Begolak, translated simply into “They say”, is a term you hear often in Jordan. It’s almost always a made-up story that turns factual and sooner or later the whole country’s talking about it. Something that distinguishes Jordanians from many other cultures, is our amazing ability to exaggerate stuff. Whether it’s a simple news report or the major eco crises, we always have a say. No, it’s not just taxi drivers, we ALL do it. Examples are plentiful, but I won’t be going over all of them because face it, that would require a century.

1. “Begolak fi mojet Thalj, snow storm ya zalameh!”

Jameel: “Shadi, yalla shid 5aleena inrawe7 3ala Amman.”

Me: “Leesh ballah? Wel dawam?”

Jameel: “Ya zalameh hasa bitsaker el torgat ow bitbatel tegdar itrawe7, la7eg 7alak seebak min el dawam.”

Me: “Wa7ed allah ya rajol! Bala thalj bala Santa Claus, kolo 7aki fadi.”

Jameel: “Itsharet?”

Me: “Ya zalameh iza bit-thalej bidi argoslak el “snow dance” hoon bi nos el mostashfa ow ra7 afa6rak 3a 7sabi yomeen kamleen!”

Jameel: “Bashoofak el a7ad la3ad, jeeb ma3ak masari.”

Me: “La2 ya zalameh bijooz itdal ithalej lal a7ed, la testa3jel 3a Irbid.”

Begolak, ino some idiot on the radio said it was going to snow. A cold front over from Honolulu was closing in and winds facing Eastwards blah blah blah…Mishan allah bikafi 3aret! Amman kolha 3a ba3edha 1,000m above sea level hasa sar bido iykoon feha snow storm? Ow ba3deen “begolak” ino el torgat bidha itsaker, ow 5alas life as we know it is going to end. They send out trucks to clear the snow, which in a matter of minutes turned into water. They close down schools and send people home. Husbands run to the supermarkets to stack up on supplies! Jesus Christ eesh sayer bil 3alam, armageddon?

Fa begolak ino el sha3eb el Ordoni ma bi7eb yo3rot :D!

2. Begolak el azme el iqtesadeye ma a2tharat 3ala Amman.

Maho ya ibn el kalb, makleen 5ara hayna! Prices of milk, rice and sugar have fucking sky rocketed. Petrol is up and taxis went up 10%. You might have not lost your jobs because you barely work in the first place! Ga3ed wara maktab bit3abe warag ow bitwaqe3 bi-hal galam, fokna! “Begolak” ino sha3ebna makel 5ara ow ma 7ada imlage masroof. Walak ya ibn el 7mara, manta ga3ed 3a 6eezak kol yom bidak itrawe7 bakeer, ow lama thalajat la nos sa3a ow inta ga3ed godam el sobba golt 5alas snow day, akeed mish ra7 itlage akel!

Look what they’re like in Japan:

We would probably go caveman on the building and blow it the fuck up. Ohh wait, we barely have highways to start off!

3. Begolak eli bedre bedre, weli bedreesh begolak chaf 3adas.


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6 responses to “Begolak

  1. I sense lots of love in the air 😀
    Hahaha, loving the post! Though I wouldn’t say it is a proper one 😛
    One more thing, use a darker font color mishan allah! N7awalet!!!

  2. raya

    loool u really made me laugh, i thought i was the only person that knew “ili bidry bidry wili ma bidry kaf b 3adas”

  3. Zeina: Lots of love indeed :P. I’ll expect a better comment lama itsa7se7e! Ma ba3raf a3’ayer el font!
    Raya: Haha! Walek ween 3ayshe inte :P? Glad I made you laugh :D! Keep the comments coming Raya!

  4. mahowwe e7na sha3ib shatreen fl 7aki…bagollak has to be the key word. Nice blog dude !

  5. Begolak.. majnoon ye7ki w 3agel yesma3 😛

  6. LOl…

    hada begollak fi taljeh this friday… shu goltak :p

    nice post mr. khadooz. keep them coming 😉

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