Join the campaign to end the siege on Gaza: Gaza Under Siege Counter

I met @JawazSafar, Mohammad Yousef, online a couple of days ago, ever since he started the 1000th day Gaza Under Siege campaign, and I wanted to spread the idea even more with more innovative ideas. The idea of a profile picture on Twitter seemed repetitive and confusing to Twitter handlers, so I got to talking and we started pitching ideas back and forth. We ended up with an interactive support counter, that will count the days Gaza has been under siege, starting with the 1000th day, which is today: the 9th of March. If you look to the right on my sidebar, I have the counter which is set to 1,000 today and will start counting up, showing our support for Gaza. The counter image was designed by @JawazSafar and the code was written by our awesome developer @iMadiD. You can follow them on twitter as well as follow me @5hadz.

It’s been 1,000 days since Gaza has been under siege. Medical supplies, construction supplies and many more essential needs are banned from entering Gaza, nothing but microbes can enter or leave the Gaza strip. We urge you all to show support, whether it’s through blogging to spread the word, whether it’s through posting videos on facebook, twitter or your own personal blog.

This is the code to the counter, it should work on all blog hosts. [Please contact me if it doesn’t]

<br /><div style=”text-align: center;”><img src=”” alt=””“” /></div><br /></html>

Simply copy and paste it into a text box on your sidebar and you’ll be showing support and spreading the word and also counting with us the days, till hopefully one day this siege is over and we rejoice. Please place it on your blogs and share it with everyone else you know. Show further support by following @GazaUnderSiege and visiting it’s respective blog.

*We would highly appreciate if you could please post a comment that you have successfully added our counter to your blog, so we can keep track of it if any updates occur. Thank you.*



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11 responses to “Join the campaign to end the siege on Gaza: Gaza Under Siege Counter

  1. Great Shadi, how can I add the Avatar on my Twitter account?

  2. If you’re asking for the actual 1000 day logo, you can find it in my previous post “Untitled”. If you’re asking for a Twibbon, we didn’t make one.

  3. Asma

    How do I add the counter on my facebook?

  4. Facebook doesn’t allow you to modify the source of your page, so you can’t add it to your facebook, sorry.

  5. Asma

    😦 ok have to ask Gaza TV on facebook – they’ve managed to do it….

  6. Asma

    thats Gaza TV news

  7. Can you show me a link, maybe I can figure it out?

  8. That’s weird, I have no idea how they did that. If you message them and find out can you please tell me?

  9. Asma

    I have already 🙂 i will do

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