Dear Santa..


Dear Santa,

It’s been a few years since I’ve written you a letter, and even though I know this will probably get lost in the mail by the incompetent postal service in Jordan, I’ll take my chances. This year Santa, assuming you exist, I want nothing at all for me. I’m tired of being selfish and asking for the new GI Joe, the new Playstation and the new Game Boy. This year I want something for someone else. This year Santa, I want you to take your flying reindeers, including that red-nosed one…what was his name again? Roofus? No, no, Rudolph, yeah, that’s his name. I want you to take your flying reindeer and give my toys to children of need. I want you to take my toys and give them to the kid who can’t afford 15 piaster plastic slippers, so his feet have adapted to the rough terrain, they’re harder than rock. I don’t need your gifts anymore Santa, I don’t need anything.

Santa, I have a question to ask. How do you get all your gifts across the world in such a short period of time? Are you really able to do that, or do you just lie and give gifts to those who can tell of your story? Disregarding the family of 6 children, all covered in the same blanket, peeking at their dusty chimney pretending to sleep, only to be disappointed that you don’t arrive. Disappointed or have they grown accustomed to your absence, your in-existence?

Santa, do you really like milk and cookies? Are you fat because you’ve devoured so much of our milk and cookies? Is that all you eat or do those extra calories once a year define your waistline? I’m wondering because I have to ask, since you have enough fat on your body to keep you warm and keep your hunger satisfied, why don’t you save up all those cookies and all that milk and feed those starving kids in Australia Africa? Assuming you only give gifts to the houses in China, that’s 1.5 billion people. Divide that by 3, since every household can have a maximum of 3, that will give you…umm…1,000,000..2,000,000…….35,000,000. Damn it, I don’t know Santa, but that’s a lot of cookies and milk!

I’ve been both naughty and nice this year, but that’s not why I’m not asking for presents. I’m not asking for presents Santa because Christmas presents are for children, and I’m all grown up. I’m all grown up but there are kids my age who are convinced chocolate is the devil, because their parents can’t afford to buy it. There are kids who have those big, football sized bellies, I’m no doctor but that isn’t really normal now is it? Oh wait, how about the fact that they’re not wearing anything. Or the fact that the closest thing to rice they get is the rice-diarrhea they get from their “neighborhood friendly”, Malarial infection.

Santa, I hope you don’t get me wrong and I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings when I called you fat fluffy. I just want to say again, that all I want for Christmas this year Santa, is a big box of change.

One more thing Santa, are you affiliated with Jesus at all? Or is that long hair just a coincidence?

P.S. If you happen to receive this letter, do pass on some cookies to my local Postal Service.

Yours unfaithfully,


Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 enjoy the end of the year with your friends and loved ones. The above letter is a very subjective one, so feel free to interpret it in the many ways that I’m sure you will all have, and feel free to share your interpretation down here in the comments box. Cheers.


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13 responses to “Dear Santa..

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  2. @Mudoveee

    Happy Holidays everyone

    Great one, agree that there are too many children’s out there poor, homeless; all they need is a slight of joy & hope for a better future. May your wish come true

    So Shadi; Merry Christmas & Happy New Year xD

  3. Merry X-mas Chimmeh!!

    You know Claus was like some saint back in the day, as far as I know, and his legend kinda just lived on.

    Ironically, Santa, is saint for females, in Italian or Latin or one of those languages.

  4. Merry Christmas Shadiiiiii.. 🙂

  5. Let it be God, that next door neighbor, the governor… or the human in each one of us mortals..

    We are “Santa” when it comes to this my dear Shadi! We are the ones to be blamed. We are the ones eating all the cookies, turning the TV off so not to feel “bad” for those kids in Africa or Gaza or..

    Don’t blame an illusion, you make the change.

    Confucius said: “To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.”

    And I know that the world you are building will be in order 🙂

    On another note; I really love your blog 😀
    “I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings when I called you (fat) fluffy.” cracked me up yesterday 😀

    Merry Christmas ya 7abboub 🙂

  6. raya

    i was listening to this song and started reading ur letter, it actually brought me to tears,,i hope your letter reaches one of those santas out there! Merry xmas to you :’)

  7. very touching 🙂 well said shadi..

    merry xmas to you and your loved ones.. inshallah a change is not just a word we say in our “campaigns”.. and hopefully next year will be a good..

    prayers to all…

  8. M

    *Disregarding the fact that your new theme is freaky*
    Merrry Christmas, have a great one, *cough* you TOTALLY deserve it.

    P.S. Can you also ask Santa why Christmas fell on a Friday of all days? I could’ve really used an extended weekend.

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Merry Christmas man.
    Great post, and as I said, love the new layout.

    By the way, Santa’s a bitch, if people do nothing, nothing will happen.

  10. Ali

    We wish you a marry Christmas, We wish you a marry Christmas

    Marry Christmas dude, Have a wonderful holiday 🙂

    Love the new theme btw 🙂

  11. Mudoveee: Thanks man. Hopefully when we get our heads out of our asses, my wish will in fact become true. Merry Christmas to you too and an even happier New Year.
    Saed: It’s merry Christmas, because when you put an “X” instead of the “Christ”, it kinda loses it’s meaning idiot. But once again, you provide me and my readers utterly useless information. Thanks for trying though, come again later.
    Batoul: Thanks Batoul!
    Zeina: Thanks zouz for that lovely quote, I’ve read it many times before and I keep falling in love with it every time I do. Time will tell what I have built zouz, time will tell. I know you love my blog, you’ve always told me that, what I want to know is what you think of the new theme? Merry Christmas to you too!
    Raya: What song were you listening to? Ow thanks for the Christmas wishes, happy holidays to you and everyone else.
    Jano: I agree, I see too many useless “campaigns” going around, although some do really want to make a change. Happy holidays to you too Jano.
    M: I love how you tried to be politically correct with the “Happy Holidays” act, nice try little girl. Happy new year and the likes. It’s better than your stupid blog theme.
    Laith: Merry Christmas man, enjoy it with the family and friends. Finally, someone appreciates a good theme, thanks for liking it. I think the letter says it all Laith, it says it all…
    Ali: Thanks man, happy holidays to you too. Thanks for liking the theme, that’s two good feedbacks.

  12. I have hired myself as Santa’s Auditor to ensure that he doesn’t get all the milk and cookies for himself. Let’s see if Santa will be thinner next year or not. *hides a couple of cookies in his own jar*

    Merry Christmas Shadz

  13. Haha, thanks Hamza 🙂 Happy holidays to you too!

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