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Oh My Philosophy – Debate I

This post is not really a post, it’s more of a continuation to an online debate that occurred between me and a few of my followers on twitter. Namely @AmoonaM @AymanKhateeb @ZMasri @abuyazan & @ysmousa. The argument started when @abuyazan posted this link, showing the Israeli soldiers that were captured during the international water attack on the Mavi Marmara that occurred last week.The news details how the soldiers shed tears and one cried so hard that he pissed his own pants (not evident in the pictures).

[I stress on the international water attack so that everyone else who reads this and wants in on the debate understands that I am totally apposed and totally supportive of the humanitarian flotilla aid to try to break the siege on Gaza. I have been tweeting since day 1 of the tweet and still do till this day. I was there when we successfully made #Flotilla trend and I was there to support the latest vessel, the Rachel Corrie, as well.]

I was personally outraged by the article, not because it showed Israeli soldiers in anguish, but because it glorified what a bunch of activists with sticks and slingshots did to trained commandos. Little do we understand who these people are. To some of us, they are nothing but the enemy. To others, they are Jews, with little concern for what Judaism entails. They’re soldiers, trained specialists, physical human beings with a job: shoot to kill.

I happen to be friends with as many nationalities as I can, always curious to find out what goes on in the world, always curious to hear perceptions from different angles. One perception that has really changed the way I look at the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is my extensive friendship with Arab 48s. In our country they’re mostly hated, shunned in our country as Israelis and shunned in Israel as Arabs. They’re stuck in the middle, not allowed to travel to Syria or Lebanon, with barely anything more than the fact they stayed while we left our land. Our extensive hang outs with, let me be honest, usually a liter of Vodka, let’s out the truth of all conversations. I learned that being an Israeli means you’re forced to join the army right after high school. You graduate, 18 years of age, thrown into the most brutal of jobs.

Here is where my debate with the tweeps started. I was against the fact of the photos being published with the title they had, because we’re just as biased as they are when they put their news up. What is glorified as the “Piss on your pants you cowardly Jew.” in our newspaper would translate into “Brave soldier horrendously attacked by activists terrorists.” It’s all a game of political media, and we’re too narrow-minded to get that neither our news or their news will solve this problem. They’re barbaric actions of invading our ships were reciprocated by our barbaric news title. I’m not saying we did the same, nor anywhere near the same magnitude, but we’re always a step behind. The very reason we spit on our Arab governments and call them worthless is because we will always behind a step, 2 step, 100 steps behind.

I shall quote myself from the debate, when I said: “We do not choose where we are born: into what nation, religion or time.” The randomness of where I grow up, what religion I uptake and what environment I’m surrounded by is as chaotic as the odds that I might be an Israeli soldier carrying a gun. Who are you to tell me who I am because you grew up a Muslim in a nation where you learned that Palestine belongs to us and not the Jews. Now compare that to what an Israeli boy will learn, starting with King Solomon’s temple and leading to their right to own our land. According to The Torah, the Jews first holy temple was built right under the dome of the rock. Now tell me how I can be a young Jewish boy and not grow up to want to fight for “my country”?

You are patriotic, just as he is. Whether you believe that his opinions are false or not, you cannot expect to throw your idealism at him and have him take the action you want. You cannot expect him to throw arms and not shoot at you. You cannot expect him to not join the army, one of the most beneficial things an Israeli boy can do. He gets whatever job he wants, the best of benefits, and money to feed his family, in return for serving his army. When the shit hits the fan, and he’s standing in front of his “opposition” with an M16, you expect him to throw it and say “No, I won’t kill because it’s wrong?”

That’s just one side of a six-sided dice, the other being options or the lack there of. How do you know what financial conditions these people are in? Do you really believe that all Israelis have money because their government does? How many stories have you heard of soldiers who enlist solely for the purpose of providing money to a family that can’t live properly. Poverty reigns in all nations, not just ours. I will quote myself again from the Twitter debate: “The game of life could have put you there, and you would have to shoot that gun.” If you were to born into a Jewish family, indoctrinated with all the Zionist bureaucracy that we see today and you had the obligation of joining the armed forces, put in a situation of life or death, or let’s say shooting your gun or going to jail, could you really tell me you’d die or go to jail? The majority of you will be outraged right about now and say “I was taught never to kill” and I was taught never to lie but I do, don’t I? I was taught never to cheat, but I did that too. What makes you so special, sitting in the comfort of your own home, in front of a $1,000 laptop? What gives you the right to say that you’d rather die than fight. Let me give you an M16 right now, and tell me what you would do. Let me lock you up in a room with a bunch of angry activists pounding you with 30 pounds of steel bars and tell me what you would do? Would you stand tall and take the hits, or would you bleed and piss your fucking pants?

