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Shadi sings on YouTube!

At the request of my many fans that have bombarded me with emails begging me to sing and play my lovely guitar, I have finally given in to temptation and posted a 1 minute teaser of me playing the song Wonderwall by Oasis.

I swear I’m not drunk but I’m just really bored and I’m trying to make myself look so popular 😀 is it working? Here you go Allouh, enjoy the video:

[Please don’t stop following my blog because of this video, hahaha!]



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Song of the week

It’s been so long since we’ve posted a song of the week, heck, it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything at all. Stress, exams, studying, fighting and all that crap has been hovering over our lives and it’s about time we blogged again. The song I chose is a classic, it’s for Opeth and it’s called Benighted. I doubt there are many people that know this song but it’s one of my favorites for Opeth. I’ve been struggling with learning it on the guitar, I just can’t seem to get the finger picking to work! Argh! (If anyone knows how to play it please email me :D)


Anyway, here’s the song from a youtube video. [ I couldn’t be bothered to upload the mp3 file because my internet is WAY past it’s limit and it’s killing me. ]

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A letter to God


Dear God,

I know everyone says that you made us all equal, but is that really true ? When I think about the 6+ billion people in this world, I see that the truth is far from that. Why is it that I live a life of comfort, where I share my ideas on a macintosh, whereas an “equal” human being in Africa gets bloated due to starvation and dies a few years after his birth ? Why am I able to eat excessively and throw the rest of my food away while that starving kid doesn’t know that food past stale bread and contaminated water exists ? Why ?

You all speak of equality among humans and yet none of you can prove it. We are not equals, we were never meant to be. Even amongst ourselves, in our own developed countries not suffering pandemics, we are not equals. We are born into our families, our religions, our socioeconomic status and our lives out of pure luck. Not equal, not fair, not anything close to either of those.

For the past 2 months I’ve been in the gloomiest of moods. I have barely left the comfort of my house and sometimes even barely showered more than once a week. Why I am writing a letter to God, you may ask, is because I want to ask Him if things are going to be okay ? I want Him to show me a sign that even though we are not all born into comfortable habitats that we will all be “equal” at one point in time. Maybe when we go up to Heaven and are evaluated for our life. That’s still not fair ! If I was born into a habitat where I was forced to steal to stay alive, or kill another being to survive, then how does that make me look on my evaluation chart ? Not so good, no ? Again, more signals that show me we are not equal.

The real reason I am writing this letter, other than complaining if things are fair, is to seek myself. I’m lost in a world of depression, anxiety, constant stress and it’s getting worse by the day. Two people, tops, are going to respond to this email telling me to ” Cheer up” or ” It’ll pass”, and yeah, if you’re going to do that then please save your bandwith for a youtube comment.

When are we supposed to just give up ? Are we ever supposed to give up ? I’ve been known to go half way on many things in my life but those are things that I like for a few days and then stop liking. Example, learning Spanish or Graffiti painting. I never thought that I’d be at a point in my life where I would start doubting my career. My future I drew out as a very solid plan : become a great doctor, marry the girl you love and then live in Amman and take the wife out for dinner every other weekend. Never in my life would I have seen this day come where I would not give half a fuck about accomplishing the first obligation to my future : become a great doctor.

I have an exam that I’ve barely studied for and here I am writing a letter to God asking him to show me 1 small sign that’ll boost my morale and make me go study ! Why ? Are we supposed to sometimes fail in order to achieve greatness ? Are we supposed to fall into a ditch in order to learn how to climb out of one ? Can’t we just be aware of all the ditches and jump over them ? Why am I so afraid of failing at something ? I’ve lived my whole life either being looked up to, envied or pressured into being the best at everything I did. When I first came to college until now, even though I don’t achieve the best marks, I’m still always the guy labelled as the “nerd” or the “smart one”, and recently all I’ve been seeing myself as is a failure. I’ve failed to be the best, and it kills me.

Tears on both cheeks, I still ask God, why ? Why is it that I sit here at 12:07 AM on a Friday morning and not give a fuck about anything ? Why ?


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Song of the week

OKAY! I think this is the lowest point our blog has ever reached, don’t you think?? Now I have my excuses, I haven’t finished with this damn project yet. But SHMAL! HE HAS! He’s just sitting at home, doing N.O.T.H.I.N.G! How about he posts a couple of stuff before he’s back to his studying! Il mohiz, since I don’t have much time to write, and since we have missed ” Song of the week” umm for maybe 3 weeks now I thought I’d post something 3al saree3. So here you go, Alicia Keys (with a new sound which I loveeee) along with Jack White, Another way to die.

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7arb il Kalimat

“Iza inta mish mit7amel timsikesh sla7 bal imsek 2alam sajel ana 3arabi zay ma7moud darwish”, this lyric is from one of my favorite songs “N’3ayer Bokra” . See I’ve never been one to love arabic music, especially with what I hear nowadays wherever i go. Stupid songs, with stupid lyrics, sung by stupid females and males who spend the same amount of time waxing and getting dressed, but now if you ask me who my favorite artists are you’ll hear a few arabic names. This weeks song of the week is going to be a special one :), with two songs instead of one. Both have one thing in common, both are sung by fighters, for fighters, they fight with words in a time when other means of fighting are simply not available, or atleast not the way these people want it to be. The first song is by DAM. DAM are the first Palestinian arabic hip hop group based in Lod, my home :). The group was founded in 1999 by brothers Tamer and Suhail Nafar along with their friend Mahmoud Jreri. The group’s name is the Arabic verb for “to last forever/eternity”  and the Hebrew word for “blood”, it’s also the acronym for “Da Arabic MCs.” The Arabic word for “blood” (دم) is spelled similarly, but without an alif.

