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سلم على جيش الدفاع فانه يهدده شال وثوب مطرز


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Do I really have to think of a title right now??!

I know everyone goes through this at a point in their lives, but I know it’s different now, with me, because it’s not a phase, it hasn’t only been a few days, it doesn’t feel like it’s going away any time soon. So when is it normal? And when does it get too much? When do you just give in? And when do you fight back? I have no clue what to do, I’m not even sure I should be doing anything.

I am losing track of time. Sleeping in the daytime and staying up through the night, sometimes even for an entire day and not even knowing it until my phone rings and it’s time for me to shower (which at the time would be very important since I’d stink by then) get dressed and go to my lectures. I am falling asleep during studying, during working, sitting, even once while at a restaurant. Gaining weight. Getting lazier by the day, not getting out of bed even at times when I was so thirsty I needed to drink water. Not wanting to do anything, not wanting to see anyone, just not wanting anything. Actually yes there is something I want, I want to just sleep and wake up in a month or so. I’ve always wanted to do more, be more, be someone. Never wanted to just study and that’s it, always felt like that was the most normal thing ever, the least expected thing from a person my age, I always wanted to do more, and now I’m barely doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Home works – late and probably not complete, projects – late and stupid and not me at all, exams – not finishing the material and probably starting the night before the exam. No life at all, and when I get the chance I am so not in the mood, if I stay at home I’d sit and watch meaningless TV and not even care to change the channel when I want to watch something else. If I go out when I have a bit of time then I’m always angry and hysterical and wanting to go home early.

Always mad, always angry, always feeling like shit, not because of one thing in particular, just mad at the world and everything in it. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, I should be mad at myself, and I am, but I’m more or less blaming it on the world :D. One thing that is easier for me than for other people might be the pretending. I’m not saying that I’m the kind of person who pretends to be someone she’s not no, but I learnt a long time ago that what’s inside should be kept inside. Emotions should be stepped on in order for the person to survive on this planet with these people. And so I don’t think many people know of this, God forbid you go to university with a frown, or even better without a smile, for you’ll hear all kinds of things. “Dina shiklek mish 3ajebni il yom”, “Dina sho fi? Malek ishi??” eh! I am entitled to not be all happy jumping up and down for the sight of these people I have to deal with everyday. I think this kind of pretending is ok, not like the other kinds at all. I hate the other kinds, I think you have to know 10 people to find one who is not a pretender. One pretender likes your shirt, the other loves your project, the third one adores your necklace and the forth cares why you’re not coming to “Bus Tour”, because you know I’d die to see Tawfiq Al Sa6el or whoever it is.

I get sooo pissed at times, I get told that I let such things get to me more than I should and if I get pissed at stuff like that all the time then I’d stay pissed my entire life. I don’t care if I stay pissed, I think I’m starting to not care as much anymore, the attitude of 5osho b6eezi is taking over me. My laptop got stuck and turned off and restarted and did all kinds of things like 5 times already while I was writing this, some time ago I would have smacked it on the wall and jumped up and down on it, or at least swore at it and called it every bad word I knew. Nowadays I’m just out of energy.  I just turned it back on every time and retyped the part I lost since I saved last.

I wonder sometimes if this it how it’ll always be, because maybe I made some bad choices in my life, or maybe some bad things chose me, or maybe this is how things are and that’s it. Sometimes I hate it, I fight, I try, I plan, I think, I want more. But most of the time, it’s me giving up, letting go, going to bed, waiting, waiting for the change to come on its own, oh how good we are when it comes to giving advice to other people, and how bad we are when it comes to giving that same advice to ourselves.


See you soon






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The Royal Rainbow.

 I miss blogging :(. I just can’t find the time really, it sucks :s.  I’ve been feeling so down lately, yesterday I was downstairs at teta’s house and my brother called me from upstairs and was like DINAA DINAAA come hereee. My brother is known for these kind of moves where he asks me to go where he is just to show me something stupid, but I  needed a way out of a situation so I was like ohh my brother is calling my name it must be important let me go. LOL. Anyway, I ran upstairs, and this is what he showed me  :)….160420094183 160420094172

It was amazing, this is my second real rainbow hehe, all the others were somewhere on my bathroom wall or something stupid like that. But this one, ahh this one was biggggggg and amazing, and it came right out of Le Royal Hotel.

Speaking of rainbows, I was eating Skittles the other day, the normal ones and the sour ones all at once lol -Thank you Shmal for that :)- and I got an amazing idea. I am challenging Shmal with this, to write his name in such a creative way, and you guys get to choose which one was more creative and looks nicer, and that person wins, ANNDDD takes the other person out for dinner hehe :p.


What do you think ?


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Have we gone INSANE!

What is going on with us???  The world is coming to an end. Nothing right is going on. Only shit is happening. People are losing their minds.

