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Let’s just knock off the O, shall we ?

michelangelo-god        I believe in an entity more powerful than anyone on Earth. I believe that what comes around goes around, and that it is that entity that portrays the popular terms well known to mankind such as “Karma”, “Fate” and “Love”. Why I believe in that entity that has been named over time as “God” is because I do believe in miracles. I believe in the son of that entity, Jesus Christ, and all his miracles. I believe because I want to. I believe because no amount of science on Earth can shatter my belief in a greater force than any one of us mere mortals. I believe because every time I look around me and I see people walking by; every time I see people eating, talking, interacting, shaking hands, hugging, kissing and living, I want to believe that this is not caused by a mere explosion of gases and an evolvement from a single cell. The human body with all of it’s intricate details, it’s passion, it’s life, it’s soul, is too complex for me not to believe. I am happy believing, and although I might not be a devout Christian, I don’t believe a being can be judged on whether it went to church or not.

        Describing that entity as “God”, I believe, is just knocking the “O” off the word “Good”, hence turning it into “God”. Just as human beings have grown accustomed to words such as “money” and “books” and “water”, just as we have created languages, we have created the word “God”, which to me demeans and degrades something as powerful as that entity.

         He is much more than. Darn feminists. “The entity” that everybody has agreed upon to call “God” is in each and every one of us. It is like the animal instinct to survive, only that entity has favored us over animals, with our opposable thumbs. Why were you lucky enough to “evolve” into a human and lions still run around naked and hunt game ? Every human being should be thankful, thankful for the womb that he came out of, the mother that gave birth to him and the entity that favored him over livestock and reptiles. 

          The entity, or “God”, is love. (For the sake of humanity, I will resort to using God from now on) God is life, peace, tranquility, excellence, beauty and health. God is also death, famine, disease, war, anger and danger. God is in each and every human being, all you have to do is believe. Believe that he is inside you, that you are a good person and do good, then you will portray God.

         A saw an argument the other day where some guy said if our God is so great, then why does it not rain bread in Africa, as a reply to the death of thousands in poverty-stricken countries. Well the answer is very simple. Darwin was not far from the truth when he said that life was about survival, “survival of the fittest”, and that is how life works. Every person on Earth is sometimes faced with dilemmas, most of which come with sacrifices. I will sacrifice playing for studying so I can be successful. I will sacrifice my studies for a rave to be more popular, and so on. Well, for God to have balance on this Earth, then God had to sacrifice the death of some, for the birth of another. It simply means, again, that we are God, and just like our lives are based on rules and sacrifices, that is what God instilled in us since our very existence. Why chose some over others, I seriously don’t have an answer for that. It’s too difficult and don’t bother yourself asking me why some are fortunate and some aren’t. Maybe it’s like how we play poker, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

          Not being able to explain the existence of a higher entity doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Being an atheist and spending your days trying to disprove that there are forces stronger than you, is just you spending more days benefiting no-one. You want to be knowledgeable and well-rounded in the aspects of science, go study something that will benefit mankind. Those who live by the words of Einstein and other scientists who didn’t believe in the existence of God, keep forgetting that these men and women benefited mankind. Their words and wisdom is still used today in textbooks all over the world. So the next time an Atheist reads this post, tell me, is your name carved in history ?


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