Moi is seeing RED

Hello people of the world, see I warned you about the bitching, and soooo it starts now!ย  Todays bitching class is about people :). angrywoman2

I call them people cause they’re not really friends, they are just people you know, you hang out with them at certain times such as university only for lack of better options. Mind you, I do look for better options but its not really working out at the moment :-P. Il mohiz (il mohem for those who don’t understand, get used to it you’ll be hearing a lot of it min hon w tale3 ๐Ÿ™‚ ) again il mohiz ino sometimes a person might be forced to spend some time with people who aren’t worth shit, thats how life is, I’m guessing you guys know lol. Now you might tell me that no one can force me to do anything I don’t want to do, and that’s how I live my life il sara7a, i dont give two shits about anybody but I’ve been told manyyy times how this will make my life much harder, so I’m giving it a try for the time being. Now to list only a few of the things that piss me off about people:

* Being skinny, lol.

* Being smart in class and stupid in real life.

* Girls wearing high heels to uni.

* Girls wearing tights to uni.

* Girls wearing skirts to uni.. you get the point :-P.

* People with no interest in anything what so ever.

* People who watch Turkish soaps.

* People who smoke (any kind of smoking if you get what I mean e7em).

* People who shout and laugh loudly in public places as if theyโ€™re dad owns Jordan.

* 5aleeji people especially the ones with cars , all 5aleeji people.

* People who go out in slippers with their toes sticking out there and the slipper either 10 sizes bigger or 10 sizes smaller than their shoe size.

* People who talk about people when they are the same exact way.

* People who have no opinion about anything in this life, and if they do then itโ€™s a totally stupid opinion with nothing to support it.

I can go on with this for hours bas I wana keep some stuff for later posts. So itโ€™s time for you people to share your thoughts on this, I bet you have some stuff you hate about people too so comment ibleaz :-P.


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8 responses to “Moi is seeing RED

  1. Shaden

    Dee i love itt !! haha its soo true.. ! the smart in class and stupid in real life One. MUSTA7EEELL very truee! i just dnt get it ! u were one urself btw lol

  2. Dee

    shaden 5oshi bi teezi lol..

  3. Summer

    I like this topic, thnx Dee ๐Ÿ™‚
    .. and for me the thing that piss me off really is Jordanian ppl, especially il zen5een.

  4. Whew….I’m safe, I think, according to that list. Except when I am a hypocrite, complaining about bad drivers then I pull a stupid trick.

    What do I hate? Parent teacher conferences and kid’s birthday parties where you have to dress as if Layalina is showing up with the camera.

    The “Shu nas7aaaaani” or “shu da3faaaani” comment right after “keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefik?” and air kisses. One of the FUN things about having cancer, was when folks would say that, I could answer “Ah, fi subuub hi marra, ana mareeda ma3 SARATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN”. The looks that would evoke were priceless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dee

    Summer – howeh yea amrat bodrobo 3al 3asab lol..5aleena sakteen :p

    Kinzi – la la ur safe dont worry hehe ba3dain ur right I hate those comments 5osoosan the sho nas7aneh when bakon actually da3faneh, sho bidna ni3mel haters everywhere lol. Hope ur all better now and Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ 3o2bal il 99 :p

  6. Dee,LOL, I got the ‘nas7aani’ comment when I was ‘da3faani’ kamaan! Or, if I was skinnier, they would say ‘shu ta3baani’. Yey, jealousy, it’s ugly.

    Thank God I am better now, but will be EVEN better if you come to my birthday party! You will win a prize for being newest blogger on the scene. Nothing big, remember I am the Queen of Cheap, and hey, you’ll be able to meet other ladies of the blogosphere. They will bump your site traffic rare=shickle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 7aZeM


  8. Dee

    kinziiiiiii I stay in a dorm here in irbed during the week and only go back to amman during the weekend :(, so it’ll be very very hard for me to come to your birthday party :'(. BUT I know you’ll be saving me a piece of cake right? :p Preferably chocolate lol

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