Do not tell me you know what a 19 year old Israeli soldier feel like when he goes to war, driven by a lunatic, chaotic government such as Israel. Do not tell me you would place down your weapon when you’re having the shit beat out of you. Do not tell me you only feel for martyrs of Palestine, for is not a human life worth anything be it Israeli? I’m tagged for life by my nationality? Or the actions I take be I put into a position that requires I use force? Do not laugh or ridicule those who pissed their pants in the Mavi Maramara, cry for those 19 activists that got shot in the head. Don’t tell me, those are the same soldiers that shot them! No, it’s not my issue and that was not what we were debating. We were debating the political side of things vs. the humanitarian side.

“I am an Israeli soldier, forced to go to war and shoot for a cause that I may or may not support, to feed my family or continue my education or otherwise. I am an Israeli soldier who pissed his pants when I was beat up by angry activists when I attacked their ship. I am an Israeli soldier, but at the end of the day I am a human being.”

You should not ridicule another human life, for you don’t know yourself to know your enemy. You do not know what the terrorist bomber who runs out in the name of Allah and puts on a straight face feels like. The likes of their leaders hide away in a red-carpet office building making their life decisions for them. No soldier enjoys going to war, and that is a fact that you can’t get past. You want to ridicule something, ridicule a picture of Netenyahu carrying a gun and pissing his pants when he gets his ass kicked. The people you ridicule are not the pawns, for in the game of chess they will all be wiped out. It’s checkmate, when you trap the King, not when you kill a pawn. I feel sorry for the crying soldier, maybe not as sorry as my Palestinian or Turkish martyrs, who fought for my cause, but I feel sorry that his luck landed him in a spot for people like you to ridicule.

Those of you who debated me should all change your names from “activists” to “optimists”, for your judgment is clouded by the passion you have for Palestine. I share the same passion, yet I know that our way of thinking will never get us ahead, never solve our problems and never break the siege on Gaza.

Long live the resistance, and bless the souls of those who passed away to fight a humanitarian cause. A humanitarian cause my friends, means everyone who got killed or wounded should be treated as a human being, not a Zionist nor a soldier.

That’s just my two cents, maybe because my (soon to arrive) doctor’s oath I’m going to be reciting will entail:

Preserve the strength of my body and of my soul that they ever be ready to cheerfully help and support rich and poor, good and bad, enemy as well as friend.

Now you may start the debate :).


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A poem for 1,000 days

Our war begins today

Today, yesterday and every day

Today marks 1,000 days

Yesterday a cry away

Every day, a boy they slay

A child, with dreams delayed

We stomp our feet

Give our time to the cause

What cause you say

Palestine’s free will I say

To live and die as we please

Not taken by your lead and steel

Your tanks, your armored suits

I pity your cowardly self, if I may

Hiding behind your sorrow and dismay

A nation built on ruthless lies

Religion, politics and power plays

Funded by those whom we give respect

Respect is to no one

But the people we can’t resurrect

Children, women and men

Victims to crimes left unpunished

Unfathomed, unbelievable how can they today

Sit around and do nothing

Not even speak out

Not mourn, not see, not tell nor care

A nation of assholes if I dare say.

I speak, mere words on my computer screen

What they experience I see on a 17″ window

No smells, no blood, I’m warm and content

Have you ever smelt a dead body?

Rotting in it’s place, morgues can’t support

The enormous amount of death

Take it as you may,

We only asked for a day.

A land became a prison

Our people became slaves

They locked up the warden and the prison guards

Cut them off on all sides.

Gaza, we cry for you

Palestine, we mourn for you

The martyrs, we cheer for you

Mother earth, we beg you

Sixty two years is enough

Sixty two years is enough.


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Boycott Israel

Today, we mourn the 1000th day of siege. The 1,000 days of Zionist oppression. The 1,000 days of blockage from humanity. The 1,000 days of no clean water, clothes, shelters. The 1,000 days of no schools, industry or houses. The 1,000 days of Gaza slowly being killed by Israel. The 1,000 days in which our people have stood tall, stood mighty, stood strong.

Below is a list of items you can boycott to help end the siege on Gaza. Due to economic pressure, if each and every one of us stops using the below brands, we will successfully bring down the Zionist siege. My question is this, can we all boycott each and every single item on this list? Or are we too dependent on items that have become a regular part of our lives. Do we have the courage and potential to say NO to Israel and it’s supporters? You tell me, can WE end this siege?

