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Cancer Pledge

To help support those less fortunate than ourselves, we have pledged, supported by the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, to help raise funds for one of their needy cancer patients. Our target for his immediate treatment is JD 15,000, please read below to know details of why I pledged and how you can support me and our pledge.

Please follow the followings links for official KHCF details.

Cancer Pledge:

I would like to thank you all, first and foremost, for taking the time to read this, I would like to send my best regards to you all, up front.
During my first year of clinical practice, passing through 7 different hospitals, I have been touched by cancer many a times. I have sat down at, unfortunately, some of their death beds and had extensive talks and interviews with patients of both a chronic and acute nature, both equally struggling with the malignant disease.I have learnt to accept the fact that my power as a physician cannot reverse the power of the creator, I cannot manipulate a system that is meant to work perfectly to sustain a balance in this world, for one day, we are all meant to pass on to whatever is waiting for us after we part the planet Earth.
The word physician, doctor, whatever you may call what I do, does not make me a healer. My ability to better the life of those in need, is what drives me. The motivation I gain, is from every person I meet that is in need of making, simply, a cough or a runny nose go away, to resecting a cystic fibroma when he’s lying down on the operating table. I have many years to go, so now I intend to do anything I can to help those who are less fortunate.
I was blessed with the abilities, blessed with a beautiful family and blessed with a solid heart and around me, I see people who are not so fortunate. I uptook my pledge for that reason exactly, because since I still cannot hold a scalpel and operate an open-heart surgery, I can still make a difference. I have done it before, through my other volunteering opportunites, and it is one of the most liberating experiences I have ever had. One man may not be strong enough to make a difference on his own, but one man can be strong enough to start a wave of differences, a wave of change. I would highly appreciate that you join my wave, help and help me make a change.
Ayman is not only a cancer patient, but a struggling father. My pledge, along with a few other members, will not only help with his immediate treatment, but will also uplift his strength so that he can work again, and support his family. Helping him would be a benefit to his whole family, not just Ayman.
Below is the pledge website, offered on the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, that we have all signed to be part of a team to support and raise funds for Ayman’s treatment.

If we cannot live life perfectly, we must strive to live it to the fullest, capture every moment and be part of every second. Never let time pass you by, knowing you can become a better person, knowing that you can help the less fortunate, knowing you can make this seemingly non-perfect world, one step closer to being perfect.

I will also be running in the Amman International Marathon as support for the treatment of cancer under the slogan “Run For Life”, so the more donations I recieve, the more money will be going to help those with cancer.

The pledge target is JD 15,000 for Ayman’s immediate need for treatment. A thermometer of our achievment target can be found on Ali Dahmash’s blog, my fellow pledger and friend.

Method of Payment:

1. Pay online by using credit cards at KHCF’s official website (check here)

2. Western Union

3. Passing by the KHCF office in Um Uthaina and mentioning the pledge “Shadi Haddad”.

*For expanded details on any of the above 3 methods, please include your email in a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.



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