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5hadz has finally gotten rid of that hideous plain theme and decided to go with this new one. Unlike the monotonous two or three column blog layout everybody is usually used to, I decided (mind you it was purely incidental that I found this theme, but none-the-less) to make things a little more interesting. Each box has a picture depicting the main idea of the post and when you place your mouse over the picture, you get a whiff of what the post is going to talk about.

Things that are different are the new “About” page that I always seemed to be missing and the “Links” page that I never had. I’m going to trackback to everyone that’s on my Links page, so if you’ve been tagged I’d love to hear your opinion on my new theme and pages. I don’t mind both positive and negative comments, I know my links are going to upset a certain number of people…but ahh, all in the name of good humor I say.

Hope you guys like my new theme and hope to hear some positive things!


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