re interested.

After that I met up with Farah and Sa3ed and we went to Cups & Kilos and had a drink and shared the worst jokes ever >_>…so here’s one 3ashan inla6ef el jaw:

“Mara namoose weg3at bi kaset whiskey, tel3at bitgool: “WAS3OOO lal neser!”

Yes, extremely lame, I know.

El mohem, here’s the actual post that I’m supposed to be telling you about. After Cups, sa3ed and I went back to his place and picked up a guitar each. Tab3an kan fi Tequila involved so this is what happens when you put 2 extremely talented guitar players (haha, yeah right :P) and some tequila shots :D, hope you guys like it [don’t mind the minor faults, it’s the first time we jam]:



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To a friend…

Happiness from deep within, I look around and find myself, again.

Challenges, walls of concrete I break, I do not hesitate.

Tears, stream down my cheeks, a breeze scatters them across my face

I know, I kneel, I hold on to that belief in myself, I cry.

Withered roses, petals dry and crunchy, in the box I place them, now

I cover it, the details in the beauty, I do not see


The real deal, the sky, the ground, the people around me.

I yell, I shiver, in the cold I wither, I crack

A cover, a blanket, I take off and now I’m naked.

Exposed, I am exposed.

With rope, with glue, with clamps and screws

I bind it all together

My might, my heart, my own desires, fluctuate in the dark

A candle, with no match it cannot light.

My inner flame I call, asking for that spark

I know, I know, it hides with bitter silence

Now I know, silence with no light, I tell myself the same.

Excruciating pain, no morphine in a drip, I challenge

Myself and all the folks around me, look

I light my path without the wax

I light my path, hold on.


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JasonMraz (WinCE)

God, I really don’t remember the last time I sat on my laptop and typed something other than a pediatrics lecture  or searched up a Wikipedia page on something similar. Anyway, I’m going to try to blog something every now and then, but for now, I want you guys to listen to this amazing song by Jason Mraz, called “Details in the fabric”. It’s a beautiful song and the lyrics are really deep, if you can relate to it then enjoy it :).


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