A poem for 1,000 days

Our war begins today

Today, yesterday and every day

Today marks 1,000 days

Yesterday a cry away

Every day, a boy they slay

A child, with dreams delayed

We stomp our feet

Give our time to the cause

What cause you say

Palestine’s free will I say

To live and die as we please

Not taken by your lead and steel

Your tanks, your armored suits

I pity your cowardly self, if I may

Hiding behind your sorrow and dismay

A nation built on ruthless lies

Religion, politics and power plays

Funded by those whom we give respect

Respect is to no one

But the people we can’t resurrect

Children, women and men

Victims to crimes left unpunished

Unfathomed, unbelievable how can they today

Sit around and do nothing

Not even speak out

Not mourn, not see, not tell nor care

A nation of assholes if I dare say.

I speak, mere words on my computer screen

What they experience I see on a 17″ window

No smells, no blood, I’m warm and content

Have you ever smelt a dead body?

Rotting in it’s place, morgues can’t support

The enormous amount of death

Take it as you may,

We only asked for a day.

A land became a prison

Our people became slaves

They locked up the warden and the prison guards

Cut them off on all sides.

Gaza, we cry for you

Palestine, we mourn for you

The martyrs, we cheer for you

Mother earth, we beg you

Sixty two years is enough

Sixty two years is enough.


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8 responses to “A poem for 1,000 days

  1. and tomorrow it will be 1001 let’s hope we don’t see it last till 1100

  2. I think we’re all wishing the same thing.

  3. Zeina

    Loved it Shadi! Powerful words!

  4. Falas6ini 7orr

    Sixty two years is enough…
    Great One!!

  5. Zeina: Thank you 🙂
    Falas6ini 7orr Thanks 🙂 and I must say I love your name.

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  7. Good day. Thanks for the read! My wife have been attempting to locate this kind of resource for a long time and We know that your perspective on the issue at hand is spot on. I are going to be sure to reccomend your blog to my family. Can you tell me how to follow your new blogs? Keep on blogging!

  8. I truly enjoyed reading through this posting.Thank you.

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