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Jabba-what ?!


The JabbaWockeeZ ! One of the hottest dance crews I’ve ever seen on TV, they’re fucking explosive on the dance floor. Originally established in 2003 by Joe Larot, Kevin Brewer and Phil Tayag they are now globally known for their intricate, synchronization and precise dances, mime and kabuki-styled theatrics, and for wearing masks and gloves during most of their performances.The group first gained mainstream fame by appearing on America’s Got Talent before going on to being the first winners of the MTV hip hop dance reality series America’s Best Dance Crew on March 27, 2008, which earned the crew $100,000 and a touring contract. Their name is derived from the Lewis Carroll poem “Jabbarwocky” which means nonsense language, so I guess they’re tried to send a message that their dancing is just too good to even make sense, and it IS !!!

I’ve never seen a crew do what they do and they’ve done shows all over the US. During half-time shows at the Staples Center, in the movie Step-up 2 and lots more. So here’s a video of the Jabbawockeez doing their thing at the “Monsters of Hip Hop Show 2008” in Los Angeles.


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