Girl takes stand, stabs Isareli soldier

500px-Flag_of_Israel-1.svg The YouTube description of the videotaped incident goes as such:

A 25 year old Palestinian woman was sent to stab an Israeli soldier in a border check point. The woman was sent by a terrorist organization called Hamas, who are infamous for using woman and children as human shields, and as tools for terrorist attacks. In other cases, children as young as 10 years old were sent to the border with bombs attached under their shirts. This woman asked to enter Israel to seek medical attention. After a knife was found in her bag, the security officer went inside to check the bag. The woman then pulled out a second knife and stabbed a security officer in the ribs.

I’m personally not on Hamas’s side, but seriously? Their strategy is to use woman and children as shields? One of the more recent comments says this :

It’s amazing to see that barbarism that is the Palestinian terrorist. It’s also amazing to see how the IDF is so calm and contained. In the U.S., that woman would have had her head snapped off. Must be surreal to live in a place surrounded by animals who only want to kill you versus co-exist.”

So a girl has the balls to go up and stab an Israeli soldier, that’s labelled as Palestinian terrorism, but when the Israeli army kills hundreds of defenseless women and children it’s labelled as containing the peace? Fighting for THEIR land? I’m tired of this. Tired of the endless promises by leaders all over the world to end this. Tired of the empty promises that don’t even raise our hopes anymore. The resistance shall survive. We shall fight. You may tell me that she just stabbed him, what difference does it make? She didn’t kill him or free Palestine. If you’re a woman, please tell me if you’d have the balls to even walk into an Israeli border line carrying a knife. If you’re a man, please tell me the same exact thing. I’m not saying you’re a coward but I’m saying this woman has balls, and for that I salute her and salute every man,woman and child of her kind.


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7 responses to “Girl takes stand, stabs Isareli soldier

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  2. Well fuck Hamas, fuck Israel, fuck religion, fuck terrorism, extremists, and politics.

    I think that even though the people are used by the politicians/terrorists, the people should take a stand more often.

    That is just sick.

    Spreading fear like that with no basis.

    People are getting sicker and more desperate by the second. Sick bastards. Sick.

  3. -MA-

    You have to look and see why they are so despearate, that a woman would stab an Israeli soldier. I guess years of being walled up, being beaten, being denied food/medicine/water/education can really get to people.

  4. Ali

    They’re only making things worse on themselves!

  5. ar.m

    israeli state = evil nazis

  6. Yup! Your comments 5hadz says it all!

  7. Volcanic_thunder

    yep , i totally agree this isn’t exactly the right thing to do but seriously , if you are not living in those people’s shoes , then you won’t be geting this from your own perspectives that’s for’s about years of being walled up , denied even from their simplest human rights that is to live freely with their own dignity and nobility !

    the description of this videotape incident is totally “pro-israeli” which ,of course , is not a weird taking in consideration the fact that the media is totally controlled by israel or those that are on israel’s side ..

    so as I’ve said , it wouldn’t be judging her if i’m not seeing things from her own perspective !

    {They’re only making things worse on themselves!}
    what could be more worse than the things they’re experiencing at the moment ?! what could be more worse that murdering your father/family/brother or being denied from entering your own hourse or you own education faculty !? what could be more worse that being walled up with no food/water/medications ..

    so plz forgive me if i’m not getting anything out of ur comment ..!

    if any of you guys has even viewed the grand scheme of things , Hamas has never used women or children as shields and this is documented and proved , yet , on the opposite side of equations there are thousands or i should say millions of evidences that the israeli soldiers did that …

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