5hadz & Sa3ed Jamming…


Friday was a busy day for me. First, I went with my girl to this mind-blowing play for “Ghanam Ghanam” called “3aed el 7ayfa” based on the ’69 book. If you’re in love with Palestine like me and my girl are, and you didn’t go see the play then ra7 3aleek nos 3omrak, it was truly a play worth seeing and experiencing, it brought us to tears (well almost for me :P). Ghanam’s fan page here if you’re interested.

After that I met up with Farah and Sa3ed and we went to Cups & Kilos and had a drink and shared the worst jokes ever >_>…so here’s one 3ashan inla6ef el jaw:

“Mara namoose weg3at bi kaset whiskey, tel3at bitgool: “WAS3OOO lal neser!”

Yes, extremely lame, I know.

El mohem, here’s the actual post that I’m supposed to be telling you about. After Cups, sa3ed and I went back to his place and picked up a guitar each. Tab3an kan fi Tequila involved so this is what happens when you put 2 extremely talented guitar players (haha, yeah right :P) and some tequila shots :D, hope you guys like it [don’t mind the minor faults, it’s the first time we jam]:




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16 responses to “5hadz & Sa3ed Jamming…

  1. 😀

    your book thingy is still here btw lol

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  3. looooool hahahah the namoose joke is epic xD


    your book thingy is still here btw lol

    post the one with you singing! xD

    allah ya3teek il 3afyeh it sounds good

  4. I would like to give it the name “trudging through the ashes”

  5. Also, the game. You just lost it.

  6. Aywa l shabeb!!
    Great job guys 🙂

    The 69′ book “3aed ela Hayfa” is written by Ghassan Kanafani a Palestinian journalist, novelist, artist and short story writer. He was assassinated, with his 17 years old niece, by car bomb in Beirut on the 8th of July on 1972!
    Give him the right credit man! >:/

  7. So you’re telling me if I involve some tequila with my violin session, I’ll sound that good?! This was great minus the little nashazat here and there LOL.

  8. Sa3ed: No I’m not posting the one with me singing, haha!
    Zeina: I didn’t take credit away from any one! I just wrote about Ghanam, I wasn’t talking about the book itself >_>. You want to talk about Ghassan then go post it up on your blog! Eh! Mala 3alam ma ibtesta7e :P.
    Batoul: Haha, me and Sa3ed almost always have alcohol in the veins so it was probably just us being the amazing guitarists we are :P. Thanks for the comment 😀 and yeah, you go try that Tequila with your Stradivarius :P.

  9. Ali

    wala 2eshi, Looks like a fun night for you, Loved the jamming 😀

  10. I don’t remember that joke…. Maybe my mind is just blocking out the whole thing. My poor subconsciousness just couldn’t take it.

  11. Ali: A fun night indeed :D. Thanks :).
    Farah: Haha. Thanks for commenting on our jam session >_>..

  12. Yeah nobody said that joke, but it’s a good one.

    But yeah nobody said that.

    tsk tsk tsk

    Ya ta3rees didnt you say ur friend is gonna pick up the book?
    Damn med students…

  13. Ah walla nas ma btest7i ^o)

    Tab leish ga3ed teqm3ni 😦 I was just sharing with you a glance about him! His Literary production is a must read!

  14. sometimes kan fee sout taqtaqa..zay ka2ano wa7ad 3am bijlee s7oon. LOL

  15. Hamza: I would have preferred a comment on the actual music, but you’re right, at one point Saed’s mom walked in the kitchen and did something :P. Lol.

  16. I had the best seat in the house at that play,next to Abu El Ghenn,I don’t think everybody enjoyed it as much, nevertheless I encourage anyone to go see it (or any other play for that matter).
    nice jamming really nice

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