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It’s so annoying coming back after a good vacation of soaking up the massive amount of sunshine in Dubai and finding out that Orange disconnected your internet for no reason whatsoever >_> . I’ve been staying over at my friend’s apartment for the past week that I’ve been back with no internet and no TV and I’ve got to say it’s quite liberating. Not knowing anything about the world and just spending a few days sitting with my friends having good ol’ man talk. Other than that I’ve been preparing for my USMLE exam and it’s taking up most of my time. That and learning some new tunes on my guitar.

So I was going to university in the morning after attending an awful event at the “Royal Culture Center”  where Jadal got screwed by the band “Awtar Amman” playing before them after being 40 minutes late to start the show. Seriously the venue blows! So I got to uni and while studying I got in this gloomy mood and wrote this on a piece of paper :


There’s a certain sadness to her smile

Much like mine

There’s a certain sorrow in her eyes

That tears can ony temporarily wash away

Love hard to rekindle

A friendship hard to regain

There’s a certain sadness to her smile

I wish, She wish

Thoughts still intertwined

Stare at her, See myself

Sadness behind a smile

I forgot how beautiful

Words I do not have

Tongue-twisted, Awe-struck

Mind dry as a rag

I lost, We lost

Time yet stood still

Strong as a mighty, sharp sword

Hold your head up, she’d say

Get up, Fight another day

I don’t see her hand stretched out

I saw the shadow where it once lay

An echo I hear, feel and see

An echo, She say

An echo, She say.

Anyway so tomorrow I’ll be at Souk Jara from 2-6 pm trying to raise funds for Operation Smile. If any of you guys are going to be there tomorrow please pass by and buy something, even if it’s a 1 JD pin. Throw me a compliment as a good salesman so I can get points from the management :P. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend :).


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7 responses to “Back to JO

  1. yazzzzan

    3ade man 3ade..keep ya head up:)
    bneejek bokra en alla rad:P slamon

  2. I heart Operation Smile!!! I wrote about them once for VIVA.

    Great song. May God heal your heart.

  3. Zeina

    hey 🙂
    best of luck studying, try reading recent articles published in pubmed, medline, scopus… I guess ur uni must have a subscription for these online medical magz.. these articles could b useful (eno bala m3almeyye tab3an 😛 just sharing some info..)
    and good luck tomorrow at souk jara, hope u’ll have great times, and lots will buy 🙂 .. i wish m back in jordan, life in lebanon sucks, (got a feeling that many will be shocked to hear this)
    unfortunately its true :S people here are fake… ok i got some good friends.. really good frnds but for some reason i can’t but feel alone 😦

    u have an idea abt how u can feel lonely even when u’re surrounded by ppl, even if those are ur close frnds?!

    nothing i said has to do with ur post lolz.. and being that pessimistic was not my point :D…

    tayyeb i came across ur blog yesterday while i was surfing the internet, one site lead me to another till i reached yameen-shmal… i can say u made my day yestreday 🙂 i had some good laughs :D:D and actually “keber albi feek :)” i loved the fact that there are guys out there still actually thinking, having that skeptical mind and curiosity to know more and the courage to ask more about almost everything (i sound like my uncle lecturing about how fucked up this generation is, lool, well after all it turned out he got a point).

    wanted to comment on many posts but as they were old i hesitated sara7a..
    good poem btw.. maybe the best of a human would emerge only from sorrow..

  4. KJ

    “Hold your hear up, she’d say” – you mean hold your ear? fear? tear?

    I can’t believe you left dubai already. I feel ignored!

  5. Yazan > you didn’t come 😦
    Kinzi > I heart Operation Smile as well :). You should pass by with the kids next week I’m going to be there between 6 and 10. God is great 🙂
    Zeina > Thanks for the lovely comment awal shi :). Awal shi I don’t think our university is interested in subscribing for any magazines 😛 so sa3eb a5od ishi min el jam3a…we barely have any journals that date further than 1982 :). I don’t know about Lebanon but Jordan rocks ! I know exactly how it feels like to be lonely yet surounded by my closest friends, I experience it almost every day. Thanks a lot for the nice words towards my blog and myself. Feel free to comment on any earlier posts I would really enjoy reading comments to old posts 🙂 shows that someone cares about looking back over my blog.
    KJ > It’s heaD ya ahbal :@ ! Dubai’s too hot dude, Jordan’s much cooler ! I will make sure to twitter your ass more often so you won’t feel ignored :D!

  6. Nice poetry man!
    I am glad you enjoyed your vacation.
    I’ve been travelling about, a different country every week. But i don’t know if i call that vacation beacuse i am still working 😛 … ahhh .. how i look forward to my vacation

  7. Ever heard of this upstart site that is giving Kaplan a run for their money ? Check it out dudes The discount code is USMLESALE ! enjoy!

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