Coca Cola
Maggi Garnier
Tommy Hilfiger
Helena Rubinstein
Banana Republic
Selfridges &Co
La Roche-Posay
Nursery World
Lancôme Paris
Victorias Secret
La Mer
Harper Collins
Hillshire Farm
Kia Ora
Home Depot
Georgia Lightning
Estee Lauder
Just My size
Dohwe Egberts
Mast Industries
Nur die
The White barn candle
River Island
Ambi Pur
Jimmi Dean
Calvin Klein
Kit Kat
Sara Lee
20 century Fox
Ralph Lauren
Donna Karan
The Times
Marks & Spencer


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Join the campaign to end the siege on Gaza: Gaza Under Siege Counter

I met @JawazSafar, Mohammad Yousef, online a couple of days ago, ever since he started the 1000th day Gaza Under Siege campaign, and I wanted to spread the idea even more with more innovative ideas. The idea of a profile picture on Twitter seemed repetitive and confusing to Twitter handlers, so I got to talking and we started pitching ideas back and forth. We ended up with an interactive support counter, that will count the days Gaza has been under siege, starting with the 1000th day, which is today: the 9th of March. If you look to the right on my sidebar, I have the counter which is set to 1,000 today and will start counting up, showing our support for Gaza. The counter image was designed by @JawazSafar and the code was written by our awesome developer @iMadiD. You can follow them on twitter as well as follow me @5hadz.

It’s been 1,000 days since Gaza has been under siege. Medical supplies, construction supplies and many more essential needs are banned from entering Gaza, nothing but microbes can enter or leave the Gaza strip. We urge you all to show support, whether it’s through blogging to spread the word, whether it’s through posting videos on facebook, twitter or your own personal blog.

This is the code to the counter, it should work on all blog hosts. [Please contact me if it doesn’t]

<br /><div style=”text-align: center;”><img src=”” alt=””“” /></div><br /></html>

Simply copy and paste it into a text box on your sidebar and you’ll be showing support and spreading the word and also counting with us the days, till hopefully one day this siege is over and we rejoice. Please place it on your blogs and share it with everyone else you know. Show further support by following @GazaUnderSiege and visiting it’s respective blog.

*We would highly appreciate if you could please post a comment that you have successfully added our counter to your blog, so we can keep track of it if any updates occur. Thank you.*


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Online Press Release – Gaza Under Siege

“March 9th marks the memory of 1000 days on the siege of Gaza”

*Join Demonstration on Press syndicate – Cairo tomorrow 14:00GMT*

When the Palestinian parliamentary elections held on January 25, 2006, Hamas won a plurality of 42.9% of the total vote. When Hamas assumed power the next month, the Israeli government and the key players of the international community, the United States and the EU, refused to recognize its right to govern the Palestinian Authority. Direct aid to the Palestinian government immediately was cut off. Deadly fighting erupted then between Hamas and Fatah, spreading in the Gaza Strip with both factions attacking vehicles and facilities of the other side

In June 2007, the Palestinian Civil War between Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) and Fatah (Palestine Liberation Movement) intensified. Hamas routed Fatah after winning the democratic election, On 13 June 2007, International Supervisors on Rafah Borders were withdrawn causing the Rafah Border to immediate close. By 14 June 2007, Hamas controlled the Gaza strip. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded by declaring a state of emergency, dissolving the unity government and forming a new government without Hamas participation, and winning widespread international support. As a response, Israel imposed a full blockade on Gaza; the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip faces international, diplomatic, and economic isolation

Since then, the 1,5 million people of Gaza have been living in extremely hard condition, suffering from a collective punishment affecting all aspects of life; from moral harassment by cutting electricity at the moments it’s most needed, dropping threat leaflets, to obvious terrorism with F16 raids above the land

Conflict continues between Israel and the Palestinian military groups in Gaza, with rockets being launched from the Gaza Strip into the occupied territories as a response to many deadly IDF incursions and air strikes

On 27 December 2008, Israeli F-16 strike fighters launched a series of air strikes against targets in Gaza. Israel began a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip on 3 January 2009 and rebuffed many cease-fire calls. Palestinian medical staff said at least 1434 Palestinians were killed, and at least 2,800 wounded, made up mostly civilians

After 22 days of heavy shelling, Israel decided to stop the assault; 5,000 homes, 16 government buildings, and 20 mosques were destroyed, 13 Israelis and approximately 1400 Palestinians were killed. The Red Cross has released a report stating that Israel’s continued blockade is making it impossible for Gaza to recover from the war

While we enjoy our basic rights as education, safety, freedom, children of Gaza live under constant fear, with no future in a land that is left by our silence to be slowly buried alive. On the 9th of March, Palestinians on Gaza Strip will enter in their 1000th day under siege. 1000 days through harassment, terror, hunger, moral exhaustion, we should have said stop 1000 days ago. What are we still waiting for?

