To a friend…

Happiness from deep within, I look around and find myself, again.

Challenges, walls of concrete I break, I do not hesitate.

Tears, stream down my cheeks, a breeze scatters them across my face

I know, I kneel, I hold on to that belief in myself, I cry.

Withered roses, petals dry and crunchy, in the box I place them, now

I cover it, the details in the beauty, I do not see


The real deal, the sky, the ground, the people around me.

I yell, I shiver, in the cold I wither, I crack

A cover, a blanket, I take off and now I’m naked.

Exposed, I am exposed.

With rope, with glue, with clamps and screws

I bind it all together

My might, my heart, my own desires, fluctuate in the dark

A candle, with no match it cannot light.

My inner flame I call, asking for that spark

I know, I know, it hides with bitter silence

Now I know, silence with no light, I tell myself the same.

Excruciating pain, no morphine in a drip, I challenge

Myself and all the folks around me, look

I light my path without the wax

I light my path, hold on.



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5 responses to “To a friend…

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  2. “I AM the light of the world, he who follows Me does not walk in darkness, but in the light of life.” May Jesus continue to guide and hold you, little brother.

  3. JoShua

    Lovely man.. just lovely.. =)

  4. Kinzi: Thank you 🙂
    JoShua: 7abeeebi 😀

  5. I read this while I was in the office, and my smile grew wider and wider! Trying to hold it back made me burst into laughter 😀
    I feel powerful! I look to my hands and I see energy coming out :)!
    I told mom that it seems everything I touch today would turn into gold!
    You made my day today 🙂
    I’m still happy till now! Such a strong effect! 🙂

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