A picture speaks 1000 words

On a rare occasion, I believe a picture will do what my words don’t always…

A day from today, it’ll be a year : Gaza War ’08


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4 responses to “A picture speaks 1000 words

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  2. I wish the worst is behind us and that what happened last year won’t happen again. Unfortunately, that seems far fetched at this point. sigh

  3. M

    If only the picture at hand spoke of better times.

  4. Last year at this time I was numbed, my Western sensibilities being awakened and “gruesomed” in vile imagery. I had realized my country completely ignored this atrocity ~ it was barely a blip on the back of the sports section of the paper. And of course, the usual pro-Israel bias.

    I took matters into my own hands as much as possible and began posting, posting, posting in-your-face images of the brutal reality and repeatedly offended everyone I knew by sending them urls to see what was REAL. There were a few Palestinian photographers who took outstanding images since they were trapped, and I posted their material. Some of the images left me numbed for days, unable to speak to anyone. Sameh Habeeb did some amazing work, just amazing.

    That was a year ago and it seems the Israeli bombs have not stopped. There is a new one falls every day. It might not have white phosphorus but it always includes death or imprisonment to a Palestinian. I wake up every Friday wondering who was killed in Bi’lin.

    Each day brings to light a new atrocity ~ from treatment of non complicit Jews to body part brokering to target practice on 12 year old shepherd boys to the planned and horrendous wreck of anything left that might create hope in Palestine. I spent days lost in sites like Palestine Remembered educating myself and seeing what was lost. And weeping.

    I also lost what, until that month, had been pride in my own country. Gone.The discovery of the creation of Canada Park shook me to the core. I could not believe our government capable of such a thing. But, alas it was. The more I learned the more disgusted I became. Not only with America but also Canada. Canada which is now Israel’s best friend, who last week called all Christian churches “anti semitic” (stupid idiotic word. It should be in the case of Jews anti-Ashkenazim) and cut off their missionary funding.

    I now see my country as a rogue a la US. Hell, mine is the only government to NEVER argue with Israel and, to my mortal shame, named “a very close friend of Israel” by.. shudders… Avignor Lieberman. I have learned my country, too, fights for its life from the same evil, only here there are no guns, just the souls of a blinded apathetic people at risk. At any time, the material I write about could have me hauled up before the courts. But I am older and we need more martyrs to draw attention to our cause so I will not be silenced.

    Yes I am lucky to have a roof over my head and access to food, but the day my friend put me on Al Jazeera (I understood no Arabic) to watch as the bombs fell, my world changed also. I was worldly wise, when the bombs began to fall, the full scope of the corruption and darkness that I knew existed, got a face. It’s face is Zionism/Zinofaschim/Communism.

    Every day I pray for a good outcome, but I am no fool. God deserts us often. But until someone takes that nation and its people under control, peace will never stand a chance. They are the ultimate opportunists which is the way of the parasite.

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