Here you go “Mali 7orieh”.


And here’s DAMs official website :).

 The second song is called “Hamdulilah”.  Yassin Alsalman, better known as The Narcicyst sings this song, featuring the beautiful Shadia Mansour.

The Narcicyst  is an Iraqi hip hop performer. Originating from Basra but born and raised in Dubai. The narcicyst raps in both Iraqi Arabic and English. Shadia is an amazing Palestinian singer and MC, born in Britian but like many arabic rappers and MCs she never forgot where she came from.

Hamdulilah la 7babina ili daloolno

Far2o kalami lali ma 3am bisma3oona

li2ajl il insaniah

li2ajliki ya Gaza

Bismillah, Sends shivers when you hear it,
regardless of the hardship, we will never ever fear it
Hamdulilah, For your perseverance,
got me feeling blocked up like egypt’s border clearance
Bismillah, May God bless your dead and gone,
we say we undefeated, you say we’re headstrong
Hamdulilah, for the will to believe in life,
if you struggle God loves you man, relieve the strife
Bismillah, Please read Surat Yassin
for the purest always fall for the furious I’ve seen
Hamdulilah, to be grateful for your place you never know what
fate will bring us from the hateful.
Bismillah, for the souls anguish love
and the moments our brothers get snuffed out by slugs
Hamdulilah, we see through the politics, when a missile is issued
to kill and follow our kids….

Bismillah, Children have the realest dreams,                                                                                                                                       waking up in cold sweats out in Philistine
Hamdulilah, You could really tell you see,                                                                                                                                               turned the news on, heard they sent shells to scenes
Bismillah, two hours later in Gaza,                                                                                                                                                                   the floor starting pounding and they felt the haza
Hamdulilah, hessa the policies lied,                                                                                                                                                               when a house was blown to pieces, and an olive tree cried
Bismillah, the chithib that move too fast                                                                                                                                                         out the mouth of Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas
Hamdulilah, We need real leaders instead of fickle beasts wicked streets
cripple beings rippling through the middle East
Bismillah,God while we’re on the subject                                                                                                                                                   
please cut the strings off our political puppets.
Hamdulilah, bil rooh bil dam when soldiers creep
your men thinking that our souls are cheap ..speak….

Let the world know that hip-hop is the rock that we bring when we aim our slingshots
Bismillah, The claim you call Israel
and the way you defend it shames Ismaill
Hamdulilah, See we could live together if the cycle of your violence didn’t silence our life with all your rifles
Hamdulilah, Alaikum Al salam,                                                                                                                                                                               Arab Jarab when there’s harab man, 3laihum il 7aram
Hamdulilah, Tathamoon lil nas wal hura,                                                                                                                                                     
we refuse to have anymore Mohammad Al-Durrahs

To follow The Narcicyst more you can check his blog here. 

And to know more about Shadia Mansour check her myspace page :).                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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Song of the week

It’s my turn for Song of the week wohooo :D. Lately i’ve been listening to this song over and over again, I think it’s very cute, both Jason and Colbie sound really good in it. I’m guessing you found out what it is hehe. This weeks song is Lucky by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat. Enjoy :).

Do you hear me,jason_mraz_-_mr__a-z

I’m talking to you

Across the water across the deep blue ocean

Under the open sky oh my, baby I’m trying

Boy I hear you in my dreams

I feel your whisper across the sea

I keep you with me in my heart

colbie4You make it easier when life gets hard

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend

Lucky to have been where I have been

Lucky to be coming home again


They don’t know how long it takes

Waiting for a love like this

Every time we say goodbye

I wish we had one more kiss

I’ll wait for you I promise you, I will


I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend

Lucky to have been where I have been

Lucky to be coming home again

I’m lucky we’re in love in every way

 Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed

 Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I’m sailing through the sea

To an island where we’ll meet

You’ll hear the music, feel the air

I’ll put a flower in your hair

Though the breezes through trees

Move so pretty you’re all I see

As the world keeps spinning round

You hold me right here right now

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend

Lucky to have been where I have been

Lucky to be coming home again

I’m lucky we’re in love in every way

Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed

Lucky to be coming home someday

Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

Ooooh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

Oh and by the way I will be blogging in purple from now on, so u guys can differentiate between my posts and shadi’s, what do you think? Keep it like this or go back to black?


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Once upon a rainy day…

superstock_1538r-499511Woke up today to the sound of the rain hammering on the roof of my place, and I couldn’t stay asleep. I washed up and what not (damn, I forgot to brush my teeth :P) and grabbed my guitar and sat by the window. Might sound a little cheesy but there’s nothing more therapeutic to me than playing my guitar when it rains. I love rain, whether it’s heavy and freezing or just slowly drizzling a few drops here and there, rain is always fun. Walking in the rain has been a habit of mine ever since, I’ve always felt good after walking or jogging home soaking wet. Also, walking with a loved one in the rain is particularly special, especially if it’s cold and you have to wrap your arm around her. There’s nothing more romantic for a woman than walking her in the rain. A girl who doesn’t like the rain is like a girl who doesn’t like chocolate… but let’s not make this about girls shall we 😛 it’s about the rain.

My favourite song to play when it’s raining is a jack johnson song, and since my vocal chords aren’t the best in the business, and I don’t have an ounce of strength to make a video playing the song, I’ll just nick it off YouTube! The song is called “Banana Pancakes” and basically it’s about staying home on a rainy day, waking up late and making that special girl a banana pancake breakfast =) ohh yeah girls who don’t like pancakes also suck, and guys who know how to make pancakes rule ! (Yes I have the pleasure of being a slightly good chef 😛 not just pancakes)

Anyway enjoy the song and tell me if you like it =). Kudos to God for making the rain =). 

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