Travelling thoughts.

I am a big fan of and I’ve been viewing their comics ever since the first one came out in 2005. Today’s comic was one that awe-struck me. First, here’s the comic:

What’s weird is the conversation that had occurred a day earlier with my friend at a local cafe.

*Sitting next to each other smoking argeeleh and watching the TV that’s on MBC 4*

*The program goes to adverts and the “Kinder Bueno” ad comes up*

In the ad, the child is imitating his older brother’s every move and at the end of the advert, they’re sitting on the same couch when the child takes a “Kinder Bueno” out of shirt pocket and the older brother asks for a piece and the child hands it to him.

As I sat there, the old “Twix” commercial scans through my cortex really quickly.

Shadi: “Do you notice how different this commercial is from the Twix one?”

Friend: “How so?”

Shadi: “Well basically, Twix teaches you to be a selfish asshole while Bueno teaches us that sharing is caring.”

*Pause as friend scratches his head*

Shadi: “God damn fucking subliminal messaging.”

Seriously? Out of the billions of thoughts for a comic strip, steals the joke right out of my head on the same exact day? Weird, no?

Which makes me wonder, is it mere coincidence or does everything happen for a reason?



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4 responses to “Travelling thoughts.

  1. everything on TV, media or in streets got subliminal messages or conditioning! it’s like Pavlov’s experiment on that poor dog, do something good u’re rewarded with a cookie or whatever, do something wrong then u’re hit with a newspaper!
    So basically each and every person is sending u a subliminal message so that he\she rules! Women do that a lot in relations 😛 😛
    As for those stealing the idea from ur head, well walt disney said that he had a dream about his film Fantasia, he knew he had to make it true or some other person well!
    it happens for a reason, see if that didn’t happen u won’t write this post!

  2. some ads teach kids to be selfish, other teach women that they are ugly, other teach some other stuff. and you sit in front of the tv and wonder.. whats the added value in that box? anything?

  3. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Subliminal messages are everywhere! Sadly to say we steer it towards the negative rather than the positive.

    And it ALL happens for a reason, that`s what I blv.


  4. KJ

    I believe that, on some level, all ideas already exist out there but not everyone puts them into practice or notes them down or something. The amount of times I saw an ad or a product or even a story that I though of previously,,, I would be rich!

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