In this time

We don’t appreciate anymore, not the big nor the small

We don’t appreciate anymore, not the young nor the old

We don’t appreciate the seasons, regularly bitching that it’s too warm or cold

We don’t appreciate the sky, the wind, the air we breathe

We don’t appreciate mother Earth, not knowing it bleeds

The ground we walk on, eroding under the pressure from our feet

You don’t see, we don’t see, you don’t see what I mean

The birds chirp, our iPods fade out mother nature’s music

It rains, we hide under a roof. Get wet, you say?

We don’t appreciate anymore, a walk in the street

We don’t appreciate anymore, we don’t see

In today’s world, three’s a crowd, and you want nations to come together?

Gaza, Haiti, people dying, buildings burst into flames, airplanes crash

We hear it on the news, we see pictures of the wreck and the flaming buildings

We go back to our regular lives, three days later, they live it constantly

You talk of coming together, when we don’t appreciate each other

“Bagez min a5oy!”, ma bidak itgez min wa7ad 3’areeb?

Family, means little to nothing anymore

Friends, an entity we find comes and goes

Unity, a term surpassed by self-dependency

Peace? You read it again and I laugh in your face

We know not what we know

We know not the East nor the West

We know not the sea or the land

We know not our homes, our soil, even ourselves

We constantly fight, fight, fight

We fight disease, evil spirits, fears

We learn not to accept the entities that are part of our daily lives, and then let them go

We continue to struggle, proving life a hardship it’s not meant to be

Live simple, accept that we live and we die

Before you unite with others, make an effort to unite with yourself

See yourself as one, not a schizophrenic collaborating all personalities but your own

Free your mind from the chains of commercialism and materialism

Free your mind from your own greeds

Free your mind from your own self

We don’t appreciate, you don’t appreciate, we don’t appreciate us.



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6 responses to “In this time

  1. Dee

    good one, love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love this.

    And yeah a lot of people don’t appreciate :\

    But I say don’t generalize ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I don’t appreciate this article :p

  4. The wisdom of Veggie Tales wins again: a thankful heart is a happy heart. Complaining as a lifestyle robs the soul, a gratefullness restores it.

    OK, so I will admit I don’t get the maps. Volcanos?

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  6. Dee: Thank you Dee :).
    Saed: I was not generalizing as much as I was trying to send a message.
    Khaled: Azna5 min heek please!
    Kinzi: Thanks for the comment 3amto, zaman 3anek! It’s just a random map I picked up of the world, no significance ๐Ÿ˜› haha.

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