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The Big Picture

We come into this world just as we leave it, a very few of us remembered for centuries to come, by millions of people, while the majority pass unannounced, their presence acknowledged by a petty few [relative to the millions]. Unfortunately, the rotation of life’s gears favors the fittest, the strongest, those that shone; leaving the mere man a distant memory to be remembered only by a loved one: a relative, a wife, a husband, a brother etc..

I was taught as a child that we are all equal, willing to trade places with any one at any time, because it wouldn’t matter, but it did. The perfect bubble of existence popped by the images portrayed in the every day wandering of my town’s streets. We’re in the twenty first century, but yet we seem to be moving in any direction but the correct one. We grow greedy by the second, devouring the main principles that were supposed to shape the community, that perfect community of love, care and unity. A community destroyed by no one but us.

Look at us, look at what we’ve become. We create mini-communities, our safe zones, that we hide in, refusing to let that which is different in; looking down upon one another. We judge, we stereotype, we’re the very hypocrites we despise, yet we continue believing that we’re correct. The human brain is designed to build “effective theories“, a way to explain something without going into the intricate details of it all. The same way I stop asking “How did the world come to existence?” and build an effective theory, be it “God” or “The Big Bang”, we create our own theories in every day living. We create them, to justify without asking why or how. They’re created in Physics, to help us simplify that which is impossible to explain, like how the law of gravity came to existence; but I’m ashamed to say our theories are the total opposite.

Our effective theories take place to justify why we stop giving, stop doing, stop asking. We stop asking ourselves why we’re here, convinced that we need to live life day by day until it’s taken from us, and then what? We fulfill our desires not wondering how it’s going to make a change, or how I can fulfill someone else’s desire.

I ramble, because I am tired of what I’ve been seeing lately. We’re getting closer to a meaningless existence, because we stop asking the essential questions. I’m not asking you to find an answer, you probably never will, but I’m asking you to never stop asking, exploring. Aleister Crowley once said: “I have never grown out of the infantile belief that the universe was made for me to suck.” We should find joy in the continual aim to grow, to exist with purpose, yet we seem to be doing it all wrong.

I see people spending their time talking, typing, signing petitions, copy pasting articles on the fad of “social media”, dubbing themselves “experts”. A link, an RT on Twitter or an article is merely a reflection of what someone else has come to think, what someone else  has analyzed and written down. We constantly want to quote the experts, build views based on the words of “professionals”, and we gobble up their garbage whether it’s what we really believe or not. Not every person who writes a book, scribbles text onto paper or speaks in front of a camera is an “expert”, just like you would ask for a second opinion after your first gynecology appointment, why do we not seek answers from all over?

I’m upset over a bunch of stuff, so I’ve created a mumbo jumbo of complaints all put in a paragraph that’s most likely incomprehensible, but I’m not going to edit it. I’m not trying to attack anyone, nor am I asking to build a statue for every man to restore “equality” [if that ever existed], but I want to see the day when we all strive to lead the flock, when we get rid of fads and be genuine in our approach to life. We are individuals, individuality means distinction, so each one of us is special, if we allow ourselves to be.


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