Ali @ Confessions of a chubby

The Jordanian blogosphere is growing exponentially and I’m getting to meet a wonderful group of new bloggers. Since I’m a huge music fan, I’d like everyone who reads my blog to go over to this new blogger friend of mine, whom I met once at a performance by Hana Malhas at Jara theatre. Ali is what he goes by and he’s got a big heart for Metal music. He was featured in an interview on metal music with Aramram [click here] along with a group of his friends who all want to try to spread the word on metal in Jordan. They’re having a hard time doing so as Jordanian “authoritah” *giggles* don’t tolerate us wearing a black and white kuffeyeh, so imagine what metalheads go through. His blog revolves mostly around metal music but also shows a personal side to a really great person :).

I promised Ali to show him support and since I’m not a huge metal fan, I thought this would be the best way. Instead of writing an article about metal music (which I’ll definitely suck at) I want everyone who reads this article to click on Ali’s name above and follow the link to check out his blog, maybe even sign to his RSS Feed and if you’re a metal fan and supporter maybe even contact him :), please.

Ali, this is for you : 


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18 responses to “Ali @ Confessions of a chubby

  1. Zeina

    Well I’m passionate about music and I enjoy many music genre, but I know about metal maybe as much as my grandmother knows about cloning. *My grandma knows nothing about cloning, for clarification*
    But I love learning about and getting exposed to new stuff 🙂

  2. Here my dear friend Zeina explains how to “e7reg” your own sarcastic joke :).

  3. Ali

    hahahahahahaha zeina 😀

    Shadi, Thanks man for the wonderful post, You can’t imagine how much i appreciate it, Marry me 😛 😀

  4. Iron maiden is horrible lol some heavy metal is nice like deftones and drowning pool (are they heavy metal or hard rock I forget) but I just have a huge dislike towards Iron Maiden and metallica and the cause of my dislike was from those dawaween goths they ruin everything for people, oh and the khaleeji goths… lol peace

  5. Ali, dude, wait in line man. I’m trying to convince the ladies I’m not ready for marriage and I get an ever better bride-to-be offer 😛

    Suha how dare you insult Iron Maiden *shuns Suha from my blog* ! But true, I experienced that first hand over at Jara Theatre with a few head banging idiots who knew shit about music, ah well..

  6. Dear Lord,
    We are gathered together on this beautiful day to share with Shadi and Ali as they exchange vows of their everlasting love.

    If anyone here has any reasons as to why these two should not be joined in Holy Matrimony, let him speak now or forever hold his peace


    You may kiss the bride.

    lo lo lo lo lo lo leeeeeeeeeesh

  7. You funnai man, ferry funnai man.

  8. KJ

    Mabrook, Shmal, on your wedding 😀

  9. *wipes tears away*
    This is such an emotional day for me. “What ? The flowers aren’t the color I ordered ! No!!”
    *PMSing**Shouting**Ranting**Slapping KJ**PMSing*

  10. Zeina

    Shut up Shadi!
    My Grandma was not interested in cloning, she did her research about nuclear reactions.

  11. Lsanek tawlan on my blog wale 😛 ! I can easily edit your comments to say mean things about you, don’t tempt me..:D!

  12. LOL mab3oos,i stopped reading the post after i started thinking the same to find you’d said it already LOL 😀

    jk u two,i wish you a happy life :p

  13. You guys are sick >_>

  14. Ali

    WTF mab3oos, We are not GAYS in case your wondering !!

  15. Zeina

    Well, Shadi, according to this, that was not towlet lsan, it was bonding 101!

  16. Wesam

    لم يتم العثور على المدونة الإلكترونية التي تبحث عنها. :O

  17. Shit! I need to update the link.
    Click away :D.

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