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5hadz & Sa3ed Jamming…


Friday was a busy day for me. First, I went with my girl to this mind-blowing play for “Ghanam Ghanam” called “3aed el 7ayfa” based on the ’69 book. If you’re in love with Palestine like me and my girl are, and you didn’t go see the play then ra7 3aleek nos 3omrak, it was truly a play worth seeing and experiencing, it brought us to tears (well almost for me :P). Ghanam’s fan page here if you’re interested.

After that I met up with Farah and Sa3ed and we went to Cups & Kilos and had a drink and shared the worst jokes ever >_>…so here’s one 3ashan inla6ef el jaw:

“Mara namoose weg3at bi kaset whiskey, tel3at bitgool: “WAS3OOO lal neser!”

Yes, extremely lame, I know.

El mohem, here’s the actual post that I’m supposed to be telling you about. After Cups, sa3ed and I went back to his place and picked up a guitar each. Tab3an kan fi Tequila involved so this is what happens when you put 2 extremely talented guitar players (haha, yeah right :P) and some tequila shots :D, hope you guys like it [don’t mind the minor faults, it’s the first time we jam]:




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Shadi sings on YouTube!

At the request of my many fans that have bombarded me with emails begging me to sing and play my lovely guitar, I have finally given in to temptation and posted a 1 minute teaser of me playing the song Wonderwall by Oasis.

I swear I’m not drunk but I’m just really bored and I’m trying to make myself look so popular 😀 is it working? Here you go Allouh, enjoy the video:

[Please don’t stop following my blog because of this video, hahaha!]


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Not just another music post


I love discovering new music. What grabs my attention is definitely not the mainstream crap that millions of people out there listen to. Rap is now explicitly based on alcohol,cars and women, when it used to be out life [back in the good ol’ days, 3a ayam Eminem ow Tupac]. [Speaking of Eminem, I encourage everyone to listen to Beautiful for Eminem, a very good song]. Rock has no meaning anymore. HipHop is well, Kanye West apparently so, yeah, good luck with that *thumbs up*.

After my obsession with Mashour3 Leila, I have now gone back to some good ol’ classic rock. A little bit of Beatles and Stones,a little bit of Queen and Zeppelin. Now, the music discovery lies in this [short] conversation with my friend while driving on Sheikh Zayed Road.

[Stairway to heaven was playing in the background]

KJ: “Walak have you heard Gregorian before?”

5hadz: “Nope. Same3ni”.

KJ: *Fumbles the iPhone and nearly drops it while driving*, *click*, *play*.

My friends, this is a little taste of who Gregorian are:


Click here to see all other music that Gregorian [Masters of Chant] cover.

Gregorian is a German band, headed by Frank Peterson, which performs Gregorian chant-inspired versions of modern pop and rock songs. Because it features both vocal harmony and instrumental accompaniment, the music cannot be considered true Gregorian chant.

Gregorian is a German band, headed by Frank Peterson, which performs Gregorian chant-inspired [watch the word inspired ahh (see red note below)] versions of modern pop and rock songs. Because it features both vocal harmony and instrumental accompaniment [giggles to Achmed’s musical accompaniment], the music cannot be considered true Gregorian chant. I don’t think it’s supposed to anyway, but yeah yalla itfalsafo.

What is Gregorian chant you may ask? Well God bless Wikipedia, here you go : Gregorian Chant.

My new obsession is Gregorian:Masters of chant. I have 7 albums for them ow sahreen lal inhar basma3 feehom :D. Queen fans, coldplay fans, Zeppelin fans, Amy Lee fans, rejoice. It’s all in their albums. If anyone wants specific songs tell me so I can give you them via email.

[Oksim billah if anyone comments on this post and tells me ino hada kofor iyroo7 izet 7alo bil zbale. Allah iy5aleelna Rotana eli bet7oteli a3’ani 3an the prophet when THAT is clearly kofor, fa ma 7ada yetfalsaf. You don’t like the music just leave.]


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Latest music obsessions

I’ve been getting a few complaints on why I haven’t posted anything in a while, and to answer your questions it’s just because I’ve been in a meh mood. I have lots of things to say, and I know some of you have been waiting for Part III of the sofa-bed thoughts but after I wrote it I realized it was too personal to post up online, so I guess you’ll never know :P.

