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My gun, I fire with blanks

Wall upon wall they put up, it started with a fence, moved to gigantic concrete slabs. One, two, three, four. On all sides, deep into the ground, high above to the, not blue, but blackened skies, pollution created by a zionist regime. Ahmad and Salma, with rubble from their own home like lego blocks, the sides don’t match, the blocks don’t stay stable, they topple, much as their own lives. Running water, what running water, runs nowhere but the streets. Demolished homes, the smell of burnt skin still can’t elude their nasal canals, the sound of falling bombs wail across their ear drums, still echo in what’s left of their rooms, a broken window, shattered glass, dried blood splattered here and there, an abstract painting tells a story, a sixty year old story plus.

“For in vain I bellowed shallow screams, my voice over-ridden by the firing guns and the blasting tanks, my people still surrounded by concrete, for them I ask injustice lifted, but I merely ask..”


Gaza, a year later. Palestine, sixty-two years later. The world, a deteriorating place, I want to live more. I remember, a year ago, fireworks lit the sky. The bombs are falling. The bombs are falling, Gaza is at war, the bastards broke their word of a cease-fire, naive were we of their ruthless ways, I say not. On the 27th day of the 12th month, their jets like the flight simulation games we’ve all played before, this was real. Showered the Gaza strip with nothing but fear. Bathed the streets with the blood of children, we watched on our tubes, we watched frightened with tears.

A year later, we remember the victims. We’re reminded of the anguish. We remind the world, of the Zionist oppression. We remind the world, we stand tall, yet surrounded on all fours. We tell the world, our story, Cast Lead would not go in vain, but who am I to kid?

I apologize to all of you, all my fellow bloggers and friends. I apologize to those passionate about my home country, Palestine. I apologize to the children who died, the women who passed away, the men who left us to a better place, the country that most of us forgot. I apologize for our leaders, arms crossed dealing with affairs of their own, infuriated I am by the lack of action I say. Names I shall not mention, but Mubarak you son of a, I shall not mention. World leaders win noble prizes for peace, I see no peace, I see pieces.

Pieces, of a nation worn down by a regime who continues to oppress, a normal life, clean water, clean sheets, a bed to sleep, a roof over their head, medication for the wounded, protection from the big bad monster, they have not that nor a way out, just four walls, the largest prison cell.


Boom go the bombs. Blast go the tanks. Bam go the guns. Crumble go the homes. Hooray go the people, another soul oppressed no more.



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A picture speaks 1000 words

On a rare occasion, I believe a picture will do what my words don’t always…

A day from today, it’ll be a year : Gaza War ’08


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Words he cannot see


Out the womb we exit, our lungs inflate, we breath. Out the womb we exit, to welcome the sights, the sounds, the smells and our mothers. On her nipple you feed, a source of joy and nourishment, unlike the 9 months of feeding down a cord, the monotony broken by the most primitive of reflexes. Take a minute to realize, the blessing in your life, I urge you now to close your eyes for 10 seconds, and tell me what you see. Darkness, spots, shadows? A dream unlike reality, in our world we most don’t see.

He’s 7 this kid I speak off, 7 years that is. Most of you were learning to skip, jump and scream. He lies in bed, waiting for his next dose, his next infection around the corner, waiting to appear on a black and white photograph, unlike the ones we keep as memories, this album he does not enjoy. I write not so you pity, but you empathize. I write to remember him always, his strength miraculous as he fights, fights were we have most given up. Fights to sit on his bed another day, seeing but mere shadows move around, hearing voices of doctors, nurses and his mom. I don’t want you to imagine you’re in his place, I just want you to understand, if he can fight then why can’t we? Why do we give up on the simplest of tasks, when he fights to live another day of sickness?

In the other room lies a boy aged 12, face shaped like a moon from the steroids they’ve been pumping into his system since he was 5, he’s grown resistant to the drug, I say why him? Why not you, me or anyone else? His luck lay less on the clover leaf meter? Maybe.

Life is not so complex, when you look at it the way I have the past 6 weeks. I walk in and out of rooms, where patients can barely stand. I nag over the quality of food, when she’s got a tube going into her nose, down to her stomach so she can eat.

I know we all have problems, some bigger than others, some really huge. I’m not writing this to make you feel bad, or say you’re supposed to think about these people every single day of your life and feel bad and not do anything, but I write this for me. I write this for him. I write this for all of you. I write this for the world. I write this for her.

I leave you with my kindest regards, my farewell I bid to the world. I’m dying today, or a part of me is, it’s fading, fading away. You don’t know who I am, you don’t know I exist. In each and every soul I reside, waiting to escape, I often do and relapse soon again. I am the anger inside you all, the obliterator of peace. The dark side to the moon, the sunset when we need light. I am the Ebola to this country, the ticks to a dog’s back. I am the obliterator of peace, the anger inside you all.

My gift to you, as this year ends, a box of peace I bring. Peace with yourself I ask, to make before the world. Nor Gaza, nor Iraq nor Africa, it does not start there. It starts in that part dying, in each and every one of you, I swear.

Happy holidays.


