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“Fe zombarak bi ijrak el shmal 7abeebi ?”

Shadz driving around Dee..“Fe zombarak bi ijrak el shmal 7abeebi ?” is what came out of the instructors mouth as I switched gears in the car today. I took my second lesson today and it was awesome. It’s my first time driving properly through streets: negotiating turns, round-abouts and shifting gears. Apparently I’m doing really well since the car didn’t turn off, not once, on my first day driving. It did today though, because of the moronic mistake of taking my leg far too fast off the clutch, that made him describe my left leg as a spring – “zombarak”. I drove around Irbid for an hour and I swear it’s probably the most fun I’ve had since I started this semester. I’m not a big fan of driving, obviously, since I’m 19 and I don’t have a driving license yet. I’m always the guy next to the driver, changing radio channels faster than the car’s moving or switching songs on the iPod before they end (hahaha, my brother hates when I do this).

Next year I’m going to start clinical practice and I’m going to be needing my own car to get around to different hospitals every week, soo now I’m applying for a license, whoot, finally. I’ve already started negotiations with my father as to what car I’m going to be wanting, haha, but with the current financial slaughter ongoing in Dubai, I’ll be glad to get the money to finish up my paperwork and get my license :-P.

On a final note, I turned the radio to SBIN 88.3  while driving. Finally, an english radio station blasting through the car stereo. I love SBIN, and the whole crew at SBIN Jordan rocks, especially Hasan from the spin@work segment, Kudos to Hasan! 


Let’s hope I can get all my lessons done during this coming month and hopefully I’ll be posting a picture of my driving license soon *eyebrows up and down* :-P.

I wish everyone a day as lovely as mine 🙂



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