This post is going to be about music, specifically arabic bands that I’ve recently fallen in love with. I discovered some on my own and some through my friends, but all in all it’s great music. One thing that I really want to discuss with those who are fans of both Jordanian and Lebanese bands is song lyrics. I’m at a phase where all I listen to is specifically arabic hip hop and both Jordanian and Lebanese bands, but what I do notice quite often is that the choice of lyrics is weak. I’m not here to diss any bands specifically, but in general, that’s what I notice. I mean the music is beautiful and what I get out of it is pride! I’m so proud of all our local bands for putting such an effort into their music, because it’s really awesome. The blend of arabic and western is superb and I’m still expecting much more out of my favorite bands. If anyone has any comment on the lyrics part guys, please share your ideas via comments.

1. Mashrou3 Leila

These guys I discovered on my own as they performed in Amman not long ago, but unfortunately my stupid medical schedule got the better of me and I ended up not going. Anyhooters, this one song for mashrou3 leila is one that I simply can’t stop listening to. It’s called “Shemm El Yasmine” and I don’t know what it is about it but I listen to it at least once a day. I’m not kidding, for the past 2 weeks I’ve listened to this song every single day at least once. Here’s a link to their myspace page to enjoy the rest of their music, and here’s a link to their facebook page as well. Now I’m just waiting for my friend in Lebanon to send me the CD when they’re done with it, plus some goodies from good ol’ Liban :D.

Here’s the song for your enjoyment:


2. Salam

Salam is a Jordanian band named after the vocalist Salam Homoud. Winner of the 2008 Jordanian Band Competition. They’ve been on Amman radio stations since 2007 but I’ve never REALLY listened to their music until now. I’m in love with a song called “Latin One”. When you listen to it you’ll know exactly why. Their music is electric and the songs are both in English and Arabic, I prefer their english songs, but what the hell, it’s all good! You can check them out on facebook, and listen to the rest of their songs. If you couldn’t be bothered to click on a link here’s the song I like (this is not on their facebook page btw but if you guys want to download it, click here.)


3. SoapKills

Now these I met through my friend Zeina, who’s a new blogger and now she owes me for making her blog famous, haha! (marketing 7abeebti!) SoapKills are a lebanese band first created by 2 siblings, Yasmine and Zeid, back in 1998, so yeah they’re quite old. Their music is really sensual and mostly has an arabic feel to it, which is amazing. I don’t know much about them and I don’t want to start quoting stuff off their myspace page, so here it is for you, check it out yourself. Zeina sent me a bunch of their songs because their albums have been long out and probably gone from stores,but if you youtube them you can find many of their songs. The one I like is off the album “Cheftak” and it’s called “Cheftak”. Here it is, enjoy:


4. This totally random song

for “Ziyad Sahhab” but a girl sings it, so I’m confused. Anyway, here’s the song, it’s called “Imt Nseet”, also Lebanese :



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Lam ya7sol fi methel hatha alyowm

The 29th of August 2009 marks, or would have marked, the 51st birthday of pop king Michael Jackson. His death received both positive and negative feedback from people worldwide, labeling him as either the king of pop or a child molester. Did people forget what this man did? It doesn’t matter if he was the king of pop, if he black or white [a pun, oui], if he slept with children or not; what matters is that his music still lives in millions of homes worldwide.

Michael started his solo career in 1971! 1971 ya 7abaybe, it’s 2009 and his albums STILL sell till this very day! Michael Jackson is a music legend and that’s all he should be remembered as, the man who changed the face of music, music video clips and dancing. From the moonwalk to Billie Jean to Thriller : MJ your soul will live forever.


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Check this out!

I don’t know how many of you out there know who José Feliciano is, but here’s a small reason I know most of you are going to click on this to know more about him. Go on youtube and check out clips for this amazing, amazing man.

I started playing “Billie Jean” on my guitar yesterday, lovely to play on a guitar btw, and I found this : 

I love a good musician.


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Ali @ Confessions of a chubby

The Jordanian blogosphere is growing exponentially and I’m getting to meet a wonderful group of new bloggers. Since I’m a huge music fan, I’d like everyone who reads my blog to go over to this new blogger friend of mine, whom I met once at a performance by Hana Malhas at Jara theatre. Ali is what he goes by and he’s got a big heart for Metal music. He was featured in an interview on metal music with Aramram [click here] along with a group of his friends who all want to try to spread the word on metal in Jordan. They’re having a hard time doing so as Jordanian “authoritah” *giggles* don’t tolerate us wearing a black and white kuffeyeh, so imagine what metalheads go through. His blog revolves mostly around metal music but also shows a personal side to a really great person :).

I promised Ali to show him support and since I’m not a huge metal fan, I thought this would be the best way. Instead of writing an article about metal music (which I’ll definitely suck at) I want everyone who reads this article to click on Ali’s name above and follow the link to check out his blog, maybe even sign to his RSS Feed and if you’re a metal fan and supporter maybe even contact him :), please.

Ali, this is for you : 


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