My inner child – Writing I

We take the world for granted every day. Whether it’s people, or the mere fact that planet Earth is a viable enough medium for us to flourish in, we forget what matters, who matters and we never stop to ask “Why?”.

Why we communicate the way we do, or fail to. Why we drive to school or work every day. Why you can read what I’m reading and why my hands are typing figures that shape into letters that shape into words that shape into legible sentences that you can both read and comprehend. Why? Why can we do that?

All of you that are going “Pssht, it’s a habit.” have lost the “faculty of wonder”. That amazing inner child that smiles every time spring flowers bloom, not out of recognition of it’s beauty, but out of sheer amazement to the thawing of winter, thereafter the emergence of that beauty.

For the rest of you that have either stared at your screen, or your mouse, or just thought about the way life is, ask yourself the simple question of “Why?” and stop taking anything for granted.


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11 responses to “My inner child – Writing I

  1. Well said!!! Fa wayn kunit?

  2. Thank you Kinzi :).
    I was, umm, here…but never in the mood of writing. I’m back now ๐Ÿ˜€ I think.

  3. People take things for granted till something falls in their path, then they begin to focus on life. The question remains why? and that depends on you… YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER!!! Mashalla

  4. raya

    i agree with kinzi, very well said.
    yalla looking forwards for more of your lovely writings ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Batty

    spot on, well said, absolutely beautiful.
    Too bad I have a feeling that ive killed my inner child or maybe shes just asleep, am waking her up one step at a time.

  6. every philosopher asks why….

  7. ู‡ูŠุซู… ุงู„ุดูŠุดุงู†ูŠ Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Nice read, may we never miss the urge + feelings of wonderment & the zeal to act upon that as well.

    Thx 4 sharin`,

  8. You remind me of my 2-year old niece. No matter how obvious some things might be she would say, with all the innocence in the world: WHY?

    I guess I have a better understanding of why she keeps asking why now!

  9. Douja: The problem with that is people forget. It sticks with them for a while, and then sooner and later things go back to how they were, habits. Thank you for the compliment.
    Raya: Zaman 3an your comments :). Imbare7 ma katabet la2eno I had the worst day ever bas hala2 things are back to semi-normal. A new post today, la3yoonik it’s going to be long :D!
    Batty: Thank you :). How about you keep reading my writings and hoopefully I’ll wake up the child in all of us :). Looking forward to you guys spreading the word!
    Hamdanism: Befhamneesh 3’erak!
    Haitham: I’m trying to teach myself that, one day at a time, and writing about it to tell everybody else to do the same! Thank for reading :)!
    Ola Eliwat: You should be more like your 2 year old niece, never lose that sense of amazement, it’s what keep me alive. People always ask me why I’m always a child stuck in a 20 year old body, now you know why :)!

  10. KJ

    People are “too busy” to ask why. And when they’re not, they don’t want to bother to ask why. It’s easier for someone else to tell them the answers.

  11. I’ll ask why people do not ask why, when did most of them lose the curiosity to know? Did they lose it or just give it up?!

    A close up look on our societies will reveal 2 types or 2 levels of people. Those who are oppressed by the lack of the basics, and those overwhelmed with everything.

    When materials rule and possessions speak louder than any other thing in the world, when “I” rules, you need to restructure every concept in the world, hence you’ll never find an answer to your why…

    We don’t take anything for granted we just ignore every other thing but power and money.

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