The verdict is in

I officially look like a little boy, but what the hell. Since I never do as I’m told, I decided to take the lowest voted for option on my poll and go for a goatee :D.

Behold  : 

Photo 47


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14 responses to “The verdict is in

  1. Cute! Khalto opinion holds more weight, eh?

  2. Hahaha, you know it 😛

  3. khaled jarrah

    u look better i guess

  4. Ali

    I preferred your old look.

  5. KJ



    *removes from google reader*

  6. Khalid : Thank you.
    Ali : I’m starting clinical practice in 2 months. You think my doctors would appreciate my old look ?
    KJ : Eat your heart out 😛

  7. Zeina

    This is definitely the highlight of my day, and what a great day i had!
    That “BEWARE” perfectly suits what comes after 😛
    OH! that was a “Behold” 😐

  8. it’s time to change your Avatar!

  9. Josh

    =) finally.. he looks like his old self again..

  10. Zeina : Hahaha! Good one this time Zeina :P.
    Mab3oos : Time we became good friends and you made me one :D.
    Josh : I feel like it too :).

  11. You look cute and I like your glasses 🙂

  12. Noura : Why thank you 🙂

  13. esh ya sheikh, na3eeman 😀

  14. Yen3am 3aleek 😀

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