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5hadz has finally gotten rid of that hideous plain theme and decided to go with this new one. Unlike the monotonous two or three column blog layout everybody is usually used to, I decided (mind you it was purely incidental that I found this theme, but none-the-less) to make things a little more interesting. Each box has a picture depicting the main idea of the post and when you place your mouse over the picture, you get a whiff of what the post is going to talk about.

Things that are different are the new “About” page that I always seemed to be missing and the “Links” page that I never had. I’m going to trackback to everyone that’s on my Links page, so if you’ve been tagged I’d love to hear your opinion on my new theme and pages. I don’t mind both positive and negative comments, I know my links are going to upset a certain number of people…but ahh, all in the name of good humor I say.

Hope you guys like my new theme and hope to hear some positive things!


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Dear Santa..


Dear Santa,

It’s been a few years since I’ve written you a letter, and even though I know this will probably get lost in the mail by the incompetent postal service in Jordan, I’ll take my chances. This year Santa, assuming you exist, I want nothing at all for me. I’m tired of being selfish and asking for the new GI Joe, the new Playstation and the new Game Boy. This year I want something for someone else. This year Santa, I want you to take your flying reindeers, including that red-nosed one…what was his name again? Roofus? No, no, Rudolph, yeah, that’s his name. I want you to take your flying reindeer and give my toys to children of need. I want you to take my toys and give them to the kid who can’t afford 15 piaster plastic slippers, so his feet have adapted to the rough terrain, they’re harder than rock. I don’t need your gifts anymore Santa, I don’t need anything.

Santa, I have a question to ask. How do you get all your gifts across the world in such a short period of time? Are you really able to do that, or do you just lie and give gifts to those who can tell of your story? Disregarding the family of 6 children, all covered in the same blanket, peeking at their dusty chimney pretending to sleep, only to be disappointed that you don’t arrive. Disappointed or have they grown accustomed to your absence, your in-existence?

Santa, do you really like milk and cookies? Are you fat because you’ve devoured so much of our milk and cookies? Is that all you eat or do those extra calories once a year define your waistline? I’m wondering because I have to ask, since you have enough fat on your body to keep you warm and keep your hunger satisfied, why don’t you save up all those cookies and all that milk and feed those starving kids in Australia Africa? Assuming you only give gifts to the houses in China, that’s 1.5 billion people. Divide that by 3, since every household can have a maximum of 3, that will give you…umm…1,000,000..2,000,000…….35,000,000. Damn it, I don’t know Santa, but that’s a lot of cookies and milk!

I’ve been both naughty and nice this year, but that’s not why I’m not asking for presents. I’m not asking for presents Santa because Christmas presents are for children, and I’m all grown up. I’m all grown up but there are kids my age who are convinced chocolate is the devil, because their parents can’t afford to buy it. There are kids who have those big, football sized bellies, I’m no doctor but that isn’t really normal now is it? Oh wait, how about the fact that they’re not wearing anything. Or the fact that the closest thing to rice they get is the rice-diarrhea they get from their “neighborhood friendly”, Malarial infection.

Santa, I hope you don’t get me wrong and I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings when I called you fat fluffy. I just want to say again, that all I want for Christmas this year Santa, is a big box of change.

One more thing Santa, are you affiliated with Jesus at all? Or is that long hair just a coincidence?

P.S. If you happen to receive this letter, do pass on some cookies to my local Postal Service.

Yours unfaithfully,


Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 enjoy the end of the year with your friends and loved ones. The above letter is a very subjective one, so feel free to interpret it in the many ways that I’m sure you will all have, and feel free to share your interpretation down here in the comments box. Cheers.


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Girl takes stand, stabs Isareli soldier

500px-Flag_of_Israel-1.svg The YouTube description of the videotaped incident goes as such:

A 25 year old Palestinian woman was sent to stab an Israeli soldier in a border check point. The woman was sent by a terrorist organization called Hamas, who are infamous for using woman and children as human shields, and as tools for terrorist attacks. In other cases, children as young as 10 years old were sent to the border with bombs attached under their shirts. This woman asked to enter Israel to seek medical attention. After a knife was found in her bag, the security officer went inside to check the bag. The woman then pulled out a second knife and stabbed a security officer in the ribs.

I’m personally not on Hamas’s side, but seriously? Their strategy is to use woman and children as shields? One of the more recent comments says this :

It’s amazing to see that barbarism that is the Palestinian terrorist. It’s also amazing to see how the IDF is so calm and contained. In the U.S., that woman would have had her head snapped off. Must be surreal to live in a place surrounded by animals who only want to kill you versus co-exist.”

So a girl has the balls to go up and stab an Israeli soldier, that’s labelled as Palestinian terrorism, but when the Israeli army kills hundreds of defenseless women and children it’s labelled as containing the peace? Fighting for THEIR land? I’m tired of this. Tired of the endless promises by leaders all over the world to end this. Tired of the empty promises that don’t even raise our hopes anymore. The resistance shall survive. We shall fight. You may tell me that she just stabbed him, what difference does it make? She didn’t kill him or free Palestine. If you’re a woman, please tell me if you’d have the balls to even walk into an Israeli border line carrying a knife. If you’re a man, please tell me the same exact thing. I’m not saying you’re a coward but I’m saying this woman has balls, and for that I salute her and salute every man,woman and child of her kind.


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