The other day 5hadz came home from work mab3oos, only to find man2ooshet za3tar sitting on the table. He yelled out to his mom: “Mama, shusmo, ahh, la meen el man2ooshe?” Fa his mom yelled back: “Wala la 7ada, kolha iza bidak.” 2arab 3al 6awle ow mad eedo 5hadz wela faj2a da5al a5o 3al matba5 ow sara5: “Ya 7ayawan ib3ed 3an el man2ooshe, 5od hay jazarah a7sanlak la2eno mish tabe3e sho sayer ba3’el, chubby el 3ade!”

Itfaja2 5hadz ow 2alo: “Oh seriously? Ibn el ba6a el sooda la2eni!” El mohem, bala tool seere, da5lat om 5hadz 3al matba5 ba3ed ma sem3at el 7ewar ow 2alat: “Bala 7aki fadi inta weya, roo7o min hoon. itfara3o!”

Ba3ed ma itfara3o el e5wan, da5al abu 5hadz 3al matba5 ow 7at shanteto 3al 6awle. While taking out 2alem el 7iber min el shanta, he knocked the jar of juice off the table (which 5hadz’s mom had placed on the table earlier), and the glass fell wide and far away. Ija 5hadz bido iymiz 3ala ahlo fa ra7 2alhom: “7arkashesh wente ibtotbo5e mama!”

Zaman, lama kona s3’ar, s3’ar ya3ni 3ala ayam el 7ajara-waraga-makas, 2loolna ino through the observations of a jordanian, the black iris was named the national flower of Jordan, ow e7na, as Ammanis (ya3ni residents of Amman), went with it. Bas bala tool seeri 3an ayam kona s3’ar, la2eno ayam kona s3’ar kanat 3elbet el pepsi bi bareeze, ow sandwich el falafel bi 15 qirsh. Hala2 25 qirsh ma bijeebolna 7abet 3elke. Allah iyraje3 ayam el sa3ed, a55.

For the rest of my blogger friends, I apologize for not being able to integrate your blog names into my awesome idea above, but I will not fail to mention bloggers I follow and like : Zeina, Kinzi, Qwaider, Sha3teely, Jano, Laith, 360east and Allouh.

*No bloggers were harmed presumably harmed during the making of the Links page.


2 responses to “Links

  1. mohammad

    amazing idea! first time i see something creative like this ๐Ÿ™‚ and thanks for linking me btw

  2. UR Mode of expression for a very wonderful childhood memories .. Continued 5hadz ๐Ÿ™‚

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