GazaUnderSiege is a collation of independent activists who aim to report the affect of Zionist Siege on the people of Gaza

Monday 8/3/2010 – Press Release
Twitter: @GazaUnderSiege

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Atrocious crimes against humanity they commit, we watch on our tubes, weeping and sobbing, our arms unable to fulfill our mind’s wishes to end it all. The right to land, quickly turned into the right to live, what Gods are they mimicking. On all fours we will not fall, unless dead, beheaded or shred into a thousand pieces our blood we poured, we poured, the blood of our fathers, our sons, our daughters, our mothers, our people.

In black and white we douse our shoulders, our hearts and our minds, waiting for time to show them it’s ours again. From ’48 to ’67 to ’08 and all the time in between, a race against the clock we ran. We still sprint, against the spokes of time now all 3 dials replaced with 1 hand, with the background numbers doubling, tripling, quadrupling.

Palestine, where are you? A poster on my wall? A coaster on my desk? A kuffiyeh staring at my back? A necklace around my girlfriend’s neck? A woven map framed on our wall back home? Palestine, where are you, I scream, she screams we all scream where are you, show yourself! A border line I watch you disintegrate as I drive back home, I want to drive towards not away.

For all that’s wrong in the world, the injustice my people are enslaved by should not be permitted. You speak of a God who is fair and just, you speak of governments bound by rules and regulations, yet 62 years you watch in anguish as the list of martyrs grows by the hundreds, the thousands! What happened to Palestine, the land of the olive tree. Why should we be defined by being a country with the most number of martyrs? Our olive oil, our olive trees, our mlo5iyeh, our msa5an, our heritage, our land, our people, our traditions. We wear a kuffiyeh, they wear the joy of martyrdom, blood sprayed across a white linen sheet, covered with the white, green, black and red.

On March the 9th, we remember Gaza. We remember the martyrs. We remember the ongoing siege, the 1,000th day with no way in or out.

“Palestine, come back, we cry, we scream, for you, to come back, to us.”

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My gun, I fire with blanks

Wall upon wall they put up, it started with a fence, moved to gigantic concrete slabs. One, two, three, four. On all sides, deep into the ground, high above to the, not blue, but blackened skies, pollution created by a zionist regime. Ahmad and Salma, with rubble from their own home like lego blocks, the sides don’t match, the blocks don’t stay stable, they topple, much as their own lives. Running water, what running water, runs nowhere but the streets. Demolished homes, the smell of burnt skin still can’t elude their nasal canals, the sound of falling bombs wail across their ear drums, still echo in what’s left of their rooms, a broken window, shattered glass, dried blood splattered here and there, an abstract painting tells a story, a sixty year old story plus.

“For in vain I bellowed shallow screams, my voice over-ridden by the firing guns and the blasting tanks, my people still surrounded by concrete, for them I ask injustice lifted, but I merely ask..”


Gaza, a year later. Palestine, sixty-two years later. The world, a deteriorating place, I want to live more. I remember, a year ago, fireworks lit the sky. The bombs are falling. The bombs are falling, Gaza is at war, the bastards broke their word of a cease-fire, naive were we of their ruthless ways, I say not. On the 27th day of the 12th month, their jets like the flight simulation games we’ve all played before, this was real. Showered the Gaza strip with nothing but fear. Bathed the streets with the blood of children, we watched on our tubes, we watched frightened with tears.

A year later, we remember the victims. We’re reminded of the anguish. We remind the world, of the Zionist oppression. We remind the world, we stand tall, yet surrounded on all fours. We tell the world, our story, Cast Lead would not go in vain, but who am I to kid?

I apologize to all of you, all my fellow bloggers and friends. I apologize to those passionate about my home country, Palestine. I apologize to the children who died, the women who passed away, the men who left us to a better place, the country that most of us forgot. I apologize for our leaders, arms crossed dealing with affairs of their own, infuriated I am by the lack of action I say. Names I shall not mention, but Mubarak you son of a, I shall not mention. World leaders win noble prizes for peace, I see no peace, I see pieces.

Pieces, of a nation worn down by a regime who continues to oppress, a normal life, clean water, clean sheets, a bed to sleep, a roof over their head, medication for the wounded, protection from the big bad monster, they have not that nor a way out, just four walls, the largest prison cell.


Boom go the bombs. Blast go the tanks. Bam go the guns. Crumble go the homes. Hooray go the people, another soul oppressed no more.


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