اربد – اشرف الغزاوي – اقدم شاب في اربد عصر الخميس على شطب وجه طالبة جامعية بواسطة اداة حادة موس في منطقة مجمع الشيخ خليل شرق المحافظة
ووفقا لمصادر امنية فقد تحركت الاجهزة الامنية على الفور الى مكان الحادثة لدى ابلاغها بالحادث من قبل المتواجدين حيث تم القاء القبض على الجاني في غضون ساعتين من ارتكابه لجرمه
واشارت المصادر الى انه تم توقيف الجاني والتحقيق معه متواصل لمعرفة دوافع فعلته، فيما تبين بانه من اصحاب السوابق
وتم اسعاف الفتاة الى مستشفى الاميرة بسمة التعليمي ، حيث بين مدير المستشفى الدكتور اكرم خصاونة بان الفتاة – 20 عاما – حضرت الى قسم الاسعاف والطوارئ بحالة نزف في منطقة الوجه جراء الضرب بالة حادة فيما تم ايقاف النزف من قبل الكادر الطبي وتمت مغادرتها المستشفى بحالة صحية جيدة

وفي التفاصيل فقد تفاجأت الطالبة (ر.ح) بالمعتدي الذي غافلها مقدما على تنفيذ إجرامه الوحشي بحقها وعاجلها بضربة على وجهها، حيث كانت في هذه الأثناء خارج الحرم الجامعي، ويعود السبب في الإعتداء كما أفاد بذلك المصدر الأمني بأنها رفضت تلبية ندائه عندما نادى عليها في الشارع العام.

وعلى الفور جرى إسعاف الطالبة من قبل الطلاب المتواجدين في المكان إلى مستشفى الأميرة بسمة ولا زالت هناك لتلقي العلاج اللازم وقطع نزيف الدم الحاصل، حيث أن الجرح الذي أحدثه المعتدي في وجهها يزيد عن 10 سم.

On another note:

– أنس قطاطشة – نجحت  اجهزة الامن العام والدفاع المدني في انقاذ فتاة بالعشرينات من عمرها حاولت الانتحار عصر يوم الجمعة في بأن كانت سترمي  بنفسها من الطابق العاشر لبناية تحت الانشاء في منطقة دوار الداخلية بالقرب من فندق الريجنسي حيث تجمهر اكثر من 6000 مواطن في المكان

وألقت الفتاة رسالة تحدد فيها مطالبها وقد تسلمها رجال الامن الذين واصلوا التفاوض معها ونشروا “فرشات مملوءة بالهواء” اسفل العمارة على سبيل الاحتياط لتلقي الفتاة فيما لو قررت القفز.
وكانت الفتاة  اتصلت بالتلفزيون الاردني وطلبت ان يتابعوا العملية ويقوموا بتصوير المشهد ما جعلهم يتصلون برجال الامن الذي سارعوا الى المكان وواصلوا جهودهم حتى نجحوا في السيطرة على الموقف والامساك بالفتاة وانقاذها.

وقد صرح أحد رجال الامن لمندوبنا أن الفتاة قد طلبت الحديث مع أي من المسؤوولين وان يكون برتبة وزير على الاقل لسماع مطالبها .
وبحسب مراسلنا فان التواجد الكثيف للمواطنين قد اعاق حركة المرور مما ادى الى اغلاق بعض الشوارع المؤدية الى دوار الداخلية
 وفي تصريح للناطق الرسمي في الامن العام  الرائد محمد الخطيب  لزاد الاردن افاد ان سبب محاولة الانتحار هو عدم رضى اهل الفتاة تزويجها ممن تحب وقد تم نقل الفتاة الى المستشفى حيث أغشي على الفتاة حال انزالها عن سطح البناية


Check a video and pictures on jordanzad here. [FYI, you only see him saving the girl near the end of the video, so watch it till the end].


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Song of the week

OKAY! I think this is the lowest point our blog has ever reached, don’t you think?? Now I have my excuses, I haven’t finished with this damn project yet. But SHMAL! HE HAS! He’s just sitting at home, doing N.O.T.H.I.N.G! How about he posts a couple of stuff before he’s back to his studying! Il mohiz, since I don’t have much time to write, and since we have missed ” Song of the week” umm for maybe 3 weeks now I thought I’d post something 3al saree3. So here you go, Alicia Keys (with a new sound which I loveeee) along with Jack White, Another way to die.

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Yes, I hate architecture, now it’s official, I hate it min kol 2albi! (did anyone even notice that I was missing!! 3ama!! )  I was supposed to be done with this project now, and sleep maybe since I haven’t in quite a while :(. But NOOO!!..let us postpone that to next week, so all the people having problems with it can go completely cookoo! I am going crazy and losing my mind, quite sick of carrying that big bitch of a site around, quite sick of having 48 hour days, sick of looking out the window and seeing all the lights out and you’re the only person awake hooked on red bull trying to “BUILD/CREATE WHILE LOSING A FEW FINGERS AND ALL YOUR ENERGY” a huge ass site that I consider to be hard labor rather than architecture, screw this, mas5ara il wade3! We went to DAMs concert last week, I was supposed to blog about it today, but I’m really tired and there is no way that I can find my camera in this mess I call my dorm room right now, so I can post a video or a pic or something. Will be doing that once I get some sleeeeeeeeeeeep. In the meantime, all you bored people and hip hop lovers I command you ( yes  people, I command you ) to click here, and enjoy. I will be blogging about this soon as well inshalla. When it comes to arabic music, I live for Jordanian rock and Palestinian hip hop/ rap.  So really check the link, and tell me what you think :). Anywayyyy, I’m off to bed, notice it’s 9 pm hehe, nighty.


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Kasak Ya Watan

Duraid Laham said it all, I don’t think there’s much left to add. I laughed, I cried and then I uttered…..” Biktob ismek ya bladi 3al shams il ma bit’3eeb….La mali wala wladi 3ala 7obek mafi 7abeeb…”

Dedicated to all the people who have lived their lives with closed eyes.

Dedicated to all of us out there with the dream. Long Live Palestine.


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