I'm back..

Ahh, how nice it is to be back home, back to your apartment, with your own bed and own room and own freedom =). I’m back home in my cosy apartment in Irbid and things were looking kinda good this morning until I became Shadi again, and then things just went back to the way they were :). Anywhoo, I’m looking forward to this new semester, lots of hard work and hopefully I’ll be working a lot harder than the 1st semester.

Back to my guitar, finally ! I spent 2 damn weeks without it and spent my vacation running around guitar shops in Dubai trying to get my daily fix of the sweet music I play =P. 

Anywho, till I find something worth posting, ta ta..


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3 responses to “I'm back..

  1. Welcome back 😀

    Sweet, you should upload a youtube video of you playing some guitar 😀

  2. Anas.Z

    Dude…welcome back =D
    and i hope we all do well this semester…since its the most hellish one in medicine!

  3. Anas > thanks man. Ow yea I just came home from school, the course looks tough, and EXTREMELY long.
    Nizar > Haha, in due time. I’m waiting for my new guitar to arrive and then maybe I’ll upload a video (I sing too =P but my voice ain’t that good, haha)

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