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"Al6o3om mel7 al sadaqa"

* The following post is strictly for those who know what the word 6o3om means, and have had experience with the 6o3om before*

6o⋅3om 1 : [ 6o-3om ] noun. 

1. Used in cases of extreme violence, right before a fight breaks out.

2. Used by one of your parents, when insulting himself for giving birth to such a “5ilfe”.

3. Used between friends as a joke – “Mel7 al sadaqa”.


        Sitting next to your friend at school, you’re getting to know one another, when suddenly he asks if you have any siblings. You say yes we’re a family of 4 with no girls. A sudden smirk slips on his face as he gets ready to smack you with that “6o3om”. “Tab agolak, K** O5***!”, as he laughs his ass off. You stare at him not knowing what to say. Do you hit him ? Do you walk away ? Do you laugh along ?

It’s very confusing when you receive your first “6o3om”, it’s like a baby walking for the first time. You get mixed emotions of fear, anxiety and chills. Your friend’s smile isn’t a bad one, bil 3aks, it’s more like : “Welcome to the club 7abeebi”. “Ma6a3eem” come in many forms and sizes, ranging from the simple “Yefda7 3ar**” to the all time favourite “K** om**”. To start off, the friend will start off with the mild form of “6a63eem” to measure your ability to withstand such a friendship. If he sees you’re open to such form of friendship, he will gradually move up the rank to the more offensive terms including the sister and the mother. 

       And so evolves the “sadaqa” that somehow, and for some weird reason, makes a friendship much more interesting. The first person I received a “6o3om” from was Bashar. “6a63eem” kinda evolves from the way us single guys live our life. We’re always staying over at each other’s places, always staying up late playing playstation, sometimes drinking together. It may also happen then and there, when you’re up late and everyone’s tired and you just look over at “Abdullah” and “ibtesla5o 6o3om”! Sometimes it’s just really really fun, haha! The point is, when guys are just really good friends, in Jordan, the “6o3om” is necessary.

Now we come to the uses of the “6o3om” :

1. Used in cases of extreme violence, right before a fight breaks out :

  • This is an ugly one, where the “6o3om” is not used in a friendly way. E.g : Two guys are walking down the street and they exchange looks. Faster than a speeding bullet, those 2 idiots exchange the pre-fight 6o3om. It’ll usually go up to include the whole family, maybe even God (yel3an Rab***) and then the random punching, kicking and shoving starts.
  • Rating : 3.5/10 – We don’t like the pre-fight “6o3om” :(.

2. Used by one of your parents, when insulting himself for giving birth to such a “5ilfe” :

  • This is the best, and it’s always fun. You’re messing around at home with your siblings and you break you mom’s new vase. You flunk 4 of your 5 courses at university and your dad has to pay for you to re-take those courses (mowaze kaman mish 3adi). Suddenly your dad curses at himself ” yel3an abook 3a abo eli 5alafak !” or ” yel3an om** ya ibn el 7ma*”. So your dad’s there “6a3eming” himself, and you’re basically holding back from laughing.
  • Rating : 6/10 – We love when dad’s swear at themselves :).

3. Used between friends as a joke – “Mel7 al sadaqa” :

  • This is what nights of smoking, drinking, watching movies and messing around till 4 a.m. everyday does. “5ara 3aleek” and “7ayawan” don’t really work anymore. You’re playing “Trix” at 3 a.m. and you partner “Shreekak”, fucks up a hand. What sounds better, seriously, “5ara 3aleek 7mar, ma bte3raf tel3ab” or “yel3an dee*** ya ibn el shl***” ? Honestly ?
  • Rating : 8/10 – “6o3om” and “friends” go hand in hand, we like :D.

So basically if you have experienced any of the above then you understand the importance of the “6o3om” in Jordan and how it can increase bonding between us male figures. FYI, apparently this phenomena has seeped it’s way into the female culture, and yes, it’s a beauty, haha!

-*Dedicated to Abdullah Al Omari 🙂 mabrook el naja7 and good luck finding a